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Read below, leave your thoughts here or on the original post.[1]

[1] If this gets off the ground, it would not be limited to CM, but all custom ROMs
Koushik Dutta (Koush) originally shared:
CyanogenMod App Store

I've been bouncing this idea around for a while now, and it seems like an even better idea now, given my recent brush with this problem: we need an App Store for root apps. We also need an app store for apps that are getting shut down for no good reason, other than carrier, or some random corporation doesn't like it. [1]

+CyanogenMod has a huge following now. In fact, we are about to pass 1 million unique, active, user installs.
This is, pardon my french, fucking huge.

As the project grows, so do our server requirements, hardware requirements, etc. One of the ideas I brought up to +Steve Kondik was to have a built in app store in +CyanogenMod, independent of the Android Market. A portion of the sales from the App Store could go towards funding the CyanogenMod project. [2]

What are your opinions on this topic? Would you users actually use a CM App Store over the Android Market, etc? [3]

[1] Apps removed from the Market includes, one click root apps, emulators, tether apps, Visual Voicemail apps, and more. These are all completely legal (Nintendo emulators are fine, ROMs are NOT, there is a distinction).

[2] I've actually approached Amazon about bundling their AppStore in CM if they gave CM a cut of the sales. But they brushed me off, saying that was something they could talk about in a few months :p

[3] There is no reason that it would be a CM only app store, of course, any ROM could include it.
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Hell if you need a hand developing it, let me know.
Yes, definatly, for the sake of Root apps that are needed and for the sake of people like Yonghz
I think that is a good idea..,i really like the idea of adding ROM's into the store..
Best idea yet!! Go for it.
If it will add financial support the this awesome project, go for it. It's been nice to see CM grow over the last few years. Adding a bit more cash flow certainly won't hurt anything.
Would definitely use it. Especially considering the selection of apps you're talking about.
Good idea, you could include the market inside Cyanogen roms by default.
I'm for that too. More options = WIN
<=== Hoping the #Bionic ICS Rom is in the works.
Gecko S
I think it's a good idea. I was a user of CM since i owned my first android device. I look at android as I look on Linux: it's important to have the right distribution. CM is for mobile devices what Ubuntu is for PCs: the best starting point for unexperienced users. I would really like to see an CM app store - especially if that finances the whole thing.
I would definitely use it! Great idea!
YES!!!! Do it like apples CYDIA I always said if there a market and has winter board app to change icons colors etc YES YES YES DO IT!!!!!!!!
DO IT!!!!!! 100% make ur money guys!!! I will love to use it
Most of the apps I've bought have actually been root required apps. Might as well get as large a portion of the money as possible going to the developers. I would like to see a 'source required' policy though.
I think its brilliant. Call it the root market or something. I would definitely look ther first for something to support CM.
Do it. But please make it trivially deletable to avoid any hint of crapware on CM. What you do with any collected funds will be important. Why are ROMs not legal? Screw that. Fight it.
If an app was on both markets, I would go for the Android market version honestly. I'm sure there will be plenty of exclusive content to get my money. How do you plan on keeping it free of malwarez?
Great idea, but with current device support seems a bit ambitious, since some devices been pushed and some left behind.
I like the trusted repository idea better. It's more convenient, all the apps in one spot. I would use a CM market place though.
Well it's really a great idea! Fair enough
As long as you don't make it a system (aka uninstallable) app, fine by me. Or, even better, make it's installation optional.
Fully support such a good idea. Hopefully it will be carefully managed to avoid any legal actions. Corporates nowadays just have too much legal muscles to flex and rule everything.
Great call it the Black Market
M Droid
Go for it... We support you
CyanogenMarket sounds ace, as long its not cm restricted great idea, but would need volunteers to manage it
I like the idea, but I want to clear up something about the "Yonghz" emulators. While it's not necessarily the reason they were removed from the market (no reason was made public AFAIK), his emulators were 1:1 ripoffs of open-source emulators which had "free-only" distribution clauses. They were the worst kind of ripoff.
I would love it, and I would definitely purchase apps, not just dl free ones.
Andy L
I'm there.
that would be a great idea!!! i would definitely support it for the modding
I think this is a good idea, I also feel that this would become very successful very fast. You have my support!
I would love to assist. Sounds like an interesting and challenging project.
I have thought it was a good idea for a long time now. I would use it. I would be a little concerned on how difficult the back end would be. Things like billing and customer accounts can be a bitch. Also might this require +CyanogenMod to incorporate into a 501c3 or something of the sort?
Fantastic idea...would love to shop and buy, buy, buy from there.
Yes, yes, yes and a thousand times yes. I think an independent app store that promotes modding would be fantastic
Neil Berg
It sounds like a good idea. Here are my thoughts:
1. Is this for ease of distribution or for security? Should there be app approval/review? Otherwise, this is no more secure than downloading an apk from a forum link (which might be ok).
2. A buy-in to get a developer account would be good idea. A nominal buy-in to get a user account might have a lot of benefits too. A small cost of entry is a good thing sometimes ($, limit traffic, makes trouble-making more expensive).
3. Payments = donations to developers. Keep it simple.
4. Low memory overhead. We all run Android, Amazon, and GetJar already.
5. Tie it to the Google account. That way, multiple devices are authorized with one purchase, just like with Android Market.
6. Android market does updates very well. Copy it!
That said, I am not sure I would really use it unless there were a compelling app or neat must-have feature.
Good luck though. In theory, it is a great idea!
This sounds like a great idea, I'm all for it and would definitely check a CM App Store before the Android Market when shopping for something that's available in it.
It'd be one of the few appstores I actually keep on the machine.
JoPa Mi
It would encourage me to try even more pay apps knowing that it will be helping the CM teams.
I would support you 100%. I am all about helping CM continue to grow!
I like the idea of curating apps in there that you can't get anywhere else. Too bad you can't enable things like Google Voice and Music in other countries.....
so true, cyanogenmod app store would be awesome
would it be as easy to post apps as the android market?
Anyone for calling it The Giving Tree Root Market?
Great idea! But whatever you do... Don't call it app store! Call it CyanogenMarket or something similar.
(btw. Funny you mention 1-click-root apps as a argument for a stand alone market... Since people most likely have root on there phone if they run CM ROM :-P )
This is a fantastic idea! It would save a ton of us, hours scouring XDA threads for one apk, and would give us more peace of mind than using torrent sites or something else. I would back this 100%!!
bacardi and cola, do it do it.
I'd support this 100% , hell I believe anyone who's had to search online for apps that were removed for BS reasons will support this.
I agree with +Nathan Christie z4 (just one example) has helped so many devices and always needs to be hunted down by noobs. A central shop would be a huge blessing for anyone who spends their nights hunting these apps down. This could do A LOT of good and potentially change the industry. Make history, +Koushik Dutta !!!
Same here folks, I'll give 100% support. Keep up the good works fellas!
That sounds amazing and definitely in the spirit of the open source android community
I fear this would take up a lot of time and resources due to the inherent responsibility you would be assuming with this venture.

