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Shaken, not stirred

Next up to join our roster, the Sony Xperia T (aka 'mint'). If it's good enough for James Bond, its good enough for us. 

Now, where did we park that Vanquish.....

Edit: PS, take a look at ;-)
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I hope Sony release Xperia U/Go/Sola sources soon...
Awesome! Just got this beaut and it's already official CM? Sony really do do great stuff for the Android community.
This is what happens when your platform has reference source.
Vitaly D
And codeworkx wrote on his blog that it's already daily driver material since most of the stuff already works. Take note Samsung, that's how it's done. Go Sony, screw Exynos...
Actually, I am still using supersonic
Twas a joke ;) Follow +Epic Touch CM and their thread on XDA. To be honest, they are a ways off from official release caliber at the moment. 
Makes your breathe fresh. Incidentally, its also explained in the OP of this thread
+Chuan-Yi Kao As far as I know is that the TX is the same phone in another case. So u can use the T ROM also for the TX. 
Good news, bought P to my wife yesterday. Had to change launcher immediately.) 
"If its good enough for James bond, its good enough for us. "
Lmao ^^
I don't mean to be that guy but in all honesty i have a galaxy tab 10.1 p4wifi and development seems to have stopped only getting cm9 nightlys once a week. Not asking for a eta but should I sell it and get a new tablet? Or will development pick back up 
Is there sort of a roadmap for other (cough older) Xperia devices on CM?
got this great phone last week, and its really cool to hear that I can get cm on this :D
+Michael Pitts It took pershoot forever to get even ICS to a solid state.  Tegra is even more difficult to work with than Exynos.  He's still working on it, but it's a similar situation to Exynos devices.  Too many bugs.
+Thierry Destinobles I really like it. the screen is really great, sharp image and its really bright if needed. didnt test the camera that much yet, but the images I took where good. I have to take some more pictures to really judge on this.
why isnt there a cm10 rom for LG Optimus 4X HD (p880)>>it has the same tegra 3 of htc one x.....please comment...
+Rohit Jatwala Not true.  There actually are a ton of minor variants of the T3, plus the way their blobs are structured, there is a lot of interdependency between blobs and board design.

In short:  Blobs intended for one Tegra device often fail completely on a slightly different device.  Tegra is an even more difficult platform to work with than Exynos.
+Rohit Jatwala until LG 4X as a locked bootloader nothing can be done. Instaling CM10 on this phone is not possible just yet...
why no CM for HTC INCREDIBLE S ?  not even comment in reply..
In general it's considered bad form to threadjack an announcement with an ETA request or "why am I not getting it" request for an unrelated device.

Sometimes, if there IS a specific known reason, a response will be given, but other times, it's a simple answer of "no maintainer".  CM is a volunteer project, with a few exceptions (namely, declaring that certain devices are too old to ever receive certain recent CM versions, such as the announcement about some earlier Snapdragons a few months ago) collective decisions are NOT made about device support.  It all depends on an individual maintainer deciding that they wish to spend time on a device.

In the case of HTC devices, HTC's obsession with bootloader locking tends to make developers avoid these devices.
It's a good idea to keep an eye on if you're a sony device owner, has weekly changelogs, a bug reporting tool for device specific bugs and unofficial downloads of builds which still have some work before making it to CM's servers.
why is that? It was a good feature and it allowed you to clip the wings of dodgy programs while still being able to use them
No M3 snapshot this week? :-(
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