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Galaxy S3 for CSpire

Moving forward, builds of d2spr on will support the CSpire S3 variant (d2spi). There will not be separate builds under the d2spi name. 

h/t +Shareef Ali 
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Does the wiki template have a way to handle device aliasing like this?

Often a device gets named, and then later on it's determined it's identical to another and users get confused when one of the redundant devices gets removed.

Examples:  P311x and P511x
n8013 builds support n8010
i777 supports SGH-S959G (NOT to be confused with T959V!!!)
There are probably a few others.
Is it only me who can't get Netflix to work in cyanogenmod 10.1? I have a Samsung gti-9300 . Netflix just starts videos with a red Netflix screen saying "loading". It does not proceed from there. Help please.
Can't help you when you don't state which S3 variant you have.  (I've got a guess, but users really need to learn that we're not telepathic and they need to be clear.)
I know this not a question... Place were would I go to ask a question relating to the d2spr /charging issues on Cm10.1 
Anyone interested in voting/working on bug CYAN-447 ?
+dank moo No, they both can share roms, ril blobs are the same, same partition layouts, in other words they both share the same blobs.
I can't install ... I don't no why..... 
No and there won't be for it or any other Exynos4 device.
It says that there isn't an install on the cm installer
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