As soon as you start charging vs accepting donations, expectations become very different.
Would use it over Amazon market.
"As soon as you start charging vs accepting donations, expectations become very different"

Definitely a valid point. I've tried a few Market alternatives on occasion; based on how crappy/dodgy-looking they were, I didn't want to risk giving them a cent. Expectations will be incredibly high. I also fear that adding a ton of money into the equation might risk causing internal conflict.

It would be a great idea if it worked, but an absolute disaster if anything went wrong.
I hope you guys want publicity for this, cause it's hitting AP in about 5 minutes. =D
Sure I don't see why not as long as it can be disabled/uninstalled. Personally I'd keep it for emulators and other apps Google and Amazon wouldn't allow. We really need a third party app store ran bye the dev community. I men there are crap stores here and there but nothing I will use.
Great idea, however you need a great and safe payment system to back it up. Also some sort of anti piracy... e.g. licensing. And a big middle finger with sprint as a banner!
The CyanogenMod Nation wants a App Market!
Is there really any need? I would love it but, I mean, why not just publish apps to the slideme marketplace?
Shoot, I would probably pay for this. If it's something that you guys can reliably sustain, I say go for it! It would also help those who say "Ok, I'm rooted... now what?"
Would use it since a lot of the tether apps and such are being removed from the market
I've got a name for your market: Agora.
Jared S
Yes assuming it would remember my purchases forever and I am able to download on any device I register.
absolutely do it if u can. this would hopefully make google, the manufactures of the phones and other organizations that control the market, re think their ideology about rooting and unlocking.

