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And here's this weekend's new release! CyanogenMod's first CM9 build for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus (toroplus) is now available at

Enjoy :)

Edit: Release Notes for alpha1 may be found here -
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+Peter Henkel +Tyler Peters The toroplus is basically a toro with trivial changes, so the Galaxy Nexus guys got it to work with minimal effort.

The pyramid isn't ready yet, but the code is public: feel free to submit fixes for the broken bits.
Nightlies aren't alphas. And while they do frequently have broken functionality, it's usually not known at build time.

Plus, as a whole, we're generally avoiding CM9 builds for devices which are known to be broken.
+Ricardo Cerqueira So I'm curious, what is known to be broken on the pyramid? I've been running various CM9 kangs (sorry, "unofficial builds") for a while with reasonable success. Is it just that the hacks in these builds aren't up to "CM quality", or just not the way you want it done, or nobody's working on it? Does the team need a device to work on? Could you shed some light on the situation?
any chance of one for the Galaxy Note?
+Peter Henkel Not exactly; the expectation from nightlies is that it mostly works, but something introduced in recent modifications may have broken it, either code-wise or in functionality, globally or device-specific. But for any given device, and as far as that device is concerned, it started from a known good point, not an incomplete work-in-progress stage.

+Benjamin Morris To be honest, I don't know exactly what's missing for the pyramid.
+Ethan Chen and +Ed Carrigan have been actively working on it, and neither is around for me to ask right now...
Because everyone else is joining the party, can I have one for my Commodore 64?
+Travis Rubio Do it. $399 off contract, straight from Google is an awesome deal. Wish that was available when I was getting my Verizon Nexus.
Above me is why we cant have nice things.
Rather get a Galaxy S 2 more powerful and the cm9 is pretty stable, even if it still on nightly.
Build is running great! Nice to have Google Wallet up and running :-D
I just called sprint to get one. Now I can safely use my phone :)
Cool... awesome another device supported.
please i would like to know how to update cyanogenmod 9 nightly build, without having to lose my apps everytime.
thx +Michael Grasser, so if i use clockworld recovery to instal the update, without wiping data, i will not lose my apps and system setting?
+Abderrahim Khalek It's more of a safety measure, because sometimes the cached files won't work with the newly installed system, causing problems. It won't wipe any of your apps or anything, though.
Any "stable" / "RC" versions for the GSM Galaxy Nexus? (maguro)
i can't believe this nightly build version of CM9 is way snappier than the official ICS XXLPS build for the SGS2.
what about the lg thrill? Make the ICS for it already!
First i want to thank the CyanogenMod Team for their great work

Second, to all people yelling: When does it come to my device ?
SHUT UP and wait. It's not like the CyanogenMod Programmers get a lot of money for doing this.
Where galaxy nexus on device list. For any of the carriers.
desire GSM + desire z r still waiting initial cm9 release!
+Peter Henkel ever built CM or AOSP from source? If a build fails, it fails, end of story. Buildbot continues with next item in the list. There is no one who picks up the leftovers from the out directory and makes an of it just for the fun of having a broken nightly. So scratch your own itch, write patches, get them trough Gerrit and then you can have your nightlies.
+Peter Henkel +Ed Carrigan +Benjamin Morris It's pretty much camcorder holding things back, there's a hack that lets it work in 720p mode only, 480p and 1080p crash. HW accelerated video decode also has a few issues, although it does mostly work.
Jay R
Here's an option: if you want it it yourself. Otherwise close off the air between your lips. Have a nice day!
what's your meaning of I must shut up?I have already donate cm group almost 800 greens,
is it equal a initial desire build?
new bie
what's the "KANG"'s mean?
new bie
To steal or a stolen code when referring to programming. Also can refer to leaked coding.haha
For any body asking for the sensation, just use virtuous inquisition. I gave up on cm for my phone about 5 months ago. Trust me, cm isn't that great after you try this room. It's senseless, ics, and with a flashable camera mod that makes it 10 times better than anything cm can do.
+Anthony Torres Virtuous Inquisition is a great ROM and the Virtuous Team is also but I will still prefer Cyanogen Mod. I've used both on various devices.
virtuous is pretty damn good and it has def played a big part in helping me bide the time till cm9 finally drops... Just wish we could get a beta being that the only thing broken still is camcorder! Who cares! We want a beta!!!!
Every time CM posts anything, it turns into this ridiculous whine fest. This sense of entitlement for YOUR specific device is just nasty. CM Devs are mostly doing this in their spare time, at night, after they've put in a full day of work somewhere else.
And then you get the whiners, whining about the whining/whiners! Vicious circle! ;)
any word on bringing Cyanogen over to the Galaxy Note? can't see it being that much different from the S2 really...
Go CM, go!

I want stable CM9 for arc S! Now, I've the CM9 Nightly, but it has some bugs. For example not working camcorder and panoramic camera.
what with update for the xperia arc?
I feel that HTC Desire Z is being ignored... it has enough hardware to run CM9. I don't see why there are not nightlies for it... well, I'm not in a hurry :)
What is the status of CM9 for the HTC AMAZE? is being a log time since the last update i read....thanks.
+Mario Ramirez the amaze is an amazing device too bad +CyanogenMod +Max Krivonos are really too busy to offer our S-OFF, super-cid, android 4.0.3 smartphones CM9. But patience is needed, hopefully well see something sooner than later.
Will cyanongenMod be supporting the Evo 4G lte in the future or should i just ignore that device and get the nexus?
any at&t galaxy note love coming anytime soon???
+Ricardo Cerqueira will there be cm9 for htc incredible s? Im sorry but what is Pyramid you guys talking about? Does it has anything to do with incredible s?
I'm wondering as well about for the HTC incredible (not the S or the 2) - I've been building my own for a few weeks now (currently 7.2 RC1+) and if there's a way to build CM9 for this platform, I'd like to give it a try (Trying to resolve a Bluetooth headset issue with 7.2 RC1 and I see some bluetooth patches in ICS that may be relevant but haven't yet been backported).

Just for clarity, I'm asking because I want to help if there's a way I can, either with resolving my own BT issue or with CM9 on this platform in general. While I do need to be able to use it, I'm happy to put experimental builds on to test, as long as I can revert to something that I know works. :)
Opensensation is cm9 basically been using it for weeks and pretty stable still waiting for an official rom and any updates with it would be nice
A lot of pyramid users looking for beta/nightlies . As +Brad Zonka stated, Opensensation is basically what you are looking for. It is built off Cyanogen source with just a few other repos to fix any issues not in Cyanogen code. Camcorder works with 720 and 1080p as well. Just don't use 480p. Heck, a lot of Cyanogen code for the Pyramid was contributed by Vorbeth, Opensensation's maintainer.
Is anyone else having a problem with DSP in cm9? I'm using an SGS i9000 using the 20120427 nightly and the kernel that it come with. I also use tunein radio and poweramp. My problem is that using DSP doesn't change the sound and the effects have no effect on the Bluetooth function.
Can I add to my last comment...despite a few minor issues cm9 rocks!
Why does it take you so long to release an update for Xperia Arc???
I tried downloading this twice and each time I get an error when I reboot my phone to it.
Great ROM, but what about making notifications not volume WAY down while listening to music?!? It's ANNOYING.
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