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Something new is coming...
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Rob M.
1 memories you say?
Can't wait for whatever it is :-)
Damn tesears! Just tell us. We already love u
Pretty dope teaser!
I'm into it :D
Alex W
I don't know what it is, but I want it ;-)
Rob M.
Hmmm...when reached for comment by G+ +Jef Oliver said " ____________________________ "?
sigh so excited im crushed jus anounce it already i hate teasers they always make me wait 
I don't care what it is. I want it... Lol
Oh, that was a really good teaser. I´m more excited to know what this is than what Google will show on Wednesday.
I will probably not sleep that well tonight.. ;)
I bet it's Dic, Cid's arch nemesis. Evil twin of the most beloved mascot of Cyanogenmod. Is he red?
Andy L
CyanogenMod for the iPhone. iCM.
If there's a CM phone it sure look like a N4 on Free carrier ;)
CyanogenMod Nexus coming this summer. You heard here first.
maybe a new Android-based OS by CM team (could be a Nemesis for the original Android)? 
Rob M.
+Pedro Carneiro It will be called the Cexus. The C is pronounced like an S.
Whoa.... Excited to see what's coming... =) 
I don't know how much more Android hype I can take considering what all's happening in the next couple of weeks.
Dual booting CyanogenMod and Touchwiz on the Sprint Galaxy Note 2? I can dream!
Alex W
Something like Google Now?
So, this is a teaser. When is the official announcement?
Video is 30 seconds long.
3 - 0 = 3
Half-life 3 confirmed!
I never asked for this... 
If CM lacks a lot features to customize your phone to oblivion maybe this Nemesis has it. 
;D perhaps 2 Paths of Cyanogen mod?
Wow....can't wait
I think we are going to see CM Vanilla and CM modified. 
Profiles? Different users for 1 phone??
Bye bye AOSP. CM will now be touchwiz based. Thats why is nemesis. Touchwiz used to be the nemesis.
yeah maybe a CM take on a google now or task/to do list app?  "The right memories" seems pretty key.  maybe some clues here too: (inescapable, to give what is due...).  

what about the dotted circle button at the bottom of the phone below the Free carrier?  i have CM10.1.2 but on NS4G so no onscreen softbuttons, not sure if that is related.

yeah also thinking its entirely possible they hooked up with a HW manufacturer for a CM optimized handset which would be amazing.
+Andy Lane As AWESOME as that sounds. It's .00001 percent possible it's iOS with CM 10.1. Great idea tho! 
Andy L
Yeah, it was a joke.
Ok, i have to tell now. Nemesis is a new Smartphone OS based on DOS 6.22 and developed by the CM Team. It will blow any other OS away!
That looks like a teaser for a device that is optimized for CM to me. "A New Nemesis Appears" sounds like a new player in the market. CM is already on top of the custom ROM scene. Where do you go from there? Team up with an OEM to make it available to the average smartphone user, instead of the very limited segment of the market that the rooted community makes up. Interested to see what this turns out to be any which way! 
Looking at 0:13 I see Android 5 background (ya I know its just concept) so could it be they got early access yo the new version of android's source? I recall someone mentioened OEM's got early access.
"something wicked this way comes" uhm, cm with Iced Earth support? ahaha
The right memories... Interesting. And the right "whatever" at the right time?? Probably referring to Nemesis Speak from NemesisMod rom... That would also explain the transparent nav bar.

I was hoping for the always-on listening service. Nemesis is cool too though... 
+Daniel Greer I would love to get such a phone. Granted it had an external memory. It's such a dream! 
By the pricking of my thumb, something Cyan this way comes.
Cyanogenmod mascot on Super Smash Bros?, new challenger appears ;-)
Cyanogenmod for the iphone aka when hell rains skittles after freezing over and Stallman uses windows
Nexus 5, powered by CyanogenMod - Coming to a Google Play near you.
Early access to 4.3 so CM 10.2 right at the beginning or a stock CM device :-P (take my money) Didn't +Steve Kondik left Samsung a few weeks ago ^^
whatever it is, look on xda in a few days for xXdarklordsXx butter smooth pac giant romsmooth halo (V21) {ROM} DEV jelly NEMESIS cyanogenbased IOS WP8 
Or whatever clusterfuck name the rom will be called
def interesting, with their up taking of protecting our data more lately, wonder if that has anything to do with this trailer
Deleted my comment. It's more interesting to let people speculate than to give hints. :)

