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Fixing Quick Settings Part 2
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Awesome - and what's that tiny search button? Can we enable that all the time like with the current full size search button?
Great, it's all that I want to kick out the power widget!
+Thomas Kyle that's another patch that will be coming up soon (Nav Bar Customization). 
+Thomas Kyle that is the Navbar custimization.  Its been in CM9, CM10 and will be in CM10.1 soon as well.
been waiting for this
I like this addition to Android. I'm currently running unofficial CM10.1 Alpha - Android 4.2.1 (A New Flavor of Jelly Bean) on my Vibrant, the US T-Mobile Galaxy S1 of all devices! It runs great so far. Kudos to the CyanogenMod team, xda, and rootz wiki. Sent from my ASUS Nexus 7 32GB 3g on Stock rooted Android 4.2.1 JOP40D.
Please make this for stock rooted. i love CM, but i wanna keep my phone a virgin somewhat for a while
Will this be for cm10 or 10.1?
Again, why do we need gigantic tiles? Does the average CM user use their phone with their nose or something?
Will be using this feature A LOT ... so really grateful for it!
Cm seems to be months behind aokp.... They have had this in their nightlies for weeks now
I actually just can't wait for you guys to come out with a full stable version of CM 4.2.1 lol 
I love that this is coming to CM, I really do. But what I find hilarious is that many of the people getting excited over this are the same folks that shunned the MIUI rom which has been doing this for AGES now. Oh but all those folks knew how to say was "MIUI = iOS" which is clearly false, but hey, people are sheep I suppose. Simply repeating what they hear instead of seeing for themselves.

