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We put out a call for help back in February asking for support from the community to help us get our nightly builds back up to speed. The community answered our
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Is there a place with a userrating for each nightly build? Just to get an quick overview before flashing it to my device if there is no public changelog.
good to have you guys in my Stream, I always remember to check for Updates when you post news about CM ;) And well, there's an update nearly every time. Btw, CM9 on Defy just kicks ass. Keep up the good Work ;)
Nice glad to hear. Look forward to increased epic 4g touch support.
+Hannes Rehburg download the goo-manager app from the play store, it will notify you when your rom has an update . I use it for AOKP
+Scott Norcross I would, but the latest Update (Nightly 120413) I just installed killed my Play Store and some other Apps :(
Reboots doesn't help - and of course it's the first time i forget to create a Backup before installing the update x_X
Gonna try a Dalvik Wipe now, but dunno if it will help...
+Hannes Rehburg Same happened to me. Downgrade to 120329, then wipe phone. Play then works.
+Dave Langdon thx, gonne try that, Wipe Dalvik doesn't help in 120413.. anyone reported this bug to the Dev yet?
Edit: my contacts have been deleted too, as I see now. So better don't update to 120413 ;)
Edit2: My whole gmail account is gone and i can't just register it again...
Nice kit. Looking forward to a 7.2 final for my Desire - so fresh nightlies will be welcome - and clinging to the hope that we'll see CM9 for it one day.
so does it means that more phone can get cm9?
Why do people fill these posts with complaints and ETA requests? It annoys me, and I don't even spend the time coding XD
Great news! Looking forward to faster releases. Eagerly awaiting CM9 on my device. Keep up the good work! :)
Tim F
Awesome news! Are we allowed to ask which devices were bought with the left over monies?
Well, I don't code either, but sometimes I don't know which is worse, the complainers or the people complaining about the complainers! :)
9 minutes? Holy mother of baby Zod that is fast to build CM9!
When they say build do they mean render or what???
however, maguro is "in Progress" for more than 5 Hours...
I cannot wait for CM9 for the Incredible 2 I hope we get it.
hey my friends I have problem with my GT-I9000 cm9 , when I change language to Arabic from UK english ,, teathring stop ap & usb , may this problem in deffrint languages ,, every language have own bugs << sorry for bad english and this commint in a wrong post and thanks 4 support sgs1
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+Federico Noriega unfortunately, the reality is that merely having the servers does not make all supported devices magically work on CM9. This will still take time.

As for CM7, the servers will continue to build for that (build time is hovering near 6 minutes). CM7 as a whole is not something we are considering abandoning, more the opposite, we envision adding even more supported devices to the CM7 code, especially those unable to get CM9.
+Abhisek Devkota thanks so much, so this means that the CM7 nightlies will resume after the scheduler is set up? again thanks a lot to all of you.
If by everyone you mean every CM maintainer-yes

The general public, no
Well. If a great developer that isnt a maintainer, want to build, cm cyanogenmod give a "pass" for him? Well, 9 minutes is better than some hours.
If a great developer is contributing to CM, they will belong to the CM org on github, and gain access to the servers.
Will we be seeing ICS CM9 for the EVO4G eventually?
You guys have been doing such a wonderful job on the cm9 nightlies for vibrant that I have been flashing them everyday or so for two weeks and it almost does not have bugs. THANKS GUYS!!!!
Highly anticipating beta release! You guys highly increased how much I value my phone :D
why did you buy from dell? you should have had someone build 4 beastlier servers instead of buying 3 and have more money left over
32GB Memory (8x4GB), 1333MHz Dual Ranked LV RDIMMs for 2 Processors, Advanced ECC

You can spec it out yourself...
David Li: I suppose they got the support from Dell also, "someone" doesn't always have support...
dell offers support on ubuntu?, i doubt they are using windows server, but they may
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