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Our build servers are currently cranking out the latest release of CM9! This release serves to stabilize CM9 as a product that you'd let your mom use, as
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Awesome! My mom is waiting patiently. ;)

Edit: I'm on the nightlies (maguro) and can honestly say even the nightlies are good enough for my mom.
when will galaxy ace get CM9 :-( ?? 
Still waiting for a RC-Release for the HP-Touchpad :/
Need CM9 on HTC Desire.. :/
More and more it seems to me that buying a LG device was the wrong decision...
Need CM9 for my Nokia 3310, ETA?
Great work guys, cm9 is amazing for the i9300
Still on CM9 nightlies for the original SGS and am very happy - it is much better than CM7 on my device. 
+Chris Yeong me too, but I'd like to see one with the RC tag - IMHO it's stable enough to get it!
Cool so that means you guys can start working on cm 10
 oooooh yeah,  CM9 RC 2 for my Optimus Sol.
+Jochen Siebert The best bet has been to stick to the Nexus line - it gets both stock and custom ROMs earliest out of the gate. :)
What was thewebsite again, where I can see all changes for every new version ?
Miss the features from v7 or aokp..... V9 didn't do anything for me.
p4wifi (Galaxy Tab 10.1) Missed the first round of release candidates, will it be left out of this release as well?
Hell yeah O_O i just lost my ice cubes
Is it possible to translate CM9 to other languages? Now my phone is half english, half norwegian. I want to help, but do not how.
Gonna flash this on my tf300 ASAP. Good work guys! Ill donate some money when I'm employed!
Cyanogenmod y u no make cm9 for G2?
Is there a changelog somewhere?
when do the cm10 come?
How much do I need to wipe to upgrade for RC1 to RC2? Will I loose all settings?
+Vidar Hoel I didn't wipe between RC1 & RC2 and I seem to be fine. Only booted up so far though (crespo)
Let me know one thing is this for jelly bean upgrading or not?
galaxy s i9000' /datadata space is so small, so, it allways tips "space is not enough" ,how do i fix it?
why the "流量使用周期" for wifi is from  21 june to 19 july?
Wondering when cm9 will be ready for the nook color. Cm7 works really well on it.
rc2 设置不了。
+Markus Guidry galaxy ace have 512mb ram but 35xmb will be usable! Like some high end phones with 1gb ram it doesnt mean the whole 1gb will be usable!
The hardest part for cyanogen team is to make cm9 for phones that are not getting ics by the manufacture since they will not get the kernel/driver that works for ics and thats why many cm9 camera not yet work
Just downloaded it to my Nexus S4G! CM9 RC2 on the path to stable! Thanks to all on CM team your work is much appreciated! I'm also waiting on CM10 can't wait to flash it whenever it gets posted on your site
Thanks a lot +Andy Burne. I'm looking forward for final jelly bean. I have galaxy s3
Definitely needone x support.. I'd pay to get it
Ali San
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Waiting eagerly for the CM9 stable release.. then its away with Xperia Mini Pro's buggy stock ICS ROM for good..
An RC for the Samsung 10.1 tab?
We just have to flash the new ROM without wipping anything ?
Congrats for yor awesome work! Thanx to the whole team.
It is disappointing that CM team develop the os only for the mainstream models such as Samsung Galaxy S but not for other variations of a model such as Galaxy SL i9003..
Yes, it is. How dare we not buy every single Android phone in existence?
Will it come on the ZTE Blade ? Please don't let us down after all this time :)
Such a teaser. :-) I'm waiting eagerly for the i9300 build. Thank you for your hard work.
+Ali Reza Etezadi Sure it's "disappointing", however to make CMX for these obscure phones the coders first have to purchase and own said phone as well as learn the specifics of it.  This is a lot of work / money invested and for obscure phones without large user bases there just isn't a point.  If you're lucky a smaller dev might make an unofficial CM build for your phone but that's it.
Does it work on nook color? Last time I tried I had issues with wifi.
still no HTC DESIRE HD ...
Is there any hope to get soon tegra 2 drivers and see a rc for atrix too?
Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate your work. Great Realease!
Can Cyanogen ROM be used for NotionInk Adam? Mine is lying useless for a long time. 
(for S2) Still too high "Kernel" usage in badass batter monitor. I get only %5-10 on stock, but %40-70 on CM9
让我我来试着理解 你拿走了那么多
When are you guys going to support the Samsung Galaxy Note?
Great work guys. It is appreciated.
When there will be a very smooth cm9 for defy 2.3?
The camera bug is still present, Galaxy Nexus-maguro
HUGE THANKS TO THE CYANOGENMOD TEAM. AWESOME WORK, CANT TO TRY CM10. Sorry for using CAPS but I needed to shout over all these ungrateful dickheads asking about other devices and ETAs.
Just flashed rc2 on my s2 and I'm happy ;-)
Funny thing, cm 9 is stable since may the 1th. That's how I see it.
it is stable i think RC2 just patch some minor bugs .
Any good news for Desire Z/G2 owners?
+Leonardo Adames I was wondering the same. I think it's still on its way. They said it will be released today so in the mean time f5 f5 f5
cool, thanks for the hard work.
Can anyone advise if the AT&T Galaxy S2 version compatible with European GT-I9100 please?
This is fantastic.  Especially since they have indicated support for the AT&T (Rogers) Galaxy Note!  Although, I can't find the device in the device list yet?  Did anyone else find it?
+Matt Eden : I am absolutely convinced by your comment. Thank you for shedding light on my doubt. Perhaps it is better for me to firstly check the phone model I plan to buy and see if CM are working on it or not. I totally agree with you.
Can I change the color of the nav bar buttons on my Galaxy Nexus yet?
Front facing camera on cm9 not possible? Samsung S3
Wow, i can't believe you support the Galaxy S2x (Hercules), it's a great phone and no one support it but YOU do! Thanks thanks thanks!
ETA for CM10 on my Black & Decker TR1256B 850-Watt 2-Slice Toaster with Bagel Function and Removable Crumb Tray?
Skyrocket support! thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou
Already on CM 10 unofficially, and it kicks ass! Jelly Bean son!!!!!
I installed on my motorola defy network not working
My mom don't use SGS but my girlfriend do. So this should be great!
Thanks for supporting the skyrocket. You guys make my device AWESOME!
I give Samsung the Linus finger for not releasing the camera driver ... nlm
I'm on the nightlies and hope RC2 fixes the camera bug on my galaxy nexus.
Is HTC One S such a bad phone not to be included in the official CM list ?:) (I know about xkonii's job)
Great work guys! Installed RC2 on my Epic 4G and overall noticed some stability on performance. The only thing I noticed is that I had to flash gapps again. Oh yeah it installed cwm v6 too which by the way looks good with the new background. 
+Scott Richardson It wont be released n the Ace/Inspire/DHD until HTC release the ICS source for the ACE, why not check out IceColdSandwich in the forums at XDA
I have an Arnova 10b G3 which has Ice Cream Sandwich installed. Is there any support at CyanogenMod for this device? There is no listing on the website, but I thought maybe someone on google+
You guys rock - thanks for making me love my 2 year old Galaxy S all over again!

