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CM 10.1.2 - Yet another security update

Some of you may have noticed some details emerging yesterday about a new apk-level issue in Android (bug 9695860) . Google has already released a patch for it, so 10.1.2 is a minor upgrade on top of 10.1.1 to add that change.

Even though it's minor, all users running 10.1.0.x or 10.1.1 are advised to upgrade. Stay safe!
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There's no new update when i refresh the list in my phone (Motorola Razr Maxx). Only nightlies. What's wrong?
Wowowo,so fast,nice job
the epicmtd was so fucked up i didn't even bother. let me know when that isn't a suicide mission and i'll flash again.
thanks team cm, upgrading
Thnx for update
But i am facing some issue under setting and account
Not able to find google account options....
How about us dinosaurs still using CM7 (and unable to upgrade to CM10)?
Oh! Yes... I forgot to....
Thnx for reminding......
Google updates are auto-installed? Or are for the nexus devices only?
+Aman Aggarwal
be patient, they're still building the images, nexis have defcon 1 priority because they're easier to develop on and make on-the-fly corrections ;)
I just wish I knew why the nightlies for targa haven't built after 7/8, but others have. I'd like to upgrade, but even building at home I get issues with the new SMS middleware code in telephony
Thanks to the cm team for the great job keeping our phones up to date.
my alarm clock has been cleared at cm 10.1., is that normal ? :\
I installed 10.1.1 on a friend's tablet and around 2am saw 10.1.2 and I called him and said "your tablet is already behind bitch, get with the program" and hung up the phone 
If you are currently on the nightlies, will the patch be included as well?
Phil H
+Paschalis Mpeis if you're running CM10 you don't get OS patches from Google. Go to settings / about / Cyanogenmod updates and check for new downloads. I run nightlies, not anything like as painful as they sound. 
what about CM 7 users? Any chance of a point release?
Is there a delta patch or do I have to download the image? 
Aha! When I check just a couple of hours ago, I saw that 2 versions of updates, I was correct to the latest one.
Phil H
+Daniel Hoyer Use the updater under settings / about / Cyanogenmod updates and yes you download the image, its 167Mb
+Roy Mustafa 
There is no wipe needed. Just flash it over your existing ROM. If everything works normal, you will lose no data.

You should make a backup of your system - just to be safe.
I don't see why not multi window support separate yourselves from the rest of the Android community.
Hi folks, I know some of us GS3 users (dsvzw) are having issues with the headphone sound only playing out of right ear. Anyone have a fix for this known issue?
maybe a stupid question but i gues it's already in the lates nightly right?
12-07-2013 (sorry for my english ;) )
You guys should come up with a phone... "The pure CM edition"... I'm sure any manufacturer would give you anything for getting a CM edition.

The rooting and flashing work but only for the most enthusiast... And even then some of us are getting tired of all that.
+Phil Haigh , i am running CM, and i got the update.
What i was asking is that all other devices, with their stock roms, get those updates automatically from Google?
+Imar Mendoza this is a naive comment at best, and silly/trivializes the work of the CM devs at worst.

You think the thing stopping device manufacturers from putting CM on their phones out of the box is that they don't know how? Seriously? CM is open-source. A manufacturer could download the source code and deploy it onto one of their own devices way faster than the CM team can add support for a new device, because they made the device and know how it works. (Not to mention they have resources other than part-time volunteers)

The only reason CM isn't on every device is because a lot of devices are black-boxes that need to be figured out. This is incredibly hard work, but the device manufacturers could do it in a fraction of the time. It doesn't get done because there's nothing in it for them to do it.

