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10.2 Global Blacklist

While our hardware maintainers bring up the device repos, other members of the team continue to improve our feature-set. 
Coming soon to CyanogenMod 10.2 - A global, generic Blacklist feature

With a lot of help from +Danny Baumann and drawables by +Björn Lundén,  I am pleased to say that we are very close to merging the new global, generic Blacklist feature into CM10.2.  

Core features include:
1) Global, generic Blacklist support within Security Settings, App security
2) Available to 3rd party apps via a new Content Provider API
3) Redesigned, Holo compliant interface
4) Supports wildcards and the blocking private and unknown numbers
5) Type or Select numbers from the Address Book (People)
6) Add numbers to the Blacklist from the In-call screen, the Call history screen, the Quick reply popup and the Messaging app Conversation screen 
7) Select the type of blocking to be enforced - incoming calls, messages or both
8) Intuitive interface allows for toggling the blocking on/off per number and type of blocking.
9) Allows for a number to be "whitelisted" for calls, messages or both (see attached image)
10) Configurable via the Settings, Phone and Messaging app
11) Displays notifications with an unblock action

Looking forward to the feedback
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When should we expect see the release of 10.2? Love the new features..
I'm especially happy about #6. Copying and pasting the number was a pain in 10.1
Cloud sync? Or maybe just an xml backup? :-)
This is something I've been wanting for a long time. I only thought you could block numbers from the carrier only.
I've missed this feature since cm5
+1 vote for some type of backup
It's good to feel safe thanks to CyanogenMod team.
Perhaps you can add the option to send "unknown" numbers straight to voice mail. That would be a very useful feature to me anyway. 
Was just looking today for an app that will do this so even better is in cm. Will I be able to back up the blacklist to transfer to fresh installs or new phones running cm? Maybe +Koushik Dutta can include it in helium :-)
Great job thx for all cyanogenmod group 
Stop teasing us and release the thing already. 
You're killing me with the 10.2 teasing!  My N4 & N7 FHD are patiently waiting over here.
Really awesome practical feature, can't wait!
EXCELLENT idea. Just block all those annoying telemarketer @$$holes.
Hopefully this fixes the blacklist bug that causes the phone to continue ringing, either out loud or bluetooth only, every now and then.  Logging calls blocked would be nice, too.
Cm is an amazing rom. The only thing that is missing is status bar and nav bar transparency 
I'm going end up blocking my work supervisor calling me in on backup on my day off :) 
+Phil Ward if you have CM you likely have custom recovery, take backup there, easy and fast backups
Sam G
What I want is to be able to set the ring based on which of my numbers they're calling.

My Google Voice number, I use.  This should ring.

The number from T-Mobile? I've never used it for anything, any call on this number is SPAM SPAM SPAM.

Can we PLEASE get the ability to ring only for Google Voice or something?
What happens when a blocked call calls? Obviously the phone doesn't ring, but will the caller be able to leave a message? Or is it an instant answer then hang up thing?

Ins like to be able to block unknown callers but let them leave a message, but also be able to totally block other specific, known telemarketer, callers.