+Troy Snell No, this is something developed completely in-house so to speak. I can say that much without spoiling the fun.
Custom Roms are getting crazy awesome now. With parnoid android and halo, now this. Definitely have me curious.
Hmm, Well... Based on the fact that the video has support for 3D ... Maybe it's something to do with that? :O
Dafuq? How can you guys drop news like this, then still expect everyone to follow Golden Rule #1 of CM?!?!?!
Hmm looks like french operator free ... maybe new tablet using cm as native system? Congrats :)
it is most likely something to do with a new rom with more customisation e.g. not stock "nemisis",s a new app, or maybe something to do with moto x?
it is most likely something to do with a new rom with more customisation e.g. not stock "nemisis",s a new app, or maybe something to do with moto x?
it is most likely something to do with a new rom with more customisation e.g. not stock "nemisis",s a new app, or maybe something to do with moto x?
exiting and confusing all at the same time
Something wicked this way comes is a Ray Bradbury novel...
Cm teases, everyone falls all over themselves. That said, my interests are peaked.
Cyanogenmod, running gentoo
cyanogenmod version of Firefox OS.  
A phone from a CyanogenMod build..
Or how can you use the wifi of your phone/tablet to make pop corn?
France Free telecom will release its phones with CM ??? ;)
Leo HD
Hmmmm ponders
Oh, how fun it is to read everyone's guesses on what this is :)
Free in the carrier/emergency text area, is it perhaps WiFi call support through GoogleVoice becoming a CM feature?
Cyanogen phone I heard about this like a year ago
Perhaps CM will introduce a way to share an internet connection among devices on a large scale using ad-hoc technology. This could mean everyone can have access to the internet at all times, and all for free, and the world of mobile devices can be connected using simple WiFi. It's actually not a new idea, and it would explain the "Free" carrier at 0:13...
Idk what it is but I can totally dig the teaser. Cm rocks and it runs on every android device I own. Love it.
Looks like a Nexus 4 if you look at the side of your Nexus 4 then look at the video. Don't think its a phone coming.
Free its ofcorse that this will be free...why you are compare it with a carrier??if cm wanted to start a phone like xaomi will make it in usa....this has to do something like the completly redising of cmxx...
It would be cm with selinux and a regular one based on the nightlies.
Shut up and take my money! Donations all 'round! :-P
What if the one who made the teaser video just happens to have a phone on the Free network and this Nemesis thing has nothing to do with the network provider? Its possible right? Right?!!11
Only because of this I've booted my old lg p920 with 3d function to watch it in 3d. Maybe it's related. But probably not.
I think I saw transparent Nav bar. Maybe nemesis could be more customization?
Guarantee it's a launcher.

Either that or some super-cool Glass integration.
From the bezel and the small body line, also the soft key burn in it looks a lot like my Gnex. The screen is flat with no water fall edges like on the nexus 4.
CM JB 4.3 for Most devices
I am guessing CM as nemesis to touchwiz, sense etc.

