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Advanced Quick Settings

Currently in review, this patch from +Nebojsa Cvetkovic aims to allow you access to capture a picture from anywhere in the OS, just by accessing the Quick Settings menu/shade. 
CyanogenMod QuickSettings Mini-Camera Tile

It always annoyed me how long it takes to open up the Camera app to take a quick picture. Yesterday I decided to make this tile for QuickSettings that functions as a small camera.

The first tap starts the preview and subsequent taps take pictures. It attempts continuous autofocus if the device supports it or otherwise focuses after the first tap. When you are done just close the notification shade and the camera will automatically close. The pictures taken are full resolution and same quality as through the Camera app.
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That looks awesome. I wonder if I would use it instead of the lock screen camera widget.
This is awesome ! Loving the small new features being pumped out by the cm team 
This is amazing. I usually miss the photo I want because takes at least 2 to 3 seconds to get the app open and ready to shoot. This will reduce the time to less than a second. 
GP Dobs
This would be great for quick shots of my little ones!
it feel good
Looks good. I use SwipePad and have my frequent apps such as Camera, so isn't too slow. This however well be much snappier.
Too bad all the PA lovers/CM haters won't appreciate it cause it isn't flashy (I'm not hating on the PA team, let's be clear)
wow that`s awesome
Awesome idea... but what's the resolution for those photos? It looks really low.
same resolution
That looks great. Any way we could have similar improvements brought to the lockscreen widget?
I usually use the lockscreen camera, but when using the phone and I need a quick pic I have to lock the phone or go find the app. Really nice feature here.
Lol .. +CyanogenMod there still is no screenshot and powermenu tile which would be more preferable
I hope the oppo find 5 camera quality /bug is fixed with this as well mate? 
Ok, now it would be awesome to resize tiles like homescreen widgets :)
Nice feature
+Emanuele Scifo it says clearly currently under review in the first scentence.

Other than that :Genial idea
+Vincent Macaluso it helps to read the post. "The pictures taken are full resolution and same quality as through the Camera app."
Great idea guys way to utilize android you would think Microsoft would have came up with this but nope cyanogen wins again
Wow that's incredible - I'll probably be switching to CM as my next ROM.
Hey.... This is a really great feature.... Is it on the nightly yet? 
+Cagdas Kurban Don't get your panties in a bunch, I didn't see the "Read more" link, I just though it was a link to the video.
Paul W.
Am I too late for the obligatory "bloat" comment?
Would be great if my camera worked on cm at all love rom but says can't connect to camera on vzw s3
+John Soldi , that's weird, the camera works fine on my d2vzw with AOSPA, which shares some source with CM, I thought...
Looking forward to this getting merged. Anxious to try it out. 
+John Soldi , further thought, I had that error when I was running an app to mimic SmartStay.  It would hang up the camera and I'd have to disable the app and reboot.  Do you have anything else running that would be trying to access the camera?
Please do it for Acer cloudmobile ^_^ 
I agree that is an interesting function to show to friends, but I really would like to see more support for gestures #CyanogenMod.
I've been trying it out for about an hour now and all seems fantastic. It just doesn't seem to autofocus very well. I like it a lot though.
Alex P
Now this is innovation! Take note Apple!
I'm trying to go a long time without rooting my S4.... but you guys... are naughty and are getting me to do it! lol
Why not making this live tile available as a lockscreen widget? Faster than  swiping and very quick/instant photos could be taken!
+Steve Rodrigue In theory, it's great, but in practice, the camera causes a massive power drain, and it would likely take an extra second for out screen to turn on (while the camera initializes). It's a great idea, but it will likely cause more frustration than necessary.
I have samsung p3100 want to update 4.2.2 but signature error ? How to update 4.2.2 please help me 
+Matt Della u don't need to use it if it "frustrates" you somehow.. you don't even need to add it to the tiles.. But you can choose to do so.. 
Can anybody tell me, is this in the latest nightly for Galaxy Nexus GSM (maguro)? Sitting on official 10.1 now, don't really wanna flash another nightly again until it has something additional that's worthwhile, excited to try this out.
Trying to prevent inevitable phonegasm.
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