Oh, and +Michael Pagano - I hear CM9 will only be released for the TR1256C model toaster, sorry :-)
Not asking for an ETA but does anybody know if CM9 is actively being worked on for vivow? Currently using CM7 and loving it!
Ok, but the loot is for beer not phones lol
Hey! Where is CM9 for Lg Optimus hub/univa?!?!?!?!
Still no Defy/Defy+ on CM9? Die guys, just die.
So torn.  My Skyrocket just had it's official 4.0.4 released, and now the RC for #CyanogenMod 9 is out.  What to do, what to do...
+Douglas York II - I would say if you have the ability to flash go for the CM9.  The reason I say this is because you will have a good upgrade path to CM10.  I don't see AT&T releasing JB for the Skyrocket any time soon....  How long did it take them to spit out ICS? :D
Flashed the RC 2 but will not connect to Play Store, email is just a white screen and Facebook as well. LG E739.
+Dan Shernicoff You're right, I think it is good enough to earn the stable label - which would encourage more users to adopt it as well.
Any Support for Evo 3D aka shooter? not seeing where i can downloand?
but no support for LG g2x =(
Nice just noticed the rc for the i717 been running every nightly. Can't wait to get home and flash.
I need an install for the htc thunderbolt
+Shane Neufeld look at the comment I just left. Quincy download is for i717. No clue why its named that but its the one u r looking for. I'm running it now.
Please Get the Desire HD/Inspire 4G. It would be greatly appreciated.
I looked for the P930 download but it isn't there. Only the nightly has been updated.
How do I update from CM7? Took me weeks to get that one installed & running smooth!
Like usual... copy the CM9 zip to your phone, reboot in recovery, do a wipe data/factory reset and dalvik wipe. Install zip using CWM as usual, install gapps zip.

