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CM Screencast Beta

The app has been published to the Play Store beta channel. Check out the video and description for info on how to join. (G+ is required to join the beta - Google's rule, not ours). 
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Doesn't appear to be compatible with Nexus 5 or Nexus 7. 
Not available outside of the US?! No love for Canadians?
What devices does it work on? I get a notification that it is incompatible with all my devices (manta and toro) which are both running the most recent nightlies).
Not compatible with any of my devices G Note 3,GT-7000N,Transformer TF101
Is it for any phone with 4.4 <?
When I click to start the screencast it just reboots my phone. Nexus 4 Running CM11
Where are the files saved? Are they temporary till the notification is dismissed?

Seemed to work fine but the Privacy Guard notification would not go away, even after uninstalling the app. Had to reboot to dismiss it. Nexus 10.
Jesus people, can't you read? Yes, it requires CM11. Yes, you will get a 404 unless you join the G+ group and to install it, you need to join the beta.

As for compatibility, I'm puzzled myself. Shows as incompatible with all of my devices.
installed and ran on d2zvw cm11 but videos could not be played and rebooted when starting a screencast while screencasting
Same with me. Nexus 4 CM 11 hit the start button and just reboots phone.
I just did a clean wipe/flash latest nightly 12/9 on my N7 and I get audio only. No video.
+CyanogenMod, I would love to get all of these goodies on my Alcatel One Touch Idol 6030A, which utilizes MediaTek (MTK6577) and will not upgrade past Android 4.1.1... Please!!!!!! :D
Folks, as Koush stated, this needs last night's nightly to show as compatible (the permission filter is looking for something shipped starting with that build)
The join beta link isn't working. 404 for me.
Downloaded it, but when I click "Start Screencast" nothing happens.
Running CM11-20131209 on flo
Not compatible with the galaxy tab 2 CM11
Nexus 5 12-9 nightly. It works great
Doesn't work on the Galaxy S3 All US variant 
Ah cool, I'm finally seeing CM11 nightlies for my device now too. I'll upgrade at the weekend.
Does it take a while to go through into Google Play? I meet all the requirements but it says it's not compatible with any of my devices. Nexus7 R2. GT-i9300.
Not compatible with my VS980. I'm running stock right now but I'll flash CM 11 as soon as its available. 
I like that there is a button press option. Keep up the good work!
not compatible with any of my devices either G2, nexus 4, HTC one, and  Nexus 7
Running 4.4.1 on my EVO LTE and it says I'm not eligible to install. 
Fore closes after five mibtes of play on Verizon note 2
Hmmm I'm on the 12-09 CM11 nightly for flo, but I'm getting "device not compatible". 😤

Update: it stopped giving that message ~15 mins later and I installed it. Nothing happens when I press start, though.
Xi Shen
marvelous, marvelous~
I managed to download and use it in Canada, however I can't playback the file on my phone, or even my computer...
Yea I managed to use a VPN to download and I can't even find where the bloody file it stored...certainly isn't in the Gallery for me on my Canadian SGS4
Got it working. I can record the video, but my video player tells me it "can't play video."
Oh, this is wonderful! Gnex maguro with the latest 11 nightly, and it works flawlessly. I grabbed a screencast of me opening G+, going to this post, scrolling to the bottom, and talking as I did it. Nice! I tried to use AllCast to play it on my Roku, but it won't play that way. It acts as though it will play, but the Roku goes back to the menu, and AllCast thinks it's streaming the file. The file plays back fine on the phone, though. 
WinFF gives me:
Screencast_2013-12-09-17-57-53.mp4: Invalid data found when processing input
Can this be used on the Galaxy S3 AT&T. I'm running CM 10.2 and when I went to the Google play store link. I was told the app was incompatible with my device. Edit: My apologizes I just saw you need CM11 I must of missed that before.
+Travis B I went back to the store with my S3 from Verizon a couple minutes ago and it said it was suddenly compatible again. I can't get it to save the video right though.
Running CM11 (4.4.1) - no go :(
N4. Reboot (kernel panic? hang followed by watchdog-triggered reboot?) shortly after attempting to start the recording. Then again, screenrecord (at a shell prompt) does exactly the same, and that was working fine a few days ago.
Video unplayable. Latest nightly. i9300. 
Why do I get the feeling that this app has become warez…
sal c
Link seems dead
Google says none of my devices are compatible,  running 11 nightly 4.4.1 on my galaxy 3.
+sal c Then you probably missed a step. Join the community, then join the beta. If you're running the latest CM11 nightly, you can then download the beta from the Play Store.
UPDATE: Not playing back video on SGS4 Canadian version, on Nexus 5 nothing happens when start recording button is pressed, on Nexus 4, it just crashes the device and reboots. Not a good start IMHO
I became a tester, but trying to install the app and it says my device isn't compatible.

