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The new CM Music app (now named Apollo ) is arriving!

We're now in the process of integrating it with CM9 builds. Stay tuned :-)
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Might be a stupid question but is Google Music integrated? The last time I read about Apollo, the API hadn't been published yet.
This looks just too sexy! Exceptional good job on this one! Will try out later!
Nope, no Google Music. Looks pretty sweet though!
Hasn't the same question been asked 3 times on the first 3 comments? I'm sure they have worked out a way to get it to coincidence with the new play music stuff. If you need more answers look at the source or build it from source and test it.
I hope GoogleMusic streaming will work, else its useles for me :/
If you could sync with Google Music, there would be no question.
Is there a themes template or something to follow to make themes for this seeing as currently there is none?
LOL already found it! Is google music sync possible or no? Cause I have all 13000+ tracks in the cloud which makes that really the only option.
Can Apollo play view and play music from folders like PowerAmp?
In cm9 for sgs2 there's no Apollo app, only a music app that is not similar to yours screenshot.
CM9 and this app look awesome ! Even if I Google Play Music is not working with Apollo yet, I'm sure it will be as soon as some API will be released by Google.
You guys are the main reason I don't even think about buying a new phone. I'm juste patiently waiting for CM9 to come to my device :)
same with me re: google music. There is no way I could keep much music at all on my phone anymore with Google limiting storage on the Galaxy Nexus. All my music is on Google Play. I am assuming that Google will publish an API for it soon otherwise they are limiting those who will use their google play music...

BUT this looks great. I look forward to theming it and hopefully using it- please google publish an API..
Running the 5/20 nightly on the galaxy nexus with no Apollo app. Not a complaint, mind you, just an observation. Also, Apollo looks good and I want to try it. Thanks for all your work!
This looks great, thanks +Andrew Neal :-)
Hey +Vic Gundotra and the #GoogleMusic team. When will we see a Google Music API?
The way it is now, it is kinda useless and waaaaay limited... You have only one player (the Android player) and some sync manages (for windows, linux (which is qt based) and mac). No public API.
App is pretty good, but i hope to see these things in future-

Instant search of songs rather than 'hit search' ton thingy.

no landscape mode. :/

i dont have any circle button to jump from one part of song to other, the line doesnt have any holder to drag it.

still testing it for any missing important features or some bugs.
Very nice. Been eagerly awaiting this for a while!
Would be nice to have "Send" function to send the song by BT
Ooops, I think +bhuvan goyal found some really interesting bugs...
Instantant search is a MUST, and jumping over the song timeline is really useful.
Looking forward to the app when it hits Google Play and is ready for 2.3.x
+Andrew Neal Very nice work, thanks you! Nevertheless there is a "bug" that is affecting both this app and the old CM music app: if I have an album with songs from different artist, in the album view it is not listed as a single entry but as different entries, with the same name. This way it is impossible to listen to the whole album. (Hope you can understand me... it's easier to see than to explain!)