Depending on your device, be careful about the brickbug that is out and about... 

Just make sure you do a nandroid backup in CWM. Several if you can in different places just to be sure.... There are many guides out there... that is the basics... just go to XDA forums for your device... the directions will vary per device.... 
Any news on if this will be available for T-Mobile HTC G2 owners?
Ran into an issue upgrading my Epic 4G from RC1 to RC2 - all Google accounts were missing, many apps wouldn't work.  Ended up wiping (as backups were apparently MD5 munged) and doing a clean install.  Not bad now, but an annoying couple of hours to get everything back to normal.
You guys are the best. Just flashed the skyrocket RC and there is a noticeable difference in the smoothness of the phone. I thought the nightlies were great but now I can see why they are nightlies. Thanks CM!
I'm still having the Camera bug (viewfinder freezes after first photo) with RC2 that I've been having since the 10 July nightly for Maguro. :-( Currently running camera-bug-free with the 7 July nightly for Maguro.
(I wiped the cache before upgrading.)
I have it and like it. But i think in a few days i can't resist next nightlies... Greetings from Germany
I'm assuming an upgrade from CM9 RC1 to RC2 is just a straight flash? Do I need to wipe anything first?
Thank you, cyanogenMod Team.... Thank you!
 Where can I find the Cm 9.0 Rc2 changelog ? plz
Best news I've had all week. Thanks guys and keep up the excellent work :-D
Official RC2 for T-Mo SGS2, rejoice!!!  Thanks to all involved, I can't wait to flash it!
Running cm9-rc2 on my cappy. Things are running smooth.
My buddy is happy to see his note is supported now. :-)
excellent Rom - great job guys! just flashed it this AM, and outside of some bumps in data speeds (fixed by rebooting), it works great (i9300)
anyone know if the ZTE V9 is supported by CM9?
+CyanogenMod I'm not in any way trying to be rude, just looking for answers and feedback, but nothing for the Epic 4G has been fixed in either of the last two RC's. Bluetooth still can't end a call if the screen is off, wifi still sleeps regardless of set policy, auto flash still has to be toggled to on and back to auto for it to work, focus doesn't seem to work, LED for video recording is non-functional, there is no option for an MMS format for video recording, no videos can be attacked to MMS regardless of size or length even if one second long, and MMS video option in the stock message application just FC's. I don't know if these are issues with CM9 as a whole, or just the EpicMTD build, but considering we're officially supported, and many of us donated a lot of money to our EpicCM maintainers (like $6,200 in total, towards development of one specific device), and none of these issues seem to be getting any attention, I was just wondering if I could get some feedback from CM's main branch, and see what I can do to push for these issue to have a little more work/concentration put into them..
Awesome! Already running cm9 rc2 on my sgs captivate ! Thanks guys, you're the best!
I don't understand this. RC2 for i9000 is already there
I mean, why people are asking for it?
cop con
HP Touchpad please
When be available cyanogenmod 10 for optimus L7.... i needed now. It looks so cool and fresh
Loving this on my LG-E739. Thanks for the awesome build!
My wildfire s is working perfectly now. Only one difference is there is not as much internal memory as before but link2sd helps with that. Tried all apps and settings incl GPS, searching networks, data connection no longer times out or needs restarting. Thank you cryptomilk you saved my phone.
I want tge samsung stock weather widget to work on cm9 anyone know how
Note to everyone whining, there is a lesson to be learned here. If you want quick access to the latest and greatest mods, buy a Nexus. Period. End of discussion. If you didn't know that when you bought your device..I feel your pain..I bought a Droid 2 and was stuck with a locked boot loader for 2 years because I didn't know any better. Now I know. I sucked it up, dealt with it, then when I could I bought a GNex. If you care about Roms, don't ever buy a non Nexus again. I don't care what the specs are on whatever the next other device is, if it doesn't say Nexus...don't buy it.
CM9 on GT - I9000, Love it. One problem, GPS stays at "Scanning For GPS" in the notification drawer never get a lock, anyone has this issue ?
GPs in my GT-i9000 is working, try using gps test, and look if it see any satellite. GT- Has a proble of low sensibilty on gps signal
When will be official CM for HTC Evo 3D GSM? (ShooterU)
Is any CM version available for Samsung Galaxy S Advance (GT-I9070)
Guys could please tell if I do root my galaxy s3. Will I lose my all previous data?
Rooting wont make you lost any data !
Great work everything perfect apart from my YouTube app which fails to connect to server, happened with nightlies, rc1 and rc2. Samsung Galaxy S2. Thanks for the great work.
Cyanogenmod is so fucking cool its ridiculous. I still get great pleasure and satisfaction downloading the daily nighties in rom manager, wipe dalvik, and auto upgrade. Makes me smile every time. Can't WAIT till cm10 hits the repo
I'm loving this on my Galaxy Note. Finally touchwiz be gone.
Sweet. Bluetooth Audio in my car now receives Band, track and album info. Why hasn't Google done this already?
+Andy Burne , how's your phone doing? I'm gonna flash RC2 over RC1 without wiping anything and I'd like to know if it's really harmless.
+CyanogenMod  My SGS3 (International) just completely lost the ability for me to hear from the other end or for the other person to hear my voice. I read in +xda-developers forum that you need to flash a different radio; but why? I never flashed a different firmware for my SGS2 or SGS1 so why this time it is different?
Settings > Sound > Screen lock sound (check this) and reboot 
This fixes the issues where you cannot hear the other side and vice versa bug. 
Monte la cm-9.0.0-rc2-galaxys2 pero no quiere funcionar el kies para sincronizar. Le tengo q hacer una configuracion especial al sgs2 o es un problema con la rc2
can't wait to have it on my atrix :) hope they finish the ics builds soon!
According to the flowchart the Razr Maxx has a 75% of getting CM9?  Am I reading that right?
does this build support camcorder??
when CM10 JB for SGS II? :)
Mom would forgive me, and you guys rock, this is wife proof!!!
+Vidar Hoel no losse of nothing from rc1to rc2 . Juste clean the dalvik cash after flashing using cwm
My Galaxy S2, GT-i9100 is terrific running CM9 RC2. Outstanding performance, long battery life and very stable. In addition, the boot up animation is stunning!
CM9 developers you are all terrific!!!
Someone please crack the RIL on the Rezound! PLEASE!!!!!!
I like CM! It's the best custom rom. Please bring it on the HTC Desire HD!
I'm using the CM 9 RC2 on Galaxy s3. It is enought stable for every day use. Nice ROM.
I'm just install cm9 rc2 for replace my old cm7.2 on my galaxy captivate. Realy good job!

