Mascot Search - Selection

We realize we missed the self-imposed cutoff for the mascot decision, but really, if we had announced it on April Fools Day, would you have believed us? We didn’t think so either.

After weeks of consideration, discussions, and two internal voting phases, we have our selection. Please give a round of +1’s to +Caio Alves! His submissions ( were simple, clean and easily recognizable in multiple sizes and applications; the new mascot is tentatively dubbed ‘rAndy’ (Note: name is not finalized).

We are working with Caio to get some final changes incorporated into his design, and will be showcasing the new mascot in all its glory soon.

We want to take this opportunity to once again thank all the submitters. We aren’t kidding when we say this was a hard decision. The delay in selecting a design is a testament to how different CM team members selected and fought for their favorites to be chosen; amicably of course.

With that said, we’d like to post the other ‘finalists’ who were hotly debated over.

In no particular order:
Hugh S. - Axolotl
Dario Carella - Cyanosquid
AJ Lopez - Bolt
Jef Merrick - Andy 2.0
Fhe Strange - Jack the Owl
Moin Ahmad. - Cervantes

Thank you again to everyone involved for giving us so many wonderful ideas!
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