LS-970 running an unofficial CM 11 build (12/09 nightly)
Updated to today's nightly on d2spr, unable to watch recordings with any app. 
So awesome! Please tell me this will include mirroring in the future? That is something I've been craving for awhile.
Lewis M
If anyone outside of the US or whatever wants this the same functionality is also built into the latest OmniRom nightlies.
Working for me in Australia. Cm11 Galaxy nexus 4.4.1 maguro (nightly) with slimkat gapps.
Working on N4 with system files from a fresh build (or current nightly) and kernel (boot.img) from the 20131207 nightly.
On d2spr, capture seems to work but can never play back video, nor upload it to Facebook.
That was quick, refreshed after this post and it allowed me to download in Canada! 
On 2012 N7 with Dec9 CM11 nightly using ART, app starts and records but when video is viewed it is just a black screen, audio records fine.

On N4 with Dec9 CM11 nightly using Dalvik, starting app causes the phone to crash and reboot
need someone share the apk ...
I wonder if others (not just us N4 owners) find that it all works properly if they install the kernel from the 20131207 nightly…
Doesn't work for me, latest nightly 12-9, for is 100kb and cannot be played
Frank R
Having the same problem with it recording but can't play file on phone or pc so it's probably getting corrupted when saving. File size is only like 600kb for a 1 minute and 10 sec video. Hopefully you can get it working soon. Should be awesome once working. 
Works on my nexus 10! Video cannot play on my Sprint SGS3.
Some full screen apps tend to lag (tested with radiant HD game and fruit pop :D)  Awesome app!  Im looking forward to the stable release.
Can't play the video, or share it with YouTube.

VLC can't play it, either.

For those looking for it, it's in sdcard\movies\screencasts. That's sdcard as in internal memory, not external (found it via AirDroid).

That said, I got no lag recording on GS3 (d2usc).
Not compatible with my Htc One... 
working flawless on my Nexus 5 CM11 nightly

wish list:
# mute mic option
# start / stop from notification
# pause button
Device not compatible i9300, CM11
The first screen recorder that really good works? I love u sooooo 
looks like that it is recording. I'll stopped the record and tried to play it. but I'll get an error... media not supported. running latest cm11 nightly on my i9505
Worked with the gnexus and nexus 7 1st gen. (Holding volume up and power activates recording)
Still not able to download on my Motorola xt926 (Moto DROID RAZR HD Maxx) running cm11 latest nightly 12/10/13. Saying not compatible. 
Incompatible with device . Droid Razr -- xt912 .supwitdat?
AT&T Galaxy Note 2??

I'm running CM 10.2, still not compatible! 
It seems that I lost root, with the latest nightly. Anyone experienced that too?
I thought I lost root because my phone restart when pressing screencast. So I think the app couldn't get root permissions?
Hmm where do the videos get saved? On my HTC One S it doesn't seem to save anywhere. Also can't share it from the notification after recording. 
My n4 restarted after launching the app. I've got the latest nightly installed. 
can't install on my gnex running cm11 nightly. help please?
Why is it called "screencast" whent it's not rlly casting anything? (and please don't give me it's internally casting a virtual screen and then recording it and blah blah blah)
On the 12/9 cm11 nightly it installed fine but it states it cannot play video. HTC One X.
EDIT: I wasn't running the latest nightly... Known it works fine :-)

Running latest CM11 nightly in my Galaxy Nexus maguro and it keeps telling me that my device is not compatible 
It would be great if it could stream through DLNA to TV
Start recording and show Finger move stop recording but doesnt start video . cant send it
Why is everyone losing their shit over this? Is there really a point? Everyone bashes Samsung for adding features nobody asked for well Here's the epitome of useless features but since it's cyanogenmod everyone goes nuts like it actually adds some kind of value. Stupid. 
+buster brojeni some of us are developers, a +30fps screen recording feature lets us make good demos.

This also goes way beyond and adds a layer on the framework lvl that allows stuff like airplay to be doable on android.

It also can be used to report bugs way easier than "first go there, after go here, then activate this"

This is USEFULL. And people do not bash Samsung for installing apps, but for making a layer of bullshit on them and on the OS itself.

Get ur facts straight.
Exactly millions more useless YouTube videos where everyone thinks they're some kind of developer when they're not. Stupid
lol. I think he don't understand this. ok it's his opinion, but he don't have to use this app... right? 
+buster brojeni if you are implying that Im not a developer I wonder what I've been doing the last 6 past years of my life...
Doesn't work all that great on my i9300. The phone starts to lag pretty severely
I can't play the video I recorded? Im using Cm11 on S4
Streaming through dlna would be awesome if possible. More devices support dlna than airplay.
But dlna has lag... And casting a real time screen through a lagged protocol is just derp and useless...