May be +CyanogenMod is coming as preinstalled ROM in some new phones.
FYI, "New Nemesis Appears" is an anagram for "Menswear Aspen Pies."
CM Luxury shoe line, obviously.
I am going to guess CyanogenMod is coming to the iPhone. That would be sweet.
Guys look under Free "hint" "hint"....
The hero was great compared to this minor announcemenT I'm sure :)
I guess I'll just wait for whatever's coming. No point wrecking my brains over guessing :p
WHen they say new challengers, do they mean paranoid android? because man they are the most innovative rom developer team ever, maybe cm is developing a new "Nemesis" feature that can compete with p.a latest and greatest? 
I'm gonna go ahead and guess either a pallet swap or dual booting stock and cm. Let's see if I'm the big winner. 
Its a fork of Cyanogenmod that is privacy & security based
Quoted by Steve Kondik:
Source: "On the JIRA issue, I suggested a fork of CM which was heavily privacy-focused and maybe would contain these sledgehammers. That would be great for users in this mindset, but I want the features we include in CM to be useful to a broader audience."
Hope to god he considers openpdroid or user managable privacy that is a bit more extended than the privacy toggle, openpdroid is able to block specific individual permissions and is what spoofing he was talking about
It's going to be Ubuntu CM edition for phones.. But shhh you guys didn't hear it from me ;)
Free is a French wireless carrier by the way. Oh and my bet is CM for the iPhone 5, ala Nemesis to the ideals of CM and AOSP. What, its possible. Just unlock the boot loader and make a custom recovery
Something about wireless carriers? 
Ryan R
I do find the circle in the semi-transparent navbar at the bottom of the lockscreen interesting (at 0:13). I don't recall seeing that on any AOSP builds.
Oh my gosh... Freeze frame at 0:13 in the video. It's the iPhone 5 running CM10.1. Think about it: Nemesis - Android's nemesis has always been iPhone. You heard it here first. :-) 
I've always wanted to see a CyanogenMod phone. Would love it if this turned out to be the case!
Wonder if this has anything to do with Google's press event coming up in a week ...
Nemesis is of course Cyanogenmod on those millions of unsold Windows RT tablets ;)

It could sell like hotcakes.
Connect with hdmi for samsungs devices :-)
I can't wait to install that damn thing (WHATEVER IT IS ) on my Gnex............
The suspense is killing me!!! 
Old wallpaper with new twist... Soccer player model chick, no shirt. mind blown
Looks amazing but when android 5.0 klp gets a release date that will be more exciting
Found on wiki... The name Nemesis is related to the Greek word νέμειν [némein], meaning "to give what is due".
You make Android awesome we know you tease well as well! Can't wait. 
I guess it's a new super awesome camera app designed by CM
Some sort of dual booting between cm and OEM android? Like modaco for HTC
Maybe they hacked Samsung servers and got full scale Exynos source codes :P
Because hacking Samsung server might be easier than reverse engineering Exynos chips without documentation :P
My first thought was maybe they'll officially fork Android and pair up with a manufacturer, but who knows.
I know!! Integrated access to you own PRISM records. Never loose any of your memorys (pictures, contacts, mails etc.) again ... ;)
Phil H
Maybe a name change? 
Still waiting stable release 10.1 for n7000 
Cyanogenmod for Google Chrome Pixel (and/or for all other Google Chrome devices as well) !??
+Bali Arif , +Andy Lane - iCM or Windows CM isn't easy to develop because it isn't free or open source.

I think that it is something like +Alexander Walbersdorf said, a program similar to Google Now or Open-Mic (Moto X) - or what else does "The right person/pixel/look/path/spark/feeling/formula/tap/action/reaction/smile/word/music at the right time" mean?
From the word "Nemesis" and the description, I'm guessing it's a Contact Manager that allows you to store information about your friends, photos and videos of them, that can be easily retrieved without the need for browsing a social website. In other words, you create a "nemesis" of your friends in your device.

