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A Technical Exercise in Q

Please note, this is purely in the 'what can be achieved' category, not in the 'we are supporting this' category. This post should serve as an indication of potential, not a final product (or even a goal really).

Over the last week, our +Jason Parker (aka kornyone) has been playing with his Nexus Q, seeing how far he could push it and how capable it could be. 

It started with the basics (fastboot and adb pushing - and then Trebuchet, Netflix and other apps ( followed by the XBMC for Android ( Well, now Jason is back with another breakthrough - CM9. 

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I sat down and used Tuna/Maguro as a base last night, and got the Nexus Q ("steelhead") to boot CM9.  Right now, BT and WiFi work (BT will pair with anything I throw at it), and overall it's functioning better than many devices I have ported on first boot.  Sound dies hard, so right now, it's a mess.  More work to be done.

I have a full bug list and items that do/do not work.  More to come in the future :)
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If it could be made to run CM9 bug free, it might actually be worth something like $300.
Go Jason go!
I haven't gotten mine yet, but I've seen them used in lots different ways. The most common thing is  for making your TV into a smart TV, but if you've got the know how  and you need something to interact with a computer or controller, you can use a Pi. +Austin Hyder 
If it boots stable CM, i'll buy one..
hmmm well if need a reason to get a nexus Q even though I already have a lot of the same fucitonality out of some of my other devices this is it. 
+Don Archer Maybe a more accurate question is what does the Q do? Is it like Apple TV, or what?
+Douglas Harry I think it's like an android phone, minus GPS, Camera & Screen, Plus some streaming goodies D:

Oh and it also has sexy light effects :3
Nexus Q with XBMC.....fuck.....I thought it was too expensive...but as a HTPC replacement?!
If only it had an audio input...
Did he record this with an iPhone?  It looks like absolute shit.
I'm holding out for the $99-149 Nexus Q device. $300 is too steep for a streamer.
+Terry Kessler Have fun waiting, with that amp it's not dropping past $200.  I have a Sonos reciever/amp and the Q basically is going to replace it.  My google TV is staying, heck I'm not planning to even attach it to my TV (really, why would I?).

Point is, if you want an all-in-one music playback system for your home, this is pretty awesome.  If you are comparing this to an Apple TV, then you obviously don't know its purpose (The more apt analogy would be an Apple TV + an amplifier/reciever setup).
Music is horrible. Back to Parachutes! (Coldplay)
+Laith Khalil Good point, but I'll hold out for the amp-free budget version. Its an unnecessary feature for me.
+CyanogenMod You guys rule! Now I can have hours of fun with my Nexus Q!!! Now I need to find a new door stop, hehe.
+Terry Kessler But isn't it then just a Google TV without Google TV?

I think they can be successful with it as is, as long as they beef up the software (allow to connect multiple local devices) and maybe even be able to set priority to different local devices and have their audio be run through the Q's amp.

It could become a streaming home theater audio system, way worth the $300.  Though with only cloud streaming now, I can see the hesitation.
+Laith Khalil When I read the announcement of the Q I was thinking, "Yes finally an Android equivalent of Apple's Airport Express", but nooo this will only play google play music/movies. If they just had this functionality in addition to doing the play whatever audio is leaving my phone out of the Q then it would be amazing.  That is exactly what I would want in a device like this.  I just don't think that limiting it to google play content is very smart. :/
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