Also, airplay its supported via any device that can run xmbc just to name one. Theres more android devices that support airplay than apple stuff out there.
when CyanogenMod Installer will support more devices
my device is LG 4X HD and I'm waiting so long to install CM
Awww I thought it was like AirPlay for Android with Chromecast because of the name similarities.
A bit buggy on landscape mode
Thanks to +David Johnson who posted the .apk on MediaFire, I was able to install the app. Seems to work fine on my I9100.
Install ok Recognization ok but Video is not playing on my Sharp TV while it gets well connected 
New nightly, registered, downloaded. Everything works. Then started the app but cannot stop it. I also can't watch the record. Nexus 5. 
Same issue as +Thomas Cornely here. HTC One, app installed fine. Started. Couldn't stop without a force stop. Also couldn't locate the recordings. 
Okay, just figured out that I needed to drag down on the notification itself for the stop/share option to show. Does it not drop a copy onto the SD card somewhere? 
Get an error trying to reproduce the recording. Galaxy s i9000 CM 11 nightly 2013-12-09 4.4.1
Ah OK, thank you. Wasn't sure if it was just down, or something else causing the problem.
Joined both, not compatible in the play store running beanstalk 4.4015 12-04-13 Samsung Infuse
+Robbie Garwood I was running stock and Google Play said it wasn't compatible. Now I'm running 20131210 Mako nightly and it works fine.
Guys it keeps saying cant play video. Any suggestions??????

I can't play the video either. It records, and saves to the sd card. Just can't play back. HTC One.
Bug report,Fail to stop recording on Nexus S running CM-11-20121210-Nightly. what format is the video been stored? +CyanogenMod 
+buster brojeni Useless? Bitch pls. That's like saying screenshots or recording in your PC are useless. If it's useless to you I'm sorry. But it's what I've been fucking waiting for in a Iong while. A decent way to record any shit I want to show off or save and integrated to the system for the icing.

Don't even imply shit son, because this is a good thing to have regardless. Yes, it's not a big deal, but it's far from useless.
Plzz add the Wiko Cink Slim to your devices
is ok, you should implement an option to choose the default pointer
Guys... If blank screen and sound only on playback, try recording in landscape. Worked for me. 
Couldn't use my S3 after installing and start recording, completed frozen phone, running CM11 4.4.1
When i start record in my Galaxy S3 (i9300) there is a lot of lagging!
crespo with CM11 (4.2.2): The app works on my device (starts and stop well), but the videos are always the same size (0 bytes)
Crespo too, Whenever I stop a recording it starts another one. Also, you can't view the videos it makes.
ahh why I can't download it if I I'm in CM11 Galaxy Nexus?
URL of the beta doesn't work it says : error 404
I have joined the community and I am a beta tester
A have installed and I got problems I have cm 11 build 20131213 on captivatemtd and is start and frezze in 51 second if I stop before that time the video don't play
+CyanogenMod can you release the apk of this app?, because in my country is not avalible!!!.... Can you upload in a free host?
on my GT-I9000B the app works fine, but the recorded video has always 0KB, and of course wont playback.
Lock rotation please, because when i try a game record the screen rotate but also the video! So what you will get is a snal screen video
Only the sound recording works, on my Galaxy S4 Sprint, running CM11-20131231jfltespr the video just shows some distorted colorful lines 
Does this actually work for anyone? 
Testing on CM 11 Nightly (6th jan). Samsung Galaxy S4 International.
At first the app had some crashes. After reboot it works.
- video in portrait mode is scrambled
+ video in landscape mode is ok

So far: nice!

Just uninstalled it, was preventing phone going to deep sleep totally.
On 20140116 CM11 nightly.
Edit : besides, didn't work, was making small unreadable video files.
ScreenCast - "Não é possível reproduzir este vídeo" (Razr HD XT925 CM 11 Nightly) :(
Galaxy S4 CDMA (US Cellular)  App appears to work properly, but the playback is just fuzzy colored horizontal lines. 
I can't play back my videos and the recording lags loads
No I stopped using the app and used should. It's MUCH MUCH faster than this
Yes it works in landscape but not portrait. Why? 
Tony Ng
I9300 cm11 cannot use it,it will make my phone very very slow after I press button
The app works but doesn't play video. Is there anyway to make the videos play?
Funny thing: when starting the recording in portrait and switching to landscape mode, the video doesn't scramble. No video playing issues here
It is working in HTC ONE. But i cannot turn of the sound at record.
Flash option is grade out in Galaxy S III Mini GT-I8190
Although I'm almost year late, I've installed the app two days ago. I run latest CM 11 by TeamCanjica on rooted Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 (GT-I8160). I ran the app right after the installation - the message popped up to push the button, but I wasn't able to do it and to be honest I wasn't able to control the phone anyway - the screen got dimmed, the popup message was still visible, physical control button had their lights on but the phone wasn't responding. I've tried 3 or 4 times and every time the same result: I was forced to reboot the phone. I was rebooting from recovery - no special need for doing that, just the idea. Everytime after rebooting the phone the option to show/track touch touch events was on although I did not turned it on. In my video folder there were video files created 'screencast_datetime.mp4' so I guess, that although there was no sing of it the app responded for pressing the button. Unfortunately the video files were 'broken' according to video player and from what I've noticed they were 0B each. I've uninstalled the app, but if there's newer version than the one from Google Play I would eagerly try it out so please let me know.
Won't it work on cm 11 snapshot of 2016....
Can i join your community?
I'm using CyanogenMod 11 on samsung galaxy s3 mini
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