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You spoke, we listened

Some of you had some useability suggestions for the Quick Message feature, and David listened. 

You will now be able to selectively launch the quick reply panel from the notification bar (if you prefer not to have the pop up notification panel). 

This code is still in progress, but we thought some of you would appreciate knowing the enhancements were taking place. 
Adding 'Quick reply' to the notification shade.  This leverages the new QuickMessage functionality to allow for fast replies from the notification itself.  It will only show up if (1) The Quick message pop-up is disabled (no need showing two pop-ups), (2) It is an SMS message and (3) it is a single message or a thread from the same sender.
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So, uh, instead of just pressing the notification to reply, you now have to press the little "quick reply" button? How is this an improvement? Can it be disabled?
Awesome! The only thing "we" need now is the Kernel for the O2X to use this amazing ROM ;)
+Michael Griffith the enhancement is you never leave the app you are in. Example: When in Chrome, you get a text. Pull down shade and hit quick reply. A panel pops up (yesterdays post), you send, and that's it. 

All of that takes place without you ever leaving Chrome as the active app (or having to use the recent apps button to get back and forth).
I think I will love this feature. Is it possible to make transparent volume? Not running Cm because off JB on GN, but I really hate the volume is non transparent, while in a video.
Would it be possible to even just reply from the notification itself?
Is the Quick Message feature only CM 10 or will it be in CM 9 too?
This version of the feature looks much better and more handy than the previous version. Good work.
That's a very stylish and useful feature, great work! Now if only Google Voice could be as integrated as SMS for features like this - I get all my texts at my GV number since I don't pay for a plan.
Is there a possibility to make it so when you receive a text the messaging app doesn't open? So it just pops up on top of whatever your using

Edit: that sounds pretty much like what it is you're right... I meant when a pop up comes, it seems to open the messaging app behind it (sometimes that is). It might be a bug. Also sometime when I reply it does not get rid of the pop up. 
+Alexander Johnson I'm pretty sure you just described what this is. As is with 09/01 you can turn on pop up SMS notifications. Now they're adding the ability to make the pop up by selection on the notification bar.
Will this work with 3rd party texting apps? Specifically handcent?
+Alexander Johnson that is what these couple new features are allowing. Just a bubble to respond but not leave the app you are in.
Thanks bunches, nice feature n look forward to using.
are your hercules builds on rootzwiki any different than the ones on your direct page?? 
+Robert McKenna not possible without significant change to the way notifications work. Sorry. +Chris Boagey parts would be possible to port over but cm9 is in feature freeze so unlikely to get done.
I would love the option to delete emails from server for each time I delete an email... IE....Would you like to delete from server...Yes or no.
That's such a good idea!
Nice! I have some suggetions to Apollo: 1- Apollo could have a Sleep Timer, this is vey usefull because doesn't let the battery drain. 2- Maybe lyrics, like Tune Wiki do.
+Alexander Johnson that is the way it should work. There is small bug that causes the MMS app to also show in some cases. Just back button out of the MMS app and it stops happening. We will fix the bug.
+Michael Griffith you misunderstood. Tapping it will open the texting app as usual, but clicking the quick reply option will open a quick reply window so you don't need to jump from what you're doing to send a quick response. If you have ever used biteSMS, Its like that.
I would prefer a Quick Massage feature.
My perfect button would just be a mark read. I'd love to be able to skip an app when someone just texts "k"
Now all that is missing is voice integration into the native sms app ...
+CyanogenMod Seeing as the Jellybean notifications can support a maximum of 3 actions, can we fill out the last one with a "Mark Read"? I think everyone can agree that would be amazingly useful.
Maybe, while I'm writing a text and I do a mistake, use the hardware key like control volume to move into words would be a great thing!
Good ; Any Know Android 4.1 on Kindle fire Work fine ?
Any way to add the ability to swipe left and right between conversations like you can with gtalk? During normal messaging not quick reply.
Can't wait for CM10 for the Toro!
A much better solution!
Can you add this to Google Talk also?
So much better, first quick reply was already great, but notification makes it more... Android-ish.
THIS IS LIKE more like the stock SMS app behavior in the pull down curtain. Nice work.
Awesome! This is a much better implementation. Great work, guys
Awesome what what.
+Lukas Eickhoff +Roberto Sartori That feature is in current CM nightlies as of a few days ago. It under menu/settings/language and input/volume key cursor control