And I'm assuming "Global call blocking" refers to phone wide. .. is there any way to make it Internet global? Like ad blocking software I can download a list of known telemarketers, so they are blocked automatically without me needing to add them myself. 
It says "wildcard", but it looks like a regular expression in the examples?
How it works precisely.. we get the msg or call and the it check the blacklististed number and the call or msg is rejected (phone stays quiet no notification).. or we get the msg but it wont shown on the inbox and the call in (ringing a few times) and the rejected
+Vitrio Wibisono if the call or message is blocked, it will not ring or show up in messages. It will be as if your number does not exist for the sender. 
Great, looking for long time~~~
Thanks.. for the answer gonna like this feature!
Would that be it? Downloading the newest nightly 
+Michael Domingo Sorry. Misread your post as 10; not 10.2 and phone battery died while editing / deleting post. I found an unofficial 10.2 release on XDA Developers for my Canadian SGS4 (jfltecan) by searching model and 10.2 as keywords.
Got CyanogenMod 10.2 experimental working on my AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4
This is great. Can call recording at native level also be made? 
How about adding a way to export you blacklist to SD card or Google Drive.
I'm so glad to hear about this! I've missed the blacklisting feature for so long now, and it looks much nicer!
+Sud J Don't worry the NSA already does that for you. 
Awesome! So now we can blacklist SMS too :D Been wanting that feature since dunno when!
Nice! This will make me switch to CM! Thanks! 
What would be the behaviour that the calling party would observe?saying the person busy would be simple.but reporting the person out of coverage area would incredibly awsome! Take this as a feature request if not already.. Thanks a bunch.. Though i used to wonder why blacklist feature went away since cm7.. Good to now it's coming back:)
Great! What's about group blocking?
Along the lines of a comment from +Sam G , does blacklisting numbers work for those of us using Google Voice?
+Danny Baumann that's fine for the Google backup except that I don't backup to the cloud. I reload my phone like I would a computer: start from scratch and build from the ground up.

Google backup or titanium backup is great for having a snapshot if the phone gets hosed and a person needs it back exactly the way it was, but what about building it from scratch? I only want the stuff that I deem is important, not everything from the last snapshot.

Just my thoughts on it... Would love to see a quick manual export/import option but no worries if it never makes it.
Excellent work! I'm especially impressed with the SMS blacklist feature, well done :) 
Focal, blacklist...privacy guard? Lots of features for a minor rls! ;)
Nice feature - but does the blacklist also support blocking calls / messages from groups (not only single contacts)? That'd be really nice...
Definitely should add the ability to block SMSs based on keywords. Two options would suffice: case sensitive and case insensitive matching.

Lots of spammers like to use words such as PPI, YES, STOP, in capitals, which could be matched on case sensitive.

Then you could match case insensitive, for words such as accident, legislation, injury, etc.

Naturally, texts from people in your contact list wouldn't be filtered. This would be an effective way to filter spam texts. Well, until the messages become more sophisticated.
is there possible to export/import?
Glad to see this return. Why I vanished after CM7 we shall never know (although I can take a good guess)
I'd rather maintain blacklists in a contact group than manually on the phone...
Not directly related but any chance to see an option to hide your caller id?
Last time I tried CM blacklisting feature, it put my Bluetooth headset into a loop, repeating over and over that there was an incoming call. Had to disable / enable Bluetooth to stop it. Turning off headset didn't help. I hope the blacklisting will be tested with Bluetooth headsets. 
How are all these settings saved, can they be synced via google account backup? So if you switch handset, the settings are restored. 
Will it be possible to use this to block telemarketing SMSes. They don't show up with numbers but with alphabets like AD-AWDINF
Is there any chance this will be synced somewhere in the cloud? Whenever I flash a new ROM I have to re-add the numbers all over again. It would be great if the blacklist can be backed up to the SD card or better yet, to have it sync to the cloud.
Tried to flash it on my HTC One Developers edition but the AOSP keyboard crushed immediately so I couldn't even enter the wifi code and my Google credentials in order to install other keyboard... :-( 
when cm 10.2 will be released for nexus 4 ??
All of the ETA talk. I don't think ETA asking for it should really be a problem.  Its ESTIMATED. And estimated means maybe, maybe not. Therefore its built in a disclaimer saying: "It may be out earlier or later or MUCH MUCH later than this".  So asking for ETA shouldn't be bad, but asking for a definite release date would be.
That's good and all but... how about some options to have a Transparent notification bar, like every other ROM.
so the caller will be rejected automatically or he won't be able to make calls?
im using 10.2 but this feature doesnt work for me. it still ringing and receiving sms
I can't block alphanumeric SMS messages. How can i block these SMS?
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