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Somebody knows what the bugs in the CM10 for Galaxy SIII?
Awesome addition.  I use Rom Manager now, but this will be nice to have within the ROM.  Thanks.
Cough motoroladroidrazr cough
Is Google Apps a separate download or will it be included in the new updater?
This is excellent!! Is this going to trickle down to CM9 nightlies some time down the road?
+CyanogenMod is it worth having this feature removed from the likes of the Endeavoru which is still S-OFF for pretty much everybody right now? If the kernel gets updated it'd still need to be manually flashed from fastboot which would cause some issues for people.
I've confirmed it's there in 20120930 on my One X (endeavoru).

Still, glad to see it there, can't wait to be able to use it!
Make it for HTC evo design 4g. It can run it(on unofficial build of cm10)!
I've been wondering why this hasn't been a feature for so long.  It's a very welcome addition.
This is a huge step forward for all users of cyanogen mod and should bring more users to it, as most companies can't keep up or will not keep up with Android releases. Making the updates more readily available makes everyone's life easier. Thank you!
Want it but I don't know if this works on a P1000. Currently on CM9.0.0 and have not upped to 9.1.0 due to a few bad reviews I read... Holding up on any future upgrades until I know it works. But way to go cyanogenmod devs for all these CM goodness...
since this will be in cm base not device specific, this will be in all devices even kangs?
Nice reminds me of updater in cm builds from way back .
+Rene Kassim  "New" only alerts you if there is a newer version available than your current install.  "All" gives you a list of every version available for your device, both new and old versions.  And yes, "Stable" includes experimental m/snapshot.
Still hoping for CM10 for my HTC Amaze 4G... but keep up the good work guys :)
I don't see anywhere to change my carrier label
Can't wait till we get it for the Skyrocket.
Oh wow, this is a fantastic change. I was wondering when something like it would be implemented.
Translate update for the Skyrocket would be awesome :)
Sweet, thanks for OTA updating. Amazing work, full respect from me.
Any news about CM10 nightlies on the HP Touchpad (tenderloin) ?
Nice to hear this and I was wondering if this will occur for the galaxy ace?
Just used the updater to flash the 10/1 nightly on my SGS3.

It worked flawlessly, which is awesome, though I do hope the updater app gets more features.

Great job, though!
So perfect way to up to date.. ;)

Please add option for switch default jb theme to dark and white.. setting bg. Status bar bg. Navigation bar bg. Dialer and contact an messaging and etc..

thank you very much
+CyanogenMod where are the backups, when checked in the updater? Did an update today with marked Backup for the current ROM but it doesn't save it on my Device (Nexus S).

Anyway, nice work so far.
I found source get updated with CMUpdater yesterday's night. Thanks CyanogenMod!
Works like charm, tested this morning. Thanks guys, this really makes life easier.
Good idea. Still I'd like an option to download Google apps separately, and flash them together with the rest of the ROM, just like ROM manager did.
Don't forget the x10: D)
Question guys.
I'm currently running a CM10 nightlies rom (an old one).
If I flash with the latest version, will it wipe everything (settings + apps) or just upgrade leaving my phone intact.
awesome very nice ;)
Teddy, when I flash a newer version of cm10, it just updates and no settings have changed.
Anyone else experiencing false update notifications? I'm running the cm-10-20120930-maguro build and it's informed me there's an update to cm-10-20120930-maguro. Nightlies are never built twice as far as I'm aware?
+Mark Hands I've just checked and there's an update available named with today's date, will be trying it out when I can dl over wifi!
Would be great to see a differential upgrade which would be smaller over 3g. Nice work, but there's little value over rom manager
Thanks! Going to update right now!
The backup doesn't work this could make a mess.
Yo dawg I heard you liek updates so we updated your updater so you can update while you update
+CyanogenMod I checked the option to perform a backup when updating but it doesn't look like it did a backup and I looked in the cmupdater folder and I didn't see it. It would be nice to include the updated change log in the settings also. Thanks for a great and I'm running the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3.
guys , can i work with u on an arabic cyanogenmod facebook page.
i want to be able to post ur latest news and roms in arabic (if you say IT'S OKAY) . 
talk back pls :)
Rene kassim- change log , also disclosed with every release, helps you figure out the changes; if you're looking for an all-at-one-place location- am not aware.
I just downloaded and installed my update. I usually use Goo manager which takes me to recovery and I take it from there, so this is much simpler, I just click to update and the phone does the rest! However, while I'm sure it's not necessary, I usually like to clear cache and dalvik cache between flashing and reboot just to make sure everything runs smooth, which I can't do unless I go back into recovery. I did notice however, that when rebooting, it says optimizing applications which only normally happens when I do clear cache after flashing... Soooo... Has it done this for me, +CyanogenMod ?
Gave up waiting and sold my HP Touchpad.
I'm glad for this auto-update feature (thank you), but what is the reasoning for hiding it under "settings->about phone"?  I had to re-read this post to find it because it makes no sense :D
+Pete Best clearing that cache has always been a redundant operation, and the need to do it a myth. The automatic on-change dexopting (yes, that "optimization" thing is the dex cache generation) is, as you realized, the same.
+Gary Virta that's where the system update option is on Android (both default AOSP and any OEM variant i can think of)
+Ricardo Cerqueira Why did the CM Updater only optimize about 40 of my apps, when a manual cache/dalvik wipe optimizes roughly 130?
Woo! Thanks +Ricardo Cerqueira , I thought it was unnecessary, just got into the habit after being advised clearing both caches could help with minor bugs, which indeed it did seem to do, particularly when I was using a cm based rom on my old HTC DHD and the battery would drain too quickly sometimes. So I thought when updating, it couldn't hurt.
+Jesse Moyer , clearing cache/dalvik seems to "Optimize" all the apps you have. I too wondered why there were less being optimized...
+Jesse Moyer Because deleting the cache will delete all the precompiled bytecode and require it to be remade for every single system component, whereas a normal optimization will only run for components or apps that have changed.