Maybe losing some profits might help make them realize that the rooting community is in fact a community worth focusing on and not pushing them off to the side. Because so many of the top paid apps in the android market are root only apps, so imagine losing out on all that money, they would hopefully wake up and be more lenient about what apps are allowed.
Will love to help in the development. Let me know!
Sounds good to me. I would love an alternate app store for apps that aren't allowed in the android market.
100% behind this idea. I vote for a go.
GREAT IDEA!!! Looking forward to this.
It'd be awesome to have all root apps in one place! Do it!
1.) Talk to lawyers. Those companies that asked apps to be pulled may have deep pockets. A commercial site selling these apps may be a target. The history of peer to peer networks can show the damage lawyers can do when brought to bear.
2.) For it to be successful, it needs to be trustworthy. Malware would harm the success of any CM market. Consideration should be given to the market mechanism. Will it be reviewed? Will developer access be limited?
3.) With it being a commercial endeavor, the expectations will be adjusted accordingly. Do the people running this has the bandwidth to run a commercial app store? If it's successful and needs staff, how will that be handled? How are you going to organize the app store? Are you going to set up a specific corporation to run it?
I think this is a great idea.. would you do a subscription like system, or just a per app?
definitely!!!! after all that's what cyanogenmod stands for....
Hien Ta
Yes, this would be fantastic!
I want this for sure, I'd love to have this in my ROM.
Awesome idea! Hope to see it implemented soon
yes. Please make an app store for those root only apps or for things unfairly removed from the market (emulators, tethering apps, etc)
Yes! I'm not on a carrier phone, but this is great for those who are. CM team always coming up with neat ideas, eh?
Depends on how trustworthy it is--prevention of malware, payment system, etc.
The Island of the Misfit Apps! I am all for it.
Sounds like a good idea. Would make it easier for users to get the apps they need than say fiddling around in forums.
Absolutely! I will support the work of all developers who push Android to be better. Love the idea.
Love it. Great coders with great concepts should yield a eat app.