Edit: I'm on euroskank cm10 builds for Gnex and N7, official nightlies may not have this. 
+Michael Klitgaard I'm not sure if this will benefit you, however, MX Player(free video player in Android market) volume controls supersedes the native slider. The volume is unobtrusive and gesture controlled. No help for YouTube videos though.
The quick message needs to not re-lock the screen after X seconds if I'm still typing. So annoying.
Ah yes this is great. The CM10 for Evita now has the Native QMs and I'm guessing I'll get the notification bar button on the next round of nightlies. Awesome! You all are doing a great job. Your work is much appreciated!!! 
After installing Jelly Bean first thing I noticed in notification bar was the new clock and date, but I was instantly disappointed that tapping on it doesn't trigger alarm setup or at least calendar app.
There should he a separate response button for texts that only say "K" - quick reply - "FU" lol
This might be the feature to make me drop slim and switch to CM10 for good. I've been cycling between them having trouble deciding which one is better. 
Nice function, more privacy than pop up notification :-)
is It in Alpha 9 released ROM ? 
This is nice and all, but how about auto-rotate for the in-call screen?
I wish there are more Text-to-Speech functionality in the Messaging app.
Good, cm10 going correct way.
Yeah dialer options back, was missing them bad.
i really missed cm on my galaxy y smartphone
Can we have a fix for it automatically showing 24 hour time in pop up.
absolutely love it! cm just keeps getting better and better! and i love the fact you guys listen to suggestions and implement them so quickly. brilliant!
Great feature but what about ongoing calls? The Samsung variant of Android has mute, hold, hangup, etc buttons from the notification tray for ongoing calls. This is extremely useful, especially when in a conference call and I want to multitask. I'd love to see this done in CM!
+Yechiel Shulman That app's description specifically states "So, don't buy it if you are running on a custom or modified android ROM." Are AOSP-based ROMs excluded from this problem? I'm pretty much bouncing between CM and AOKP and sometimes I try out other ROMs but they are ALL built from AOSP.
+Austin Hsu No idea, but there's a free version of the app that you can test things with. It also says rooted phones only-these days, I'm using a stock galaxy nexus, and it works fine for me. 
I actually just spotted the free version and was in the middle of trying to figure out the restrictions which don't seem to be listed (first guess is ads). Either way, if this works then that will be awesome. If there are two products I really feel Google should invest some more time in, it's GV and Play Music.
pop-up window from GO SMS is much better than this.
+Austin Hsu I'm using the GV integration app on the latest Euroskank Jellybro CM10 build for maguro. It's been working perfectly for me. Doesn't mean that some CM code change in the future won't break it though. I'd love if the developer would officially support CM though, since the app requires root and such a high percentage of root users are also running CM.
+Dantès Dumas I've used the GO SMS popup before. It's nice, but so ugly I couldn't stand looking at it anymore so I uninstalled it. Seeing the perfectly-integrated quick reply on CM was a dream come true for me.
Any chance fixing the insane battery draining on CM10?
Great addition to an already excellent ROM
When I press quick reply it opens the quick reply box and the messages app. Pretty pointless right now.
The reason why i switched to CM10 nightlies even though i had the stock jelly bean on my galaxy nexus
Please add ''screen on'' to the widget nonfiction.
Please guys find another developer for LG optimus HUB, Marcolino doing nothing...
+Yechiel Shulman Thank you so much! I'm running a custom ROM based on CM9 for my Droid Bionic, and so far the free version of the GV SMS Integration works perfectly. Going to try it out for a while longer and see if there's any other hitches, but the custom ROM limitation doesn't seem to be a factor right now. (I am rooted)
+CyanogenMod Great feature! Thank for your perfect work as always... Only as it's been already said "Mark as read" would make it complete!
What about cm9,cm10 offocial support for the lg optimus one :)
You should listen again and make a version for Samsung galaxy s plus
Heh - pretty much what I had included in my ICS Notification Concept a few months ago on YouTube!  Nice work!
Niko R.
on this topic,
if i enable quick sms reply, a notification of sms pops up.
If i then enable also the screen-wake (no unlock) option,
the screen turns on and makes the text readable, everytime i receive an sms.
Thus makes the bln vanish as the screen turns off again.
Is there any way to keep the backlight notification on, in case i don't read the popup?

+Alan Wiggs Awesome! The free version limitation us that at some point, it's going to pop open and say "buy me!" very often, sometimes when every new text comes in. If you can figure out a way to revoke the permission required to do that, you probably won't have to buy it. I'm stock unrooted, it's working fine for me, so i bought it. Happy to support the developer of the app, but wish the minimum required donation wasn't quite $5... ;-P
(When I was navigating some dark roads at night, and with every text my phone left the navigation app and went to gv integration's pop- up, I gave up and bought it.)
Is this option available already?
Nice to see it's improving and enhanced, thanks...
I saw someone talking about the most important option being on the left hand side, but as of ice cream sandwich, the OK button was moved to the right hand side which means the most important function is on the right. Please leave quick reply on the right!
+Alan Wiggs +Austin Hsu Just a heads up. The one issue I have with the app is that it doesn't seem to catch more than one outgoing message at once; so if it's in middle of sending one message, and I try to send another one, that second message will go through from the phone's default number.
too buggy. when wake screen on with pop up, it doesn't work. multiplies boxes some times. and other bugs
+Michael Tamayo please provide more details on the issues and how to reproduce them. If I know what they are I can fix them.
+David van Tonder turn on the setting for screen on notification pop up or whatever. let a text come through while screen is locked and try to respond. I've even unlocked it after and still got nothing. Other bugs I'll have to figure out how to reproduce them so I'll be back
I think the "Mark Read" as the third option for the interactive notification would be perfect. Another feature that would be interesting would be the ability to see the unread messages on the lockscreen too. Applying the same "Call", "Quick Reply" and "Mark Read" features within. And the ability to scroll (or swipe) through multiple unread messages and select a reply method to each individual message. Good work though!!
+David van Tonder it may not be your app but my keyboard or ROM. Also, on certain situations I get pop ups of the same text several times
Come on, guys. It is awesome that you are coming up with new features. But, are you ever going to fix the bluetooth problems the ROM is carrying over since CM7 (mainly with car bluetooth units)?.
I like that quick reply option. Now that eliminates the need to reject a call and then send a message.