But that's just an idea.
whatever it is the hype is bigger than the actual news when its here. interest lost, move along ;)
+Sachin Rajput  Lol .. wish they hack the Samsung server and get the source codes of all exynos chipsets .. I will be the first person to honour those hackers..
Maybe a CyanogenMod based phone will becom the nemesis of the others Android phone ! 
So from the very start of the Cyanogenmod project I thought to myself, surely OEM's will pick up on this and create a cyanogenmod branded phone? Kind of like what MIUI did with Chienese OEMs ? w00t!
CM phone will be pointless. Nexus phones are already perfect for anything that CM plans. Either is some big security implementation in CM (which they had been working on lately, or some new powerful camera (or contacts) app. 
The device looks somewhat like the leaked Nexus 7
If this is a social experiment consider me duped. I want it badly even though I know not what it is.
Guys they're talking about 10.2 as android 4.3 appears that's the new challenge.
Are you guys going to give us "free" phones?
CM10.2 released same date as Android 4.3 is released. Boom
Maybe a manufacturer decided to team with CM to make a phone, maybe not. Since it's something developed "in-house", I don't think there will be a device. Whatever it may be, can't wait for it. Not nice to tease :O :P
Any ETA on when we will get an ETA?
my guess is CM for GGlass but the N4 on the video is confusing me.
Really seems to be pointing at a cyanogen mod phone. They have indicators in the video like right LOOK, FEEL, MEMORY, etc..
So when will...whatever this is.. be unveiled?
+Troy Snell I don't think the nav-bar is translucent, i could swear that it's the angle of vision that makes the black color look off, that does not seem translucent at all to me
Brick top: " Do you know what "nemesis" means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by an 'orrible cunt... me."
From Snatch... Is there Any link with this in some way?
I'm pretty sure it's going to be an invitation to a huge conference. We're all invited, when we go they shall announce the greatest phone ever, perfect beyond your wildest dreams. Then they say just kidding and gabe Newell comes out from the back and announces half life 3
i love you guys .. cyanogenmod is that amazing Rom u cannot find anywhere else .. i have it on my nexus4 never had to restart it caused by any software failure .. i love u guys .. keep on and we keep support 
+Siddharth Nair +Gabriel Ignacio CM11 will be Key Lime Pie because "K" is the 11th letter of alphabet so 4.3 should be CM 10.2.

+Steve Kondik CM is almost perfect man! I just wish a CM remote app for IR blasters, an enhanced camera software which would make me get rid of the Touchwiz framework and what else... an app for the weather sensor? I know, you should tell me DreamON...
+Francis Larouche If you're using a Galaxy S4, there are unofficial nightly builds with IR support added. The reason the changes aren't merged into the CM repositories is because they aren't cross-device.

Btw, yes, WatchOn works perfectly in CM :)
Maybe it's an great anti-theft solution in operating system level. :) (lockscreen might be the hint)
Well, that was underwhelming.
@Xiao-Long Chen It would be more convenient if CM implemented it. Is there a mod to flash the required drivers or copy the required files? However I don't think WatchON would be updatable through Google Play.
Three hundred and twenty third!
+Francis Larouche I agree, it would be nice to have the support in, but it wouldn't be very fair to owners of LG, HTC, and Sony phones that also have IR (because the Samsung API is implemented). Unfortunately, it's not possible to flash a mod that adds IR support unless the mod is built from the exact same commits as the CM nightly. You're right in that WatchON wouldn't be updatable through Google Play. In theory, changing the build.prop to match the stock firmware should work, but Google Play still complains about having an incompatible device.
It's obvious: MEMORIES. It's another Dropbox.
Introducing Cid...Siri + Google Now + Moto X VCI Unleashed CM style
Please add the tablet UI first......
Why not a new development branch? Another ROM, less AOSP, and more customizable.
Ry Jo
You. Bastards. 
For me the "the right memories" and "a new challenger appears" together smell fishy (cryptic). But I care less to decipher...
My guess: new phone, nexus-like, updated directly by cm, not tied down to any network (would explain the "free" part of it). Plus, nemesis is a good name for a phone.
+Jarmo Salmela I know it is. If you pick any word out of the whole thing there is a company that is named that. Considering the fact that the whole thing was in English and not French, we can assume it's just a coincidence.
Oh man that's great, and there's some posibility of a Galaxy Pocket Version?
at least some open sources libs?
Maybe a version of CM that works completely carrier-less, over just wifi hotspots with voip options?
Ok, that's it! Can't take it anymore!
For every hour that passes without telling me what it is, I'll break a finger.
+Fatih Altınok that's what I was thinking. With a switch which changes the entire UI from blue based to red based. I which any way.
I know people have already stated that "FREE" is just a French carrier, but would it show up like that? I'm not running CM but do all service carriers show in upper case? If not this could be relevant... again.
I'm quite surprised nobody mentioned a gaming platform.
It could be a multiplayer gaming platform thingy. :D
"Nemesis" is a cool name for just about anything, a gaming related feature makes sense.
Wow this looks amazing can't wait to try it out
+Fx Kamdoum I didn't root my phone,I fastboot kernel,and flash cm10.1. Why would you need root to flash a rom?
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