That would be awesome! I'd way rather support the guys who make my phone that much better
Great idea guys, there are enough apps we look for on android market,xda.....put them all into one store. I like it.
do it. And with it mentioning ROMs being illegal, i'm thinking that he's talking about Nintendo ROMs, not Android ROMs.
It is a great idea, but I think you'd need to have a tight legal team ready first. If it really catches on, you might find Google, Amazon, Nintendo, etc.. all after you - and folks, the whole idea falls through if SOPA passes (I'd imagine) so get on that hassling your congressman wagon, the vote is on the 24th!
I, and I'm sure ton's of others would love this!!
Do you guys even need to ask about this? Hell yeah!
Have the domain that I was hoping to use for this purpose. But don't have the programming skills for this purpose so if you need the domain. :)
Go for it! I would gladly donate to help support such an endeavor and know a few who would do the same. I think most of the ideas/thoughts concerning such a Cyanogen Market (or whatever it's going to be called) are already written in the comments here, so I won't add to them.
It sounds great as long as it doesn't begin to overlap the official market in which apps it carries (unless they're notably restricted by carriers or whomever). I also concur on the importance of security, and having some kind of app review to avoid malware. If the whole market doesn't go beyond 3 digits, then it would be a good thing.
Come quickly
Open the market ASAP and let the shopping commence cuz I'm ready. Just iron out the security/ legal hoopla and I'll be there to shop for my root goodies
do it!
I don't think that it would become my only app store but I for sure think that it is a great idea!!
"I see your Android Market and i raise you a CyanogenMarket." I vote HELL YES.
I'm 100% all for it, I'd be glad to donate. You guys are off the chain and I've learned a lot about my Captivate through you guys. Lookin forward to it in the very near future
I would love this. I have a pandigital that I rooted & would love to find root roms for it easier
A one stop shop for rooted apps???????? This woud the best thing ever!!!!! DO IT!!!!!
I concur that it is beneficial to the platform/community
YES. You already have a loyal community and extremely different "consumer" base than other app stores.
I can't + enough we NEED this as a community!~
Sounds like a great idea. Would all the apps cost money though?
I'd pay to use it - although I don't think it's useful to think of a CM Root market as something you'd use instead of the Android market. It strikes me as something to augment the AM - and it would be quite lucrative, I think. At the very least, I'd love to see usage and purchase statistics. You should post numbers for community analysis.
I'd likely use a root only market along with everything else. Love the idea and hope you guys can see it through to fruition.
This is a great idea but it would have to be properly curated and at the same time must be as independent as possible.
Would love to see this implemented. Tired of awesome apps being kicked out of the market.
you would definitely get my money, which the android market has yet to get very much of ^_^
Do it. Carriers should not be deciding what apps you can and can not install on your phone.
Great idea, let's do this!
Love the idea! Seems like a greater way for devs to make money since people would be more likely to purchase an app or rom than donate.
I think it's definitely a good idea, a unified place for root apps can only be a good thing - as long as it doesn't affect CyanogenMod development.
Perfect idea! All this cool apps at one place. Instead of Googling and getting these apps everywhere from the internet
Sounds perfect...hell I would pay just to have the beta of the app... :-p ...
I never used an other market than the Google market but if the apps are up to date, I would give it a try so count me in.
I think it is a very good idea. There is still no real reason to actually root an Android phone. At least not in Europe where devices are never locked and operate on a unified cell frequency standard. But to get permanent access root apps might just motivate one to go through the hassle of rooting (yes it is a hassle if your device is a 2.3.5 and you have to downgrade first).
Count me in... Maybe categorize device-specific root/unlock methods/apps, etc for ease of searching.
I don't like the idea. Maintaining apps on several different markets is already a pain in the *, so we don't need another store/market/whatever. I think rooted users should be able to install apps without another store. For example: there already is the AndroidPit App Center (, where you can even buy apps. So why not just use an existing one?
Byron B
Yes if you can make on for samsung galaxy indulge(SCH-R910). metro pcs. Please.
It's needed! I am even learning how to code and would prefer to release my first app through a CM app store than any other.
Would be nice if there was a section for "beta" or in development apps, like those people try out from xda. Would also be good to have an easy way to push a new apk to the store.
I don't think this needs to be a question really. Just Do It™
This would be amazing! I hate going to various sites to get their apps simply because it got removed from Google's app store. I would definitely use (and purchase) apps from this store.
Yes and we all volunteer to help if needed!! Go for it!!
As long as it doesn't turn into something like the jailbreak store for iphones forget what it's called but most of their stuff was pay for apps
It is indeed a good idea to have an exclusive App Store!! Might help a lot if included in the CM Rom by default
I'm not sure, if all of those "yes yes yes - need" comments above would visit and use this store regularly, as the normal apps wouldn't be in there. or did i get something wrong?
So whats about a donate app, and a small reminding somewhere in the settings menu, than one didnt donate yet. notice could be turned off manualy, or by buying a donate app!
Judging by the responses above it sounds like an overwhelming yes . . . add me to that list!
Aaaaaabsolutely friggin hell firkin yes!
definitely would, as long as it would be understood that i would probably primarily use the google app store. i'd also like to see it be better than the amazon app store, which is ungodly slow and buggy, especially when it comes to seeing which apps you have installed and need to be updated, etc., while the android market is pretty much flawless and fast
A wonderful idea. I'm not good attendre développement, but if i would like to provide my help... In translation for example
Go for it, definitely great project!!
Fantastic idea, I say go for it!
Go for it guys...It makes a lot of sense if you think about it in the long run...Plus it will make everyone's life easier, not having to look for rooted apps elsewhere...
OH MY YES. This is a great idea to help hook devs up with like rooted people. Everything centrally located. PERFECT.
Yes! Root apps can be in the market, but an easier way to find them would be great. Same for apps that get arbitrarily removed.
Great idea! Looking forward to it!
I would definitely use a root market, though I too would have to agree that due to the potential harm, a rather thorough security review of submitted apps should be implemented.
A good idea would also be a n00b test before a user could gain access to the store. Perhaps a couple of questions about what rooting is, how to create a recovery image, etc. I have had to help a lot of people out over the last couple years.
I'm all for it! As long as the price is right.
Yes, I'd use it, support it, and LOVE it!
+1'ed, It will be awesome specially if all system utilities developers contributed also to have their apps added, it will be the perfect AIO place to go for such tools and utilities apps !
Do it!! It'd be really awesome
I've malware concerns about this - Google removes apps from the Market for various reasons, some bs and some not. What would stop a malware author from posting their malicious app to this new market?
Sounds useful, but make some check on the developers posting it, especially considering that are root apps, so they can be VERY maliciuos
Is this actually a question? I would absolutely support a CM App Store. Tue -> Wed would def be my main buying day thanks to payday ;)
And there could also be stuff like Google Music for older devices. I currently run version 3.0 of the beta because recent updates made it not work on my Eris.
I think its a brilliant idea! Go for it. It would be a great way to further fund development of Cyanogenmod as well.
[4]Apps that can't monetize just because they're developed in some third-world country and Google doesn't support sellers from there.
That's a good idea. If you create it the majority of cm users will use it and support cm by buying apps.
I think it's a great idea, and fully support it.
As long as non-CM roms can use it as well, I'm all for this! +1 .etc .etc
I agree! This would be awesome.
Sure will be the best market for us
Would definitely give incentive to noob android users to root: "These are the apps you can install if you root"
Yes, no question. I'd have far more confidence in a CM app store and the quality of the apps available.
Just do it!
I would definitely support this and would be happy to buy root apps from it to support the cyanogenmod team! Fantastic idea! :-)
superb idea, if you cant join them...BEAT THEM lol
shall I say one more time that it is a gr8 idea?
actually, it's the best idea I have heard since CM started
Greg MG
Hell yeah, I'd love a "black market" type app! :D
It's a great idea - i would love to see a section for kernels, roms as well (and forget fileserve&co...), but that might be a bit too much. An important point though - as these apps all ask for root access, it might be a good idea to check the uploaded apps thorougly before putting them on the app store - they can do a LOT of damage, so Android Market's user review method might not be sufficient. But I would say it's a definite GO! (I don't use CM right now, but would install the apk in a jiff)
Great Idea!!! The easier part will be building it, maintaining and running it will be a whole other story!! You guys know better how tough the job will be, if you think its feasible, GO FOR IT!!!
+1 here. I would love to see this happen. Loving CM7 on the Atrix 4G, thanks to you guys and Atrix-dev-team.
After experiencing a little bit of ICS... I want this to happen so I can remember why I needed to be rooted. Tether, T-Backup, adding search to soft-buttons, % of battery (really Goog? You didn't add the % of power to the battery!?!)
I'd like code it down.
I will love a Root store :) please do it :) it's ice cream coming to HTC Evo ?
love this idea! would support for sure.
hope if it comes to be, it will be tablet friendly too. :)
It seems like a great idea guys!
Heck yes! Just please make it possible to add further repositories like cydia. So there's plasticity in the app, not making people build different apps for the same purpose.
Yes,yes yes, let's do this.
Especially when the market always says " this app is not supported in your country".
Hell yeah. Brilliant idea. Also repositories would be awesome. I just know that CM appstore would be awesome.
Good! I will use it for sure.
Will love this idea more when CM9 comes for the Glaxy Nexus. Miss having Cyanogenmod on my phone :( ...
Great idea! But give us the ability to buy apps.
I think you should totally do it. It would be a great place to find root apps and apps that are being removed from the Market.
I'm all for it, we desperately need a TRUE open-source market with no restrictions commanded by the whim the carriers, especially when its not even MY carrier XD
Very +1 idea! Some of my thoughts: 1) If the CM app store app will be built-in to CM, make sure it can also be uninstalled by the user, (even if it is impossible to think about anyone who would want to uninstall it). 2) Don't let it become the same mess as Android Market is; perhaps have (at least) two categories, one for well checked, tested and/or rated apps, and another for the rest. The android market might have even 1000 good apps, but it doesn't matter since they can't be found among the 399,000+ crap, spam and malware "apps". (Others have already been commenting about the need for better security/testing.) Oh and 3) Per-app developer adjustable period for the user to evaluate the app.
Yes, sure! I also will love to donate some money for this idea.
Oh yea, great idea! Dev's Gone Wild! This could open up unlimited app possibilities and really move mobile technology forward.
could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance?
Sounds like a great idea, but would it generate much revenue when you can get some apps from the market?
Yes, Please! Koush, Et Al... You Rock! Thanks for your commitment, hard work and dedication!
Kenny O
awesome idea.....
Great idea no longer have to trust the web for rooted apps
Every once in a while, someone has an idea that makes you smack yourself and say why didn't I think of that? An idea that changes the game and becomes one of those things you can't live without, so to speak. This idea is one of those. Any way we can have it yesterday?
Yes!!! It's game changer!
That'ld be awesome! There could be a section for that apps that are well checked and tested by the community
+Android announces Galaxy Nexus for Sprint: 2 days, 300 +1's.

