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Say Cheese!

See it in action: CM Voice Shutter
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Say Whiskey!
I wish CyanogenMod could implement photosphere like on the Nexus, or built it's own.
this is cool for me at least, my photos get focused and then I hit the screen and i wobble and get blurry pic
I want my trigger word to be "butt". Or something.
Keep going, it still is one of the only ROM's with daily updates, eat that, Samsung!
So cool. I haven't ran CM since the OG Moto Droid days. Might have to give it a shot.
I Miss The 'coupling shot' Form The Galaxy S... This was a very nice feature... It would be great, of something like this could be added into cm
Sorry for asking, but does any build of cm10 has photo sphere? Just asking... 
It's this the att or international OG?
This wont work on nexus devices with official google camera right?
I have this a while ago in galaxy note 10.1, with the samsung camera app in Android 4.0.4 & 4.1.2.
Can you do a burst of photos? "cheesecheesecheesecheese"
+Agustin Javier Torres You can flash the 4.2 Camera (look it up) but on my phone (One X) it doesn't work well for me, moves the camera in slow motion while in photosphere. It also doesn't have all the extra options that the CM one has.
Nice job. Any trigger word for AF?
when we can use voice to control device,bu not use device to control us. Long wat to go. But this is good advance, it is the right direction. 
That is really clever, I can't wait to check out.
Guys, news features and getting always far away from Stable... Focus on Stable. Later features. It'll be the same as last year. New Android came, you canceled everything and started new CM.
Uh. I'm still waiting touch to focus bug will be fix fast soon. 
I'd rather have working hands-free for telephony.
Phone unlocking when I answer a call by headset button is the single most annoying Android "feature" I've ever encountered.
whish there would be potosphere for my nexus s
My cyano 10.1 nightly crashed on galaxy s3.... Can you help me please? Thanks
Paul W.
Anyone know how to change the capture words? 
It says it was merged in the latest changelog (4/27) and I can't seem to get it to work on 4.2 photosphere camera.
Aimar W
how do i know which version of samsung galaxy s3 i have? i'm in the uk?
Tried it on my last nightly and it works. Found myself saying cheese 3x times though... ;-)
+Cole Tindal PhotoSphere is only a part of the proprietary GalleryGoogle.apk (the camera app is part of the Gallery apk). In other words, it is not open source. That should tell you what the problem is. ;)
It does not work on my LG 4XHD.Has anyone already tested on LG?
Does it works in the nexus phones? I have a galaxy nexus with the latest nightly build and can not see this feature :(
I have nexus 4. Which camera should i use for voice shutter. Because on original one i cant see that option.
Same problem here on Galaxy Nexus...flashed latest nightly.  Wasn't sure if I was flashing the wrong gapps or what...I evidently have the photosphere camera..

UPDATE... deleted the GalleryGoogle.apk and replaced with the Gallery2.apk out of the latest nightly...working great so far.  I've been downloading the nightlies through ROM Manager and having it flash the 4.2.2 gapps.  If I don't flash those, I'm assuming I'll have the Gallery2 camera and newest features...
No matter how much I've yelled the trigger words, nothing is happening. I can see the icon that it's listening, but it doesn't recognize any of the words. Several people tried, so it's not only my voice :(.
this looks cool, i would just like a stable CM release for my Bionic. tried most of the nightly releases but none are stable enough to use for any extended period.
you know what could be cool? A photo sphere mode!!
Hi, i really need some help to make the Cyanogemod Camera works. I flashed gapps and the nightly rom but i never see the voice shutter option, i can understand that the gapps are the problem, but even i have flashed thousand of times and i have done  hard reset several times,i have wiped cache, dalvick, etc,  the gapps are always installed when i install the rom.
Delete googlegallery from system/app and reflash ROM. Don't reflash gapps.
when cyanoged for motorola razr i xt890 ?
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