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Nightly builds are back! Not every target is being built yet, but more are on the way.
Our Jenkins instance is now creating CM9 nightly builds for a number of targets including the Nexus line, various Samsung devices, Asus Transformer, Galaxy Tab,
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My crackflasking addiction is back! Thanks for enabling! ;)
for blade what happens did ur release any cm9 version ?!
Is the phone that Zack morris had in Save By The Bell being supported?
People are excited, that is why.
What is toro plus build or should I say what does it have extra
Is "including nexus line" mean really all nexus line? Starting from n1?
So you're saying just get the toro build for a galaxy nexus on verizon.
It would be fucking hilarious if the next major device announced was called the Random.
Yum! CM9 goodness for the GNote.
Enough of the phone support requests!
+Alex Slater I tryed befor oxygen hboot after s-off and i've got my phone broken. I had a long day looking for a solution cuz I didnt made a gold card but finaly I get it back. and still looking for a nice rom that works with oxygen (for it 332 mb data partition). thanks
Is there an easy way to see the changes committed between one nightly and the next (to deem if necessary to reflash) - dont want to hog bandwidth, recources and time to download a nightly that's only change is one commit to fix a typo. Maybe link to this changelog from pages?
Everyone stop asking about their phone's build progress. Ask instead about my phone's build progress!
Can't wait for P999 to make the list! As always awesome work guys
Well, yes. A new version for the Desire would be nice. 7.2, that is. I think it's rather sad all the resources are diverted to 9, which won't be coming to a lot of the "traditional" CM devices.
Hi guys, I really love cyanogenmod, but I'm not very happy since the release of ICS, with builds for cm7 and the information bout cm9 for specific devices. You've created and posted pics more than once with questions like "does it have a standalone gpu", "do we get support and drivers from the manufacturer". From where the hell should I know ? I think it would be a good idea to create an entry in the forum, with the specific devices and the current builds and if it would be possible to get cm9. If cm9 is not possible (or not possible in a making-sense-time), create a final 7.2 and drop support. Also please release the change logs again. I think users of old devices will understand stopping support from your side (i'm using a htc desire and it would be nice to have ics, but if ics is coming to my phone when jelly bean arrives, it makes no sense and i will have to upgrade my phone).

A little bit of more concrete infomation would be nice and users would be more happy.
+Alex Slater, that's my understanding, too. However, my impression is that, with the advent of ICS, the development of 7.2 is pretty much stalled.
new bie
LG O2X is not in there,sad....
The CM team should start a drinking game. Post something (anything) and everyone takes a shot every time someone nags about a device they maintain.
Still not cm9 for Inspire 4G and Galaxy Tab 10.1 -.-
I use a defy and look forward to the new nightlies with great expectations!
Is my 2000 Honda Odyssey going to get a stable cm9 build soon? The last kang left me bootlooping. Should I not have used tibu to restore my system data?
It's just a tad amazing that the majority of devices getting CM9, are devices that has either come with ICS, or will very soon be updated by the carriers, but other popular devices are basically ignored. Don't quite get it, but it's all good, there are devs out and about that are working their tails off for us 'little people' who are still sporting good devices like the Desire Z, and so forth. Sometimes when you get big, you sometimes lose focus on who and what got you there in the first place. Just saying! :)
Thank you. You all rock. Have CM9 on both the EVO and Galaxy Tab 10.1. Except for a few minor missing features, they are quite stable and a pleasure to use.
If TI-OMAPs can run it, TI-83s surely must have some backward compatibility.
People would shut up asking about builds for their specific devices if there was a clear response from CM and the community beyond "don't ask" and if there was a clear place to get information about ongoing work that is or isnt being done for their devices. Yes some people know which devs are working on which devices, but newbies who love cm like myself don't.
Anything new about CM9 for the LG 2x AKA Optimus Speed??
and they said it before stop asking for an update to your device. It's still in alpha/beta state so I won't put it into my phone until it's an official release. Keep going Cyanogen :)
You know that they won't answer your question, don't you?
Good work first :)

Second, why you just not relase the stael 7.2?
G Prime
Anything for the Amaze 4g?
+CyanogenMod Yahoo API is down, please try about five minutes later. Is this normal? Changelog site
is it just me or got the nexus s camera really laggy in one of the last two weeks nightlies?
Are you going to support HTC One X cause I couldn't find any info on forums...? Thanks!
What would probably help many who are desperately waiting for a CM9 build:

A small note from the maintainers somewhere, maybe the wiki.
Something like:
[CM9]: Waiting for official ICS sources from manufacturer, for drivers and stuff
yep next time buy phone that is support for cm9 if you really want it xD
+Charles Buchanan They're rolling out the CM9 devices in tiers, they've stated this before that they're starting with OMAP4 devices and then I think Hummingbird devices. The Snapdragon S1 will most likely be last on the list.
Remember that just because your device doesn't have a nightly build doesn't mean you can't have CM9. My Sensation isn't in the list, but the code is there, so I built my own.
I've been flashing the nightlies whenever they come out for the last few weeks, but I can't see any difference. Where do I find the Changelogs for CM9 for captivatemtd?
+Alex Slater It's not about developers owing anything to anyone. You and others have stated that they are bored or otherwise bothered by people asking about CM/9 for their devices. This is obviously an ongoing problem, if you're pissed off enough to start a flame war about it.