Be happy CM is a community project, because that is the way it will likely stay.
+Eder Bastos well that is the stupidest comment I ever seen... My comment was about giving the less enthusiast a taste of CM. Those who are not willing to root their phones and lose warranty. Not about manufacturers not knowing what to do, you fool.
thanks for the quick work to patch yet another bug. I love that with CM, the bug fixes go live on my phone LONG before any carrier pushed update.
Went to install 10.1.2 on my VZW GS3, and when it was on the install screen, it said it was an untrusted zip.  I've never seen this on any other update before.  Should I be concerned?  I'm still running RC5 because it was the last fully-functioning release on my phone.
I'm really tempted to leave PA and join CM
This reminds me of the old .1 days! 
+Daniel Hoyer
Until someone rolls in an xdelta updater function into the base CM, Koush's Rom Manager ($6 version) or CyanDelta Updater (only works with nightlies) remains your friend for getting small updates.  Both are on Google Play.
Is Google pushing these updates to the nexus 4 if your running stock? I have cm on my touch pad and kindle but running stock on my n4 now. 
Is there a security update in the nightly also?
The stable releases are basically just snapshots of the nightly builds. So yeah, if you use nightly you most likely already had the patches earlier than the people who use the stable builds. :P
Is the camera in the Quick Settings panel going to be patched into the Stable releases?
Maybe time to go back to cyanogen for my firmware will take an eternity for my provider to release an updated one how are apps like Netflix running on a galaxy s2 now? 
Thanks guys but I still can't run it? 
I'm running the latest nightly build for 10.1 on an international S3, is the patch included into this? 
I'm having force close issues with twitter and tumblr anyone having his issue on lg spectrum?
+CyanogenMod when i view pictures in Google+ or anywhere else(non expanded and expanded mode) screen flickers is that know issue of CM10.1 stable?
Im using franco.kernel r163
This sort of thing is why I subscribed yesterday
+John Downing No, it is a full release on it's own.

Cyanogenmod has (AFAIK) always released zips which can be flashed after a full wipe and still function properly. You can install this on top of any CM (10.1) version and be confident that it will work also. However it can be advised to factory reset for improved stability between major updates, however dirty flashing is not usually a problem.
Thanks for providing us such a quick security update :)
Kind of a moot point since 10.1.1 hasn't even rolled out yet for my device...
+Jaime Cruz CM10.1.1 and CM10.1.2 are just updated kernel in this case where i use Nexus 4 i just need to update franco.Kernel because he did same job as CM did its same for you all just find dev on XDA and you are fine.
Ouch! Right in the I-don't-have-a-nexus-and-there-for-only-nightly-so-far.
Too bad there'll be no updates for CM10. CM 10.1 is too laggy on maguro, and many users have to use CM10 instead.
+CyanogenMod where are the nightlies to my coffee maker? I can't overclock my filter
Did the p5110 get missed in the 10.1.2 buildouts?
Update on my SIII i9305, awesome... Great job, I'm happy whit CM, is the best
+John Downing For the past few months, its a no brainer to update CM. Choose Settings -> About tablet -> Cyanogendmod Updates.  Click refresh, click on the latest stable version and the system update will update itself.
anyone have bluetooth issues?  im on a verizon GS3 running the latest CM 10.1.2 stable 
can i update from about phone - updates - install update? or flash from recovery?
Please do a 10.1.3 where it is possible to get five "big" navbar keys on the Nexus4.
Hi there, I've just upgraded to 10.1.2...can I install nigthly 10.1-20130716 ?
Okey ! i did that already ! Thanks
Can I go back to CM 10.1 after installing 10.1.2 because when I was reading posts about this new version, I noticed that some peoples have already some problems with it :(
Guys! Another bugs have a detected, I run the bluebox and sorprise, this patched for bugs 8219321 worked, but, no have patched for bug 9695860, second masterkey!, Why? :-/

My device is a SIII GT-I9305 and have installed cm-10.1.20130720-NIGHTLY
Hey guys I installed the update (10.1.2 stable)  about a week ago and since I have had intermittent reboots. Has anyone else had these issues. Anyone else having this issue? I'm on a Driod Razr (spyder).
+Dominic Dietz I noticed this problem on my Galaxy Nexus too with CM 10.1.2(stable) installed so I got back to 10.1.1(stable) and it runs very smoothly now :)
+Roland Lotsi Thanks I will give that a try. I did turn off the advanced setting to use the phone's internal storage and that seems to have helped. Don't know if that sheeting may have been a cause. If I have any further issues I will flash back to 10.1.1. Thanks again. 
+CyanogenMod I have no privacy guard in 10.1.2 anymore...why is that? (Galaxy nexus) Will it be implemented in 10.2 again?
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