Anyway, congrats CM team! This is a great feature. :)
+Paul Needleman I think you will find AOKP implemented it differently though. I use AOKP and I love it but I would imagine the CM version is a little better integrated and it probably performs better.
Will there still be the option to have the current toggles at the top of the notification pull down or is it all moving to this new Quick Setting panel? My thought is that it is 1 extra step to get to all toggles with the new panel. Hope the original toggle bar is still in there. 
That may be true but i love that aokp is always a bit ahead of the curve. I guess I rather trade stability for new features. 
Is the method for switching between notifications and toggles still that tiny button on the top right corner?  Suggestions, how about swiping on the carrier name.  Nothing against MIUI, but if I recall, the two buttons that they used takes up a lot of space on the notification tray.
Hell ya. That is what o have been waiting for. Aokp has can't wait cm
When i can install CM 10.1 on my SGSII????? :-( 
AOKP is slapdash. I'll wait for better code quality.
I'm so happy you guys are making this customizable! 
So I'm running 4.1.2 on my Galaxy S3, but this appears to be 4.2+. How would I get this on my phone? Would I have to reflash? Or could I use the cyanogenmod updater somehow. 
+Cody Gray  Sorry dude this is part of the system ui. You have to be on 4.2. Flashing won't do anything .
+Jesus Balbastro So are these guys on a Nexus 4? I'm just curious as to how I can get 4.2 on my phone with Cyanogenmod, if at all possible yet. 
What's your phone? These guys use the source code Google releases so you can compile and install in any phone. Basically if there's enough effort in it, this can work on any device running android. But you have to install the whole thing +Cody Gray 
+Jesus Balbastro I have a Galaxy S3 with Cyanogenmod on it. I had just assumed installing the nightlies would do that automatically. 
Yeah I think they just merged it recently so the newest ones probably do. +Cody Gray 
Awesome. Keep it up. I like the look of the notification's toggles :)
Will this be for cm10 or 10.1?
I liked the way Android 4.1.2 does it. It's all on the same notification drawer. This looks like one extra gesture/tap.
A great idea to implement if possible, instead of 2 finger quick settings how about double tap status bar then drag down?
Oh, ok xD Then I prefer CM10's toggles over Android's.
Will the battery percentage still be able to be shown on the status bar with CM 10.1, unlike on the stock ROMs for Nexus devices?
Love that cm has added quick settings customisation, but I still don't understand why Google didn't use the perfectly fine, and far more effective, quick settings list from pre-4.2 tablets (the selectable list with the flick switches). That would have worked great in a pull down drawer.
+William Huang What I mean is that, when on stock 4.2 ROM (I went back to it on my Nexus 7 to test the new features, then came back to CM 10), the exact percentage of battery was available on the notification toggle down, but not on the status bar. Well, sometimes you like to have it always visible... :-)
+Samuel Hsieh I think that the better option will be the second swipe from the top of the screen in addition to already supported two finger swipe. CM developers, your turn :) 
I would kill for the second swipe to be replaced with a double tap in the corner (roughly on the clock). As it currently stands in stock, I am too used to swiping down the middle, often resulting in Quick Settings when I actually wanted the Notifications!
how about an option for default view of the notification drawer as:
1. getting notifications by default (stock)
2. getting quick settings by default
3. getting quick settings when there are no notifications to display
I'm waiting for a nakasig build to test it out. Not going to flash nightlies on my main phone...
I might have missed it but are we going to be able to go back to the old style quick settings or are we stuck with the new ones only? I loved how small and out of the way the original setup was. 
If there's a way to select between the 4.1 and 4.2 quick settings style, that'd be best in my opinion. 
+Ankit Vani this is implemented already into the sourcery ROM I'm running, hopefully cm does pick that up, its been great so far 
Devia ter algum Medidor da velocidade do tráfego de dados na STATUSBAR! 
I hope there's a choice between the panels. The tiles are retarded. 
IMO, tiles are, from a usability standpoint, one of the best UI elements for touch devices.
Great work! Waiting for Codeworkx to add a new i9100 build, so we can test this on the Galaxy S2. 
Is it possible to be more consistent in the text beneath the tiles? 
For GPS the text is 'GPS' regardless it's on or off.
For Wifi and Bluetooth it's showing '.... off' when wifi/bluetooth is off.
Any chance you can make a live tile for torch? That's all I'm missing to get rid of quickpanel completely!
+1 to a tile for torch. Bonus points for integrating the lock screen torch button from MIUI.... while on the lock screen hold down the home button to turn on the torch, release to turn it off
While I'd like the home button control, I can do without it because you have notification access from the lock screen. Extra features don't hurt!
Why are people asking for this to for stock ROMs? You do realize that CM is a custom ROM. They don't just add features to your phone with the wave of a wand.
The same reason people are using this post to ask for CM 10 for their  three year old Chinese knockoff phone.
i have nokia 5510 in republic of Moldova why I still wait for Cm10 very unprofessional
Quick setting auto rotate doesnt work on Grouper. But its a nice start.
I ve got an LG Optimus 2x and i want to know it
 when is cm 10.1 going to be up for the d2usc
Why is it that the GT P3113 updates stopped nov 6th?
As others have noted I also prefer the notification quick toggles. The Android quick setting requires the 2-finger swipe or a press of the button on the far side of the screen (assuming you're holding with left hand). The CM10 quick toggles are just that - quicker!

On that note, it would be nice to flip button layouts for people who hold the phone in the other hand.
n'thing the desire for CM10 notification shade widget option. I think Google needlessly complicated this by adding an extra tap. Just having them available with the pull-down is much nicer.
d2Tmo is done, and the code base is so similar, the support is pretty much there.
I know but it is still not there though
+Andrea Rosario Madotta are you saying you don't want a tethering button? I'd down vote that in a heartbeat because I love not having to dig into the settings to enable tethering
Agreed -- I turn on USB tethering every day so I'd love not having to dig through multiple levels of settings menus to get there!
When you are official release cm10 for ATRIX 2?
Esta versión para s3 ya trae incorporadas las características del note 2 
Looks great so far. I have only been back on CM for a few hours though. 
all we need now is a working 2g/3g toggle :)
Finaly 10.1 is here for Maguro on todays nightlies. Great job.

I'm loving quick settings. I have two minor issues that I'd like to see changed:

1) An option to make quick settings pull down on either the left or the right side, rather than just the left.  Right is more natural for me for notifications, but having the split pull down is really useful..