I pointed towards a possible solution (more communication, which I'm sure has been offered before). Believe it or not, new users are excited about CyanogenMod and want to know when and if it will be available for their devices. Rather than giving them a slap on the wrist for being curious, why not take their hand and point them in the right direction? Something beyond some random .JPG that was floated around personal G+ pages three weeks ago that you might've missed if you weren't in the know. It should be clear by now that something more definitive is needed.
Evo 3d??? Why do I bother asking....
Thank you for all the hard work on the CM9 nightly builds! Something still bothers me a bit - I am really waiting for the stable CyanogenMod 9 version... Are you planning on releasing one anytime soon?
I'm running aokp on my gtab 10.1 wifi. I can flash this and if I don't like it I can just use cwm to restore back right?
Rob M.
Armando, of course. Nandroid, flash, take it for a test drive.
Loving CM9 on my samsung captivate
This runs so smooth on my Galaxy S! Samsung you big fat liar!
Definately hoping for a Desire HD build soon.
Few days ago i discovered that cyanogen website is restricted for my network, cant read anything without using proxy :(
Will my dog get CM9 ?!?
The ringtones in the stock rom can't be changed...
...and smell like hell !!!
+Charles Buchanan Even if our "still good" devices can technically run ICS, CM is still largely dependent upon the OEMs' ICS source code releases before they can port CM9 to non ICS devices. After all, CM devs can't really get started unless there's something to begin with, like already released SoC drivers and such. I've got a Desire S myself, and the official CM9 maintainer, Nexx, is actually working on getting ICS drivers from, of all devices, the One V. That's how hard these guys work :-) Even if there's no official drivers yet for our devices, they're literally scrounging around HTC's dev site for anything they can use.
CM9 for a toaster, TI 83 and other devices larger than a normal phone. Sure, give me a Galaxy (or similar) and some tools, and I'll make it happen for only 3000 euro (for a limited time only), and I'll donate 500 euro to the CM team.

CM9 for your dog or other pets, I can be done, I would recommend an Samsung Galaxy S II and some glue. Since I have no experience in modding pets I can't offer much assistance.
Please note that for the unique Rohde Fischer mods of devices to run CM9 that usually don't there's no warranty towards the devices original functionality.
If you had beard, i would think you where amish.
I've gotten one since that picture was taken, does that count? :p
SGS+, Tab 8.9 and Desire is.missing. All the android devices I currently own :-)
Droid 3 support would be fantastic since motorola shit the bed on ics support for it
Can anyone tell me where I could get the latest version of gapps which the number matches to the crespo. because whenever I install the latest vision of nightly, I cant manage to get on to the playstore or any of the google accounts?
probably a dumb question but i can't seem to find a link on how to get the CM9 source for the NS4G and i am guessing compiling it is like AOSP?
Does anyone know how to get the VPN feature working?
+CyanogenMod How is the status of the FM radio on the latest build for the GT9100.
Guys I have a mopho (motorola photon) and really want this mod! Any one interested in joining me in developing one?
One question is possible that more models could add to the CM9 project?
when nexus one can update to cm9? please...
I kind of dissappointed I still see nothing for my POS HTC Sensation 4G. :( I need a software update for this phone soon or Im going to throw it into a wall lol
This announcement is just what i needed to push myself over the edge and purchase an ASUS Transformer... should get here in a few days. Keep up the great work everyone!
I'm really hoping the Nexus One gets support!
+Milan Mijatovic or just get a used SGS1 (it's very cheap and yet it runs cm9 and everything else like a charm! I have this phone and i dont use others! Will be getting sgs2 soon though)
i love my SGS1 with cm7 :)
loving the nightlies on my TF101. are you guys working on the key functions for the keypad? especially disabling the trackpad button
cant install anything on my sgs2 with cm9... it says there is no free space but there is 1,4gb free ext and 5,4 int
Maybe it's me, and maybe I'm just being a stoopid noob, but I can't get any of the d/l links for the the encore (BN NC) to work from this link:

Am I doing something wrong? or are the links broken?

Duh...Ok. i missed the "Not every target is being built yet," part. LOL. No problem. :)

Thank you CyanogenMod. You all do great work.
What needs to happen in order for me to help get this onto the T989. I know there was an announcement saying it was going to be part of the nightly release, and nothing :'(

But seriously, thanks to everyone.
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