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Android 4.2.2 -  mr1.1-release

This update is deceptively large in the change department, but still manageable. We are working on the same principle as with the update from 4.1 to 4.2, and are working in 'mr1.1-staging' in our github. 

There are quite a few conflicts, which are to be expected as we are more than just a bare AOSP OS, but these will have to be sorted before we start issuing releases based on the 4.2.2 code base. 

Key items:

# Lots of translation conflicts. 
# There don't appear to be new device repos nor any communication on the usual mailing lists regarding this. Even updated kernel source appears to be missing. 
# Some major changes to hardware/qcom/display, which will affect most devices using that. Degree of the impact varies, but this seems to revolve around the new 4-layer composition. 

Please don't bug your various maintainers asking 'when?'. These things take time to do properly and rarely apply cleanly. Good work takes effort, and effort takes time. 
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Take your time ! Many of the "new" things are already available in CyanogenMod. And we do want to have a good ROM. SO take your time, and do your best like always ;)
A bug-free ROM is way better than choked with bugs and features.
Good work! Hope u guys can end up with stable cm 10.1 release before mid April. Cm9 stable was pretty good. 
John S
Thank you guys for all you do. 
Thanks for all your hard work.. Look forward to trying it when it's good and ready! 
Is there any info on what the 4-layer composition changes actually involve?  I'd love to know more about it.
Izzy N.
Love CM, FTW!
Keep up the good work. Much love! 
will this support my HTC G1?
Is there any worry among the CM developers that Google's new rapid release plan for Android will make it harder to properly implement new features on the CM side before a new Google release causes everything to reset?
Just don't take too long. We don't wanna to see an Stable of it, just after Google releases a new Android.
With my Nexus it's not a problem. (But for what the hell I donated to them if I do this?)
+Pedro Carneiro if you donated, its to show appreciation, not make us work faster. Otherwise, look up the definition of 'donation'
hardware/qcom/display sounds like improvements to that horrible washed out N4 screen.
CM 10.1 is pretty much better than stock rom from nexus 7 even without 4.2.2 update
I hope we'll still get a stable version of 4.2 :o
db Kc
The work the CM team does is appreciated. For me, it doesn't go unnoticed! Thank you!!!! =)
do as good as always, don't care about time
Can't wait to rock 4.2.2 on my I9100, but take your time.
I love cm, but unlikely it's not available for i9070 yet
Thank you for the hard work. I may have to donate again! 
+Mahfooz Hasan No, it's more related to performance and not to calibration.  Calibration is pretty much 100% in the kernel.

I'm working on submitting a patch that allows user adjustment of the display cal, but for a variety of reasons, I am 95%+ certain the defaults will NOT be touched.
I'm running the latest stable version of CM10 on my Skyrocket and couldn't be happier to say so! I'll move to 10.1 as soon as i see a stable version of it. And certainly cannot wait for that! :-) Thank you for all the work you guys are doing. You are doing a hell of a job!
Is there something in the code to suggest battery life improvements? I think some Android news site reported how Google updated its battery life estimation from 8 hours to 10 hours on the Nexus 7 when they pushed out 4.2.2.
Man this thing really does rock. And I mean f - ing' ROCK. To think I ain't got it yet, lol
Awesome news. I'll be waiting patiently for the N4 version. 
Although I'm using stock 4.1.2 on my Note II, but I gotta say I love how you guys are quick and always on top of things!
Great work and maybe just someday soon I go back Ro CM :)
How long is this wait gonna last?

Rob M.
Until the wait is over.
I know I've asked before but I'll ask again. Can we get settings in the Messaging app to increase the maximum MMS size limit on the client side?
Just flashed my first CyanogenMod (10.1) and everything is running way better than with the stock rom. (Ascend G300) 

I`m looking forward to your next sensational Mod .

Thx and keep up the good work.
John T
Thank you! 
Anyone know if the update includes Bluetooth changes in AVRCP support?
I would love to know that too, Jeff Simpson. I've actually gone back to 10.0 for that reason alone.
Love AOSP, but I'll stick with my pure Google AOSP Linaro -O3 optimized Anthrax 4.2.1 for now... 
+Chet Harris go to about phone and tap on build number a half dozen times. The menu is just hidden, not disabled.
What's better? I'm currently running AOKP on my Verizon Gnex and Nexus 7 but am confused about the difference between Cymod and AOKP. 
Cm still the best. Keep it up guys
I think AOKP is more customizable than CM10.
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I need "we <3 CyanogenMod" shirt 
On Wed Dec so I can you trying to see
Just be grateful we have git to handle this. Can't imagine trying to merge this ridiculous codebase in SVN or CVS.
Is it available on samsung?
Thanks for the work you do. We are on YOUR schedule. Better to wait on a good product than to get instant gratification with junk.
+Pedro Carneiro boy do you need to drop that elitist privileged attitude. Just because you donated doesn't mean +CyanogenMod will do your bidding. You want it faster? Learn how to code. 
The "Best Of" that is exactly who you are! Keep going on, please...
i only wanna say cm take ur time :) we the droid inc community wait with all the time in the world even tho unsupported after gb ur guys code has us @ Cm10.1 i kno one day we wont be able to keep up hardware wise and wont have cmx.x.x but will be running what ever we can build and flash :D thanks Cm team!!!!
Great jobs! Keep up the work.
+Ozgur Ozdil CyanogenMod isn't just about having the latest version of Android. There are a boatload of awesome features that AOSP simply does not have. I for one will immediately put CM on my Nexus, because AOSP is pretty barebones compared to it. 
As htc oneX user, i will switch to cm soon, in second year of my 24 months contract since i don't think htc to give it anytime before that. I already use cm10.1 in my old SGS i.e. original galaxy is now way beyond OneX thanks to CM. Keep up the great work guys! 
Can I add my own apps inside CM and let both launcher apps run like in entreproid. 

I hope CM can support SU640 LU6200 and P930. Because LU6200 = Nitro HD
Leo Xu
thanks for your contribution
I Wonder How Fast Will The Android Be*Thinking*
Fwiw I have a Nexus 7 because I did not want to mod. Then, Google messed up Bluetooth and I found Cyanogen. Take your time. Nothing in 4.2.2 is worth risking the excellent sys we have! THANKS!
+CyanogenMod it takes as long as it takes to be right :-D keep up the excellent service. 
I'll just chime in with some love, too. CM10.1 rocks.
The Speed Of This Android Is Unexplainable On The Internet Sending Mails etc
Patiently waiting. I love what you guys do. Thanks for all your effort. 
guys currently i have cyanogen mode 4.1.2 in motorola defy plus and i wanna upgrade to 4.2 ....... what is the procedure
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