Poweramp is not affected by this bug.. but I prefer Apollo much more: it's way more integrated in the system, and better looking! I just miss this feature/bugfix.
+David Cortarello for some people jumping over in song timelin is very importnat. Also i noticed another bug which i am checking if it is from my side or in the app.
what will I do with my PowerAMP, which i bougt :-/
What is the point of this when we have Google Play Music (with free space for 20,000 songs)?
+Andrew Neal Thank you - I will continue to flash every nightly in anticipation of Apollo. +luca clem Thanks for the comparison with Poweramp which I find excellent. Good to hear Apollo is even better!
Cool app, sexy like N7 player. I wonder which one I'ma stick with
No. There is no public API from Google for their streaming.
Good job. Unfortunately like many others have said, I can't really use this on my GNex because I have all my music in the cloud now.
If it doesn't stream Google Music, I have no reason to use it, or anything, else over PowerAmp
Looks absolutely beautiful, hopefully Google will eventually allow access to their cloud. With all my music there I am disappointed I won't be able to use it....
Sorry Team, really appreciate your work, but I think is useless to spend time working on a off-line only music app when the future is the cloud and many android users already are google play music addicted :)
Awesome and looking forward to it in the next SNS nightly :)
Awesome! Still patiently waiting for anything non-beta ICS for my trusty T'Bolt, but I'll be gladly be trying Apollo when released in the Play store (on my current CM7 based ROM).
You must also remember that CM is meant to run without the Google Proprietary apps and services. Users who chose to (or can't due to Country restrictions) run without the Google bits have a different experience than those with. This app may not be a 1:1 replacement for Google music, but it is a good tool and fills a gap that 'CM' has (as there is no ICS music application in AOSP source). If it's not for you, that's fine, but saying it's a waste of time is shortsighted to say the least.
Cover of songs are too pixelated and bluetooth avrcp tag display doesn't work on my autoradio :(
Peter A
Can't believe people transfer and replace music files on their sd still, thats so 2000 lol. Like many have said, useless without Google play music but the app itself looks beautiful
There is a world out there beyond the States and Europe ;)
will it be available on the android market too?
If this is able to stream google music it will rock my world
it looks great! but it's a pity that doesn't have the option to exclude folders
Love it wish I had not purchased power amp now
+Peter Ashaolu Jr, They didn't have microSD in 2000, miniSD (now obsolete) was the one being used on winmo phones starting ~2006 till the end of winmo, You shouldn't be amazed because half the world is still using internet on a capped <1mb/s connection, let alone data connection over cell.
Peter A
That was a joke. I would never say "so 2000" in my everyday vocabulary. That could be part of the reason Google Music only works in certain places, why support something when people can't take full advantage of the product because of a lack of network?
Wow... give a thirsty man water and he complains that its not soda...
i cant use google play it opens but then it says add acount when i do it doesnt use google sign in it uses somthing else wich dont work
I am unable to download the may 20 nightly for cm9 for the galaxysmtd. I've tried torrent (it wont start) and direct downloading times out.
I'm not sure if anyone else mentioned this but you should add the ability to connect Apollo to google play so you can play google play music through the Apollo player. I like the interface but I don't keep any of my music on my phone or tablet, so I wouldn't have access to any music unless I connected to that account or downloaded all of my music to my devices every time I get new music.
Google had NOT released the APIs for Play Music, so there is NO way for ANY application to interface with it. When/if they do release the APIs, I'm almost positive that they will be implemented.

Jesus I wish people would read.
I already tried this app (manual install) and it's very buggy : 1- excessive battery drain, 2- after a few tracks, the UI becomes unresponsive at all and crippled (im guessing memory leaks), 3- sometimes, 30 seconds into a track, it stops playing the song you're listening to and play a random other song (not necessarily in your current playlist) , and this whole things keeps repeating but at a shorter interval (changes tracks every 10 or 5 seconds) . Needs a lot of work
Also, I could fry eggs on my phone while running the app (I guess from the extra processing which leads to memory leaks and battery drain)... also, forgot to mention, running latest nightlies of CM9 on SGS2 #PreviousComment
That looks beautiful, but its too bad about the Google Play integration :( Oh well. Also, nice music choice.
+Jad Kanounji
Wow, you're having a lot of problems. Let me see if I can help.

"Excessive battery drain" - Okay, how long have you used the app? What other apps were running when you deduced this? What exactly was the battery drain? Have you tried to recreate it? "UI becomes unresponsive...crippled" Well, I haven't heard of this happening to anyone else so far. So, if Apollo has memory leaks that are so bad it leads to a crippled interface, then more than one person would experience this. It's hard to deduce whether it does or something else is going on. I can say that I've used the Eclipse Memory Analyzer to check for any leaks, and everything came back clean. Also, what part of the app are you in when this happens, and have you tried to recreate it? "30 seconds into a a random other song" - If something in Apollo is causing this, then I'm clueless. It's also very difficult to start to determine what could be causing this based on your bug report. "I could fry eggs on my phone while running the app" - That sounds hot. What kind of settings do you use with your phone? Are you rooted? Do you overclock? Is the screen brightness turned all the way up? There's a lot of variables to take into account when you report any bugs. Is it truly the app that is causing these problems or is it something else? So far, everything you've mentioned is an isolated case. I'll keep a look out for anyone else experiencing these problems, including myself, and then see if I can find the root of any of them and then fix it. At any rate, I'd appreciate it if you'd report these bugs again in the proper forms (I'm still setting them up), rather than on the CyanogenMod Google Plus page. It was really by happenstance that I saw your post at all. I can't monitor this at all times. Thanks for the feedback!
Damodara Das Because I thought it looked like the awesomest, most best-lookingest theme ever.
+Daniel Nadeau When I take screen shots, I'm definitely aware of what music is showing. I'm trying to subtly influence everyone. ;)
hmmm first cloud storage company that publishs an API for streaming music from their service wins, this app looks beatiful +Box Im looking at you
I noticed that the album art in the tabs reloads everytime you scroll down and up, it makes the whole thing not very nice.
The slickest music player for a mobile device yet!, and with themes, the possibilities are endless , thanks +Andrew Neal
I'll be waiting the version for android 2.3 because cm9 for my phone is not fast enought ... I tried the app and is awesome but now i'm rolling back to CM7 so i
All of my local music has been downloaded from google music, so it isn't in the music folder. Is there anyway we can play music from there?
+Andrew Neal this app works wonderfully and beautifully on my SGS2. No issues that I am aware of. Thanks for you work!
This is good to see, the last time I tried out the alpha version of this application it what very unstable. So it's good to see that it is being worked on and ready for release!