+CyanogenMod announces the possibility of a CM app store: 11 hours, 720 +1's.
A 100 times yes! And make sure it kicks the Android Market's ass at everything it's terrible at!
Yeah, Santa Claus store is on cyanogen headquarters !!!!
Hell yeah! Just don't follow Amazon's model!!!
If a carrier wants to block apps but can't, then won't they just move to a blanket blocking of rooted phones instead?
Bring it on Bro ...i got a name for it as well ..w00t market...
by the way ..this link is causing firefox to hang and the page loads after a minute of not responding :)
Hell yes. Excellent idea. CM is the best rom imho on any device. Love it. Keep up the good work.
This would be nice. The only thing I would want is that there is some process to ensure the apps are NOT malicious before they are made available to the general public. Otherwise, go for it!
Doug K
I came to show my support but I guess I don't have to....<_< I think +CyanogenMod should know by now that we really, really want this
yes, I would use it for apps not available in market
Hell yes this should be done! amazing roms amazing app store
Great idea! But please make it so that its accessible from every (rooted) phone, not just those with custom ROMs.
Of course yes, it is really needed, and in that way you can get some revenue from your hard work.
Nice! If you need an extra hand don't hesitate :)
I generally dislike the idea of using Google Android Market for such thing as managing root-level packages.
I'd say that an ideal architecture would be writing something like +ArchLinux pacman4 for censored and root-level applications.
Awesome idea!!! If the CM team is willing to bring this to life then I'll definitely support it.
sehr gute idee bin dafür
Great idea.... just that you should define some audit process for the apps given the full access they have ..
fucking WONDERFUL idea. One million + people would be forever greatful .