Only the problems with gps (not working) and the auto luminosity ajustment mot working proprely. For now is stable and fast! Thanks
Running a kexec port of cm9 on the Verizon Galaxy S3, works incredibly. Thanks for the hard work guys!
cop con
Waiting for touchpad rc
Congratulations! But when will the official CM9 for Desire S/Saga come alive? At least give us a schedule please!
Just wanna say thanks! Amazing job! First time rooting my SGS2 and installing custom ROM and so far its being overhauling. And its not only the joy of not bricking my precious, LOL, I'm loving it more and more. Still trying to understand the changes from stock, but I'll learn to with with better.

At least the battery seems to be lasting longer, although the battery history graphic isn't showing the right time it has been running. Haven't installed all my apps yet, wanted to see how it was gonna behave first, so if it gets worse later I'll know where to look. It feels really snappier and prettier and faster and.... awesome! Thanks again to all developers
Followed instructions from wiki and it went just fine.

The only bad thing is that I experienced the phone turning itself off randomly followed by some considerable drops of charge. I'm not sure wether it's some incompatibility between Samsung and android, cause it used to happen before since I upgraded to ICS via OTA. I've bought a new battery as well, and I wiped 3x before flashing but still happening. I thought it was a problem with touchwiz. Now I'm not sure, it's either some general hardware problem, or it comes straight from pure android, once its happening again with CM9. Lots of people complaining about the same problem on Internet, different models as well.

Anyway, thanks a looot! Will try it out and will make a donation for sure.
hope you don't change your mind 2 accept me as a friend guyzzz...thanks...
waiting for camera bug fixes.... On the other hand i got aokp ROM on my GAlxy mini runing ics....looks great but the same issues whith the camera came whit it....
Guys can i know if there are issues with Trebuchet & Wifi for the Sony Ericsson SK17i (Mini Pro aka Mango) in CM 9 RC2.

Installed it & Trebuchet kept crashing. While reading up on the error, read somewhere that WiFi also has some issue.
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