It will be hard to get off WinAmp though! XD
Very happy with the normal ICS one!
hello man! good job for the application .. but I have a little problem .. when decrease the volume on a song and then I change it .. the volume bar is always at the same point but..the volume is higher and I need to click one of the two volume keys to restore the volume level I want.
I love it! The UI is very nice and handy! Good job!
Wish they had a CM9 build for my HTC Inspire 4G.
Got it from XDA for my SGSII which runs on Samsung ICS. Works well. Good work.
I like the look of the new app very much. but why it doesn´t show any of my coverfiles? is it possible to get the coverfiles without going online?
Cool It's verry good looking and mutch better than the cm7 music player. Hope it will be fast in the cm9 rom of the i9000.
Wow, this looks fantastic. Anywhere I can pick up the APK for use on a stock GalNexus?
But Apollo don´t sync with Google play Music? :(
I'll wait ;)
I see on your website you said that it would be released for 2.3 devices in the next couple days, but that was on the 21st...
Any update on a release for those of us without ICS? Also, any plans on an Amazon release down the line for those with devices that don't have the 'official' appstore?
Pleeeease add an option to show music files the way they are sorted by folders, like the stock samsung player can do
Please add an option to use id3 artwork, all my albums have covers exactly 600x600 pixels and the grainy pictures from the Internet hurt my eyes... 
I don't really like the grid list and getting the pictures online automatically.
Does the app use the cover image in the sd (cover.jpg, folder.jpg, cover.bmp, folder.png, etc)?
App itself looks nice but why no FLAC support? I bought CD just before trip, converted to FLAC, copied to phone just to discover that I can not play it with CM9/crespo :(
I like it but I have to continue using Tunewiki because of the lyrics option, that really is a major player in my decision. If Apollo had the same I would absolutely use it. Thank you for your hard work, I see Apollo having a great future on CM.
I would love to see / integration, like with Simple Scrobbler app. :)
i suggest to implement the max and min megabytes import or the folder selection for remove the annoyng rightone and other little sound
It's odd that it has to download cover art when the cover art is already embedded in most purchased MP3's
The main problem is that sometimes it gets the wrong artist and its constantly refreshing. There seems to be no cache for the artist pictures. Also the album artwork is quote low res. Its forgivable but please include this is future versions!
No Google Music integration? This is just the bloatware I'm trying to get away from by flashing AOSP.
Is there anyway for Apollo to access the cache of music that is stored  on your phone when you stream from Google Music?
Hope it's even better than ttpod music apk :)
Can you use ampache with it? Wanna use it with owncloud 
Can anyone tell me why it can't read any of my MP3s? 
I have used PowerAMP for a while and it plays my files just fine, but for troubleshooting's sake, I uninstalled it. So basically :
No music player other than Apollo is installed.
It can see the playlist files in the same folder as my MP3s, but not the MP3s themselves through Apollo.
If I try to open a MP3 through a file manager (i.e. Astro), it says "MP3 file type unknown"
The mp3 file extension is correctly MIME tagged as audio.
Apollo is not viewed as a valid MP3 reader by the system.

I have tried rebooting (duuh), clearing cache and data of Apollo, deactivating it and reactivating it though app manager, full wipes/factory resets, external sd-card formating (This has been going on since CM9 and I am now on CM10).

Any clues??
Sorry for bringing this back alive. But is Apollo going to have folder view?
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