Could it be combined with rommanager? so there would be no need for two separate programs?
this is a app market i have wanted and hoped for. do it! please!
Count me in, too! Good Idea to have this Market for Root-Users and Root-Apps.
Tim D
I think it would be a great idea.
Rob Ban
I think this sounds like a great idea and addition to the Android "hacking community". Would defiantly put two of my apps on there.
Fucking brilliant...that is all. Keep up the good work CM team!
Yes do it! Hope you want to create a legal market, not a black one, there are just too many around and developers are loosing great money ( :-( )
Tired of Verizon blocking whole categories (Movies & other high end apps from my rooted OG Droid.
Great idea people. Make it so :)
Yes, count me in !
And make all CWM apps CM store exclusive.
Ste fan
SUPER IDEE... .macht das... wenn ihr noch Entwickler braucht hier
Heck yeah, this would be awesome!!!!!
I think it's a great idea, but i will only download app from CM appstore only if it's not on the market.
I love the idea! Maybe some kind of p2p-architecture is possible so that huge, expensive server farms could be avoided. Also I hope the market would be a no frills, down ot the point kind of thing. I hate all the bells and whistles that come with some market apps.
Also I'd like to propose a name: cm² (for CyanogenModMarket)
That would be amazing. I'm actually surprised no one had done this yet. Thanks for all you guys do and plan to do.
i concur, hellllllll yeah!!!!!!!
great idea :)
you're damn right I'd use it. You guys do awesome work!
Would Love to have a CM store!
Please do it. Maybe with Patent on having Custom ROM app store.
Spettacolare! Grande idea..supporterò in caso vada in porto..
I would surely use this app store in addition to the standard Google market.
By all means, make this happen. This would be HUGE for the CM community!
I would use this in a heart beat. I enjoy all of CM's apps: DeskSMS, Rom Manager, etc. and I always flash Cyanogenmod on all of my mobile devices. Keep up the excellent work!!!!
Two weeks ago I was a noob with a T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant on Eclair in Australia that would make calls but wouldn't do data or GPS except on Wi-fi. I've broken out of Samsung hell and am running the latest CyanogenMod Gingerbread. Ain't never going back. Why would you drive a clapped out Ford (I'm talking to you Samsung) when you have a new Bentley in the garage.
Absolutely, this is an awesome idea!! :D
Yes, I think that could work. I have a T Mobile Galaxy in Australia and the only way it will work is on an independent  Rom. Cyanogen Mod has been great. I'm not the usual enthusiastic young person user - I'm 70, but I was able to learn how to root and install Cyanogen and I now have everything working including tethering. An appstore where I could go power apps for Cyanogen would immediately get my attention. It would really be good to see an appstore independent of corporate interests. Go for it if you can.  
It's a good idea for the comunity of terminal rooted. Sorry for my English, I'm italian.
so what? will we have a Cyanogen market?
Well considering the post is almost 3 years old, I doubt it.
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