In other words, you were generating 130 bits of binary code, of which 90 were the same as you had just deleted, and 40 were actually necessary.
+Dylan Eiler This will work with any recovery that supports the AOSP "standard" --install command. I have no idea if TWRP does.
+Ricardo Cerqueira I see, thank you. Most websites like XDA almost always say clean flashes (data wipe) are required for proper functionality, but are you suggesting that it's not necessary?

That's what it seems like, since the official updater obviously does not wipe user data.

Anyways, I'm really glad this is actually a feature now. CyanogenMod really is becoming even more user friendly.
+Jesse Moyer In my experience, all claims of need for data wipes, cache clearing, permission fixing, and the like are utter bullshit, ignorance, or lazyness (if an app is crashing, a data wipe will fix it. But so will clearing the data for that app). I haven't done a full wipe in 3 years, and never used the other 2.

That stuff is only necessary when you change the origin of your OS build. CM-to-CM, not so much. In the rare occasions a wipe is required, we always mention it explicitly.
+Ricardo Cerqueira Thank you.

This should be explicitly stated somewhere, so communities don't freak out and treat their users poorly because they "didn't do a clean flash".
+Jesse Moyer It already has been numerous times but people don't want to hear that they are wasting time wiping everything multiple times.
I like cyanomod 10 but i still having issues with wifi and camera. I hope they will fix it.
Samsung galaxy s3 l9300.
I'm having some trouble with updater, it downloads and boots fine to recover but it cannot find the zip... It's looking it from sdcard even to it should be looking it from emmc, any help? 
Have been using Goo Manager on my GS2. No need now! Great feature.
+Jose Calderon What device are you using? My sgs2 is somehow funked :/ something wrong with external / internal sdcard mounting :/ i can of course manually flash the zip in cmw but it would be awesome if it flashes the update automatically...
My Galaxy S (i9000) run CM10 flawless. Congrats guys! ;)
i am hesitant about running the nightlies. I am currently using the VZW GS3 running your M1 release. Are the nightlies always an improvement over the last?
ZTE Blade ? After all this time, don't abandon us!
+Jacob Söderman If that is the case, (that it only boots into TWRP and we have to flash it ourselves) then using the updater is only saving us having to hunt down the file and download it.
I downloaded 9/30 for Galaxy Nexus (VZN) and I don't see the updater.  Is it not in the build or am I just completely missing it?

BTW, where are cool drawer animations like cube?
Great, it's a fantastic features !! 
I had really wanted to support the Galaxy 5
Would be nice if it is possible for all supported device..=D
When is going to be a CM10 nightly for Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket? Thanks for your ROM it's fantastic!
My LG Optimus (E400) L3 runs on CM9 but i can't use my Sim-Card :'( anybody an Idea?
I want to install CM10 on my HTC EVO 3D. Is 4.1.1 stable for my phone and should I "upgrade" it to CM10? I saw a lot of posts over internet that my Wi-fi and camera won't work...but I need them, doesn't care about 3D effect. Any suggestions?
Backup save location?  Not saved?  Don't see them anywhere; couldn't revert to recover some old data
+CyanogenMod I am using this in my Galaxy Nexus GSM.. but it is buggy .. 3-4 times .. comes till 90% and stops.. 
+Kamal Savla just download using goomanager and do yourself a favor and start using TWRP after flashing from the goomanager app
I'm using paranoid android
Its awesome!
Una Domanda!
Quando vedremo la CM10 per HTC Sensation?
Very nice, I just updated a nightly build without any problems. It would be great if you could provide some kind of changelog with every update :)
It would be great to have some information on updates' size. In my case, have a limited 3G connection, so I would need to wait to come back home if the update is too big.
Hey +Rene Kazzam  not sure if your question got answered in the thread but. Stable is pretty self explanatory, RC (release candidate is one step down) then Snapshot/M releases then lastly the oh so fun Nightlies :)
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