The Cornerstone Breakup

Note: There could a) be a newer version of CS released that addresses our concerns or b) get some dialog going that would improve the work in general.

Till then, don't hold your breathes. But no worries, +sven daw will be working on further tablet tweaks!
Dropping my Cornerstone Efforts

It's been a while since I posted these nice pictures of CyanogenMod 9 combined with Cornerstone. I did decide to abandon this a while back, but wasn't sure if I would talk about why publicly, since I usually don't like to discredit people’s work.

But since we, the #teamdouche guys, are a bunch of open minded idealists, I reconsidered.

It really is a pity I abandoned it, since +Markus Guidry already made a very nice early redesign. (see attached picture)
“The reasons for not continuing?”, you might ask. The code base is immature. It would require me to work on every single file that was patched in the CyanogenMod framework. I don’t like commenting on code style (as long as it's clean), as it is surely a personal thing of each individual coder, unfortunately, that's not the case here. Additionally, the code is pretty static forcing to the three window layout - our intention to switch through various layouts on the fly would require even more framework modifications.

My strength lies in creating reliable code, not in fixing other peoples work. My decision is also influenced by the fact, that Cornerstone is intended as a commercial product.

@Onskreen(in case you stumble over this): this is not meant to be personal at all. You did a pretty good job in the first place, and my hopes are that there might be a suitable open source version in time.

If I may give some points of advice:

Use git. It makes .java.orig files obsolete. Also it will extend your programming experience in ways you cannot imagine or I can describe in short. It will give you an overview of your changes: the whats and the whys - without putting much thought into it. For example, look at this nice diff overview of your frameworks patches, imagine every patch as a single commit including description/commit-message now: win

The extended comments you make inline would be obsolete, replaced by git blame and included in commit messages instead of source code. I must confess though, the way you commented your code is very helpful and made me understand it much faster.

Secondly, read source - read read read. Some standard issues in Java, you solved in a very unsuitable way - leading to some unnecessary errors. Also, in your editor (hopefully Eclipse), activate tabs as spaces. Your source probably looks great on your editor, but that stops as soon as someone got different settings.

If you want to discuss further, feel free to contact me - my time spent working on Cornerstone has given me a good overview of the project. Also, I consider myself a helpful fellow.
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