One step less is always better
+David van Tonder ok well, if I receive a few texts from different people. I unlock the phone and I have 5 pop ups. 3for each text. The other two are duplicates of one of the 3. Does that make sense haha
Aah now it would be great if we could also have an option to delete right from the notification pane.. For all those pesky bulk/junk msgs we get. That would make it complete for me.. Call / reply / delete... Asking too much? ;-) is it even possible to add more than too actions per notification on the bar?
I knew I should have patented this..
Is there any way to have the toast notification popup over whatever app is currently running in the foreground, rather than opening the messaging app first? It seems to defeat the purpose of having a toast notification, to be honest.
good job....please patent the tech for you popup msg
thanks alot for this 

small requast 

can we have the enter button in the keyboard back ?

I mean the multiline support 
I guess c-Mod forgot about us HTC supersonic users lol
Hey guys, how do you enable this setting? And any chance other messaging apps like Whatsapp would include this functionality?
Why not add a boot sound with the awesome new boot animation? A contest, like that have borned cid, could be an idea...
In addition, a boot animation manager would be great...
thank you cyanogen team!
+David van Tonder Looking forward to the fix for the Messaging app opening when you hit quick reply. I hit the back button which closed the quick reply, and then again to back out of Messaging, but on the next SMS clicking quick reply brought up Messaging and then opened a quick reply again. Looking forward to using this though :-) I am on a Galaxy Nexus with the Nightly from 09-04-12 from

Edit: OK if I reply using the quick reply box. Then back out of messaging. The next SMS for that person works as expected. My bad.
You should add option to have in notification bar somewhere next to Call and this Quick reply Make as Read button(or swype to make read or sth). Good for useless commercials etc.
On the latest (20120904) toro nightly, when I tap the Quick Reply box in the notification it opens the Messaging app and displays the Quick Reply dialog over the top of this. I thought the point of this was that the Messaging app didn't come to the front?

Edit: And of course the next SMS I received after writing this the Quick Reply dialog worked as expected.
Awesome new feature....putting third party apps to shame one at a time. Get to uninstall GoSMS now
CM team please consider making Arco an official Dev for two new devices Galaxy Wonder and S Plus. All possible help would be amazing.
Could I ask something that is really annoying? Could you please modify the OOM priorities so that the launcher does not get killed so easy? Please guys. Thank you in advance
so can't wait to try this new feature out!
Yay feature is on 9/04 on S3 Verizon! Is anyone else having a problem where the quick reply brings them back to the messaging app? I get the pop-up but I'm also brought to the app
I personally prefer stock jb notification for sms, been googling all day trying to find a way to get rid of it. Is there a way to force the old way?
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Oh!  How about treating Google Voice texts as native texts?  That way apps that send texts can actually work with GV?  I've disabled texting on my cell plan because it's outrageously priced and I use GV for free texting, but the one problem with it is apps that want to send or receive texts can't do it.
add a control with the proximity sensor! when i have the phone in my pocket i don't want the screen going on, but if i have the phone on my desk it'll be useful
+Nathan Corachea reply using the quick reply then hit the back button until you are out of the app. The next text should work as expected.
Is it possible to please get this Messaging app to rotate portrait pictures properly instead of having them send and display sideways?  Handcent corrected this issue, I'd rather use the native app.  Why does this bother no one else? 
Delete or Mark Read for the third button? How about swipe away = marked read; third button = delete message? Would be perfect to deal with short messages and annoying ads...
Works pretty good so far!
很漂亮 非常喜欢
Transparent notification tray? :O
Can we get this feature on gtalk??? Somehow 
Is there a way to add a "read" option here so that I don't have to go into the messages app to actually click the message and mark as read? 
sorry to dig this up, but is it possible to have this modified to have dual sim support? like there will be two send buttons one for each sim slot? thanks..
Is there a way to have this feature behave like the quick reply feature in bitesms for iPhone? It's the best implementation for replying to sms messages outside the messaging app I've seen yet. It's very intuitive.
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