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CDMA Galaxy S4 Nightlies

Rounding out the S4 platform, nightlies for the Verizon, Sprint and US Cellular variants of the device have just been green-lighted. Builds will release on the next nightly cycle. 

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Okay. How the fuck did you guys pull this off with the locked bootloaders?
Specifically for VZW, you can flash TWRP and flash roms that way. 
oh this is so great because I get to buy my s4 on Sprint on 6/1/13!!
How about jfltexx. Any chance of nightlies on that?
Also fixed the Bluetooth audio issue on the S4 today too!
how about GPS? that's bugging me, would love to know if it has been fixed yet.

also, hope I'm not the millionth person to ask but is there any hope for getting the IR sensor working? I just noticed today that it doesn't work, I assume they have stupid proprietary drivers so just wondering. 
So, I've had my Verizon S4 since last Monday or something, and I've tried to really give Touchwiz a fair shake. I tried really really hard to like it. In short, I will be flashing this as soon as humanly possible. 
+Steve Kondik will there be an option on drop down toggles to 4,5,6 rows not the stock 3
Only thing stopping me from flashing to cm10 is samsung's camera features. 
SupportQualcomm's International version please
I9505 please. The jfltetmo nightlies work fine on my I9505 so why not :(
+Steve Kondik Is there a solution for the random framedrops on 1080p phones? I have it on my Oppo Find 5 running cm10.1 nightlies and I9505 running jfltetmo nightlies.
GT-I9500 is Exynos. Run. Run very fast.
hey please release a stable rom for galaxy s2 gt-i9100g of 4.2.2 please
The bootloader has been compromised since release. Just recoveries and boot images must be patched with Loki to get them to boot
seems doesn't matter what phone i use or what version of CM ... its laggy and kind of slow compared to the rest of the roms out there. 
I like the multi window feature on touchwiz a lot. Is that available on cm 10?
Just flashed the first jfltevzw build and it's rock solid!
Just flashed it as well.  Everything seems to be working perfectly.  Now to get this 2GB backup of Touchwiz off my phone...

Thanks +Steve Kondik and the +CyanogenMod team!  You guys make Android the best mobile OS around.

Only thing I noticed odd was this:  I use a Network Extender at home because I live in the woods.  It normally says "Network Extender" in the notification bar when pulled down, but now it says "Out of Neighborhood."  No idea what that means.  That's not slowing me down though so I really don't care.  Just thought I'd mention it.
is there a CM10 for HTC One as ofyet?
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Anybody lose the ability to receive calls after installing this for VZW GS4 (jfltevzw)? I can call out, but calls in ring for a long period of time before going to voicemail.
+Steve Kondik , will the GT-I9505 be named as jflte or i9505? Cause I'd prefer the first one :D
+Read Boon Calls are working fine for me. Do you use Google Voice or Verizon for voicemail?
Can't wait for the international version. Awesome work, CM Team!!
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Have the 6/1/2013 nightly running on the jfltevzw now. Love it. :)
hungry for CM release of international 9505...
Plz Support Kor SGS4 Model ..
What is going to happen with the Camera without the samsung software? Are you going to pull other types of software to run it or is it just stock android's camera software like the nexus, or maybe an app from the playstore could be used?
+Sandeep Bansal what version do you have? i9505 qualcomm? Today, jfltexx released, which is the international verison of the S4
Does the SD card reader work yet? It has been telling me that I have inserted a blank SD card for a while now and I need that extra storage. 
As +Gabriel Forgie mentioned earlier, is GPS working for anybody? It hasn't worked for me on any nightlies so far. Is there any fix I can perform or apply, or is this an issue that should be fixed in a future release?
It has no trouble finding my location either, but I can't get a GPS lock for turn-by-turn navigation. I've tried the "fix" of flashing back to stock, getting a GPS lock, and flashing back to CM, but that work.
FYI, GPS lock is working with cm-10.1-20130618-NIGHTLY.
It appears after the last nightly if you uncheck Wi-Fi and mobile network location GPS locks without issue. Before this I had to open an app (Ex:Waze) then pull down notifications, click on searching for GPS then turn of and back on. 
I spoke prematurely when I said it was fixed. It only works for me right after you update CM and start up Maps for the first time. (At least that's the only time I've witnessed it working.) If you launch Maps later on, you will no longer get a lock. +Earl Shaw perhaps your finding can better lead to a permanent fix.
Wanted to update that after installing cm-10.1-20130626 GPS appears to be working great. Also can confirm still working after last nights update. Thanks for the update and great work
What about GS4 I9500 International version?
In my 73 years on this earth I've only come to despise three or four things, one of them being the annoying KAASLATCH!! of the shutter on the I545's camera.  Please tell me CM has addressed this issue in Nightlies..
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