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For those of you who don't check regularly

4.2.1 has just hit AOSP repos. We will be updating to the new build accordingly, though the changes are very very very minor (and we had already fixed the missing December issue). 
4.2.1 is in AOSP, Jean-Baptiste Queru, 11/27/12 10:46 AM, The source code for 4.2.1 is being pushed into AOSP right now. This is a minor release on top of 4.2. The build number is JOP40D, the git tag ...
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Rob M.
Oh, and Mako too!
I'm guessing 4.2.1 is the update that fixed the "December is missing" bug?
please bring 4.2.1 for GT-1550 (Galaxy 5/Europa)
Stable cm 10 for international sgs3 i9300?
Rob M.
Oh, hey, another opportunity to ask about device xyz.....
Just to be clear, the update is MINOR, MINOR, MINOR.  More like a update
Hey where's the CM10 love for the Palm Pre?
I've been waiting and looking, and I'm starting to think I'm missing something... Is there a CM 10.1 build for Maguro (GSM Galaxy Nexus) phones yet?
What about the HTC Hero???
Can we build 4.2.1 for GNex yet?
+Michael Erwin My understanding is that there is no publicly available build yet.  The individual device maintainers have gotten things "running" on the devices with different levels of success, but there are still some fairly serious stability issues.
D2tmo getting updated soon i'd hope!!! Great work by team CM!!!
Luke Esau
When will I have 10.1 for iPhone?
Can't wait till it hits HTC One X nightlies! 
Seems minor fixes, won't tako too long to adjust.... i guess :)
Thank you for the update,and thank you for your work.
What about my device? What about this, what about that?
I think all people who ask device specific questions on a general thread should get a block
Sorry guys don't mean to ask for something unrelated but I've looked everywhere and can't find information; will the HTC One X+ get cm10? Thank you
Didn't you just read two comments above yours?
You're the best! Thank you for your work! 
+CyanogenMod I must say your increased level of communications concerning the status of CM10.1 and future work removes all temptation to ask for ETAs! Props to you.
When any stable CM version for Motorola Pro.?

Are tomorrows nightlies going to be 10.1 for supported devices like the SGS3 and Galaxy Nexus?
+Antony Suter Sorry I was on mobile and have been searching for the One X+ for a while, if I cannot post it here any recommendations on where I should post it?
Thats very cool, thank you for the work and the good job...I really appreciate this CM10, waiting until 10.1 is coming:.....
Any chance of replacing the old browser with chrome now that its no longer used?
+Brad Zonka That depends on your preferences for Flash based websites (and there are still a lot of them out there). If you wish to retain Flash capability, the old browser remains viable, along with some other browser options. There are ways to download Flash, and apps that allow for fast user switching between Chrome and the old browser when visiting those pages (though the app isn't necessary if you want to just copy-paste links). 
Cm10 is great, been using nightly since September. EVO LTE FTW
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