2) I don't see a way to remove a quick setting button without resetting the entire thing.
any new on when new version of cyannogen mod will be released for samsung galaxy SII?
+Thomas Lehaen kijk gewoon effe op xda daar staan op dit moment al nightlies. deze week volgen de officiële volgens mij...
there´s an actualization to cm7 galaxy cooper. how to use usb thetening? thanks
Hey guys! I'm not sure where to post this to. I recently started installing custom roms on my galaxy s3. However I did run into one problem. There is this game called PewPew and runing it on stock TouchWiz works fine but when I try to run it on cyanogenmod it fails. I tried uninstalling and deleting everything but no cigar. Any ideas? 
+Ahmed Ghomin Try to run '' fix permission '' in Rom manager
+Ahmed Ghonim Sorry I spelled your name wrong. Check above! 
No cigar. I game still just shows a black screen with the game music playing in back. Thank you very much for the suggestion thought! 
I'm running cm 10.1 on my SGS3 as we speak... Everything works except there is no photosphere in the camera even though it's the 4.2 camera app.. Hopefully that gets added
+Micheal Banning photosphere is a proprietary app (eg. gapps). It is not something CM can/will ship as it is not open source. 
+Nathanael Chan try take a photo without flash? Also try clearing gallery app data. +Micheal Banning if you check the xda thread someone has kindly posted a zip file that you can flash for photosphere camera. (As well as having stock) Someone else posted one that lets you flash ps camera and gets rid of the stock one.
Did cyanogen mod have a rom for telechips tablet ?
I searched the internet and found some links, but after I tried it rom
My tablet can not align screen -_-
Just a question. Will cyanogen create the Toggle for 2G/3G in the future?
GAAAAH - IM STUCK! Flashed new 10.1 on Maguro, had 4*4 lock pattern was forced to wipe factory install and now I can't move/ restore from backup! WHAT should I doo Please?! I need to work tomorrow... :)
+Ahmed Ghonim GSM Maguro
Please help me....
+Robert Lagus head over to the forum on xda, it's the one I posted a link to regarding photosphere on this thread. Someone else had the same issue and there was a suggestion to keep entering the wrong pattern until it asks for your Gmail password. I don't know if that'll work, but it sounds like it's that or wipe, set up from scratch and create a new pattern!
+Robert Lagus  Are you getting to the lockscreen or is it just a black screen and not starting?
Sorry, that forum was for i9300, but the advice may still work!
+Ahmed Ghonim I had the lockscreen, wiped data as I thought I could move the backup to the right place for CWM to restore from the backup I did before upgrading to 10.1 Now Im stuck. Cant find a proper way to move backup back.
Had the same lockscreen problem on my i9100 but was able o reset lock settings by rm /data/system/locksettings.db* and then a reboot. Requires adb and root.
+Andreas Wohlen The problem is just that I wiped toe phone to make a restore from a CWM backup. I had not realized that the backup could not restore from anything else than the by CWM decided folder. As everything was mved around in to 0/ i could not restore. So I could not go back to CM10. and were stuck. I did not catch plus points from my GF who's phone it is...
Nand back to a rooted stock, install ES File Explorer w/root perms.  Cut and Paste into old location will Merge folders.
hey I just did what you did :P oh boy. This is definitly a bug. I went from having 5 rows to enter my password in to two 3x3. So I can't actually do it. There needs to be a safety mech. to prevent this. 
I got totally scared when I got a 3 x 3 grid pattern from my previous 5 x 5, so I kept entering a random pattern (obviously wrong) and after about 6 attempts it asked me for my email/password and I was in.
Wow so you mean I didn't need to go full odin on this? Check your cwm on mine it messed it up an moved all my backups. 
CM 10.1 build 21, quick pulldown settings broken can't turn it off or shift to left or right.
Excellent Idea :) I wonder how the world will be if technology goes like this way and usability is every where we touch.. Keep u the good works  :)
Please bring back LTE toggle... I used this constantly on CM10.
Is it only me or anyone else faces the bug where the Quick Settings icon in the Notification Area is cut-off to the right??
I use CM 10.1 on my i9100.
great job, thank you!!  one recommendation....a vpn toggle button.
I agree with Nathan, a vpn toggle button would speed that process up!
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