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LG Optimus G2

The maintainers are on a roll this week, with builds now available for the International LG G2 (d802) and the Verizon LG G2 (vs980) on our downloads portal. 

Your maintainers are +Ricardo Cerqueira and +Erik Hardesty with the support of our other LG maintainers. 

Source is available on our Github as per usual. 

Edit: As nightlies are wont to do, the vs980 nightly has a broken RIL, we'll be pulling that build for the time being.
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I'm testing the D801 build and it's currently experiencing some major bugs. It will get worked out.
Not up yet. I am helping dalingrin with debugging since he doesn't have a T-Mobile G2.
Any big issues with the d802 nightly? 
Install, test and tell :-)
I guess you will loose knock knock...
Knock knock off appears to be working by default on vs980 but not knock off.
And the mobile data not working is a bummer...had it working but not again after reboot, yet!
Hopefully their will be a forum on the CM site soon? I don't see one yet? Hate to admit this is my first CM install. Been running AOSP on Gnex previously.
So freaking awesome.
The only thing worrying about buying the G2 was lack of updates considering that the optimus G still has no 4.3 or 4.2.2.
CM to the rescue and problem solved.
Take that back. Knock on seems to be working too? But it does seem to take a bit more of a knock to get the off and on screen to trigger.
+Devin Hicks the ATT variant is going to take a little longer due to the extra mic, but don't worry beside that everything else is the same
+Rodney Coleman Yes. Didn't seem to knock off. And I reported wrong. Only knock on seems to work with what I tried. Going back to Malladus ROM for now but I'm sure the CM bugs will get knocked out quickly.
Oh and this is CM10.2 based on Android 4.3.1.
+Juha Uotila also known as LG Optimus G2, LG D802, LG D800, LG VS980, LG D801, LG D803, LG LS980

But yea, the 'Optimus' is silent ;)
+Brendan Arndt When I flashed it, it took about 7-8 minutes before it was complete and ready to boot.
Recovery on the G2 takes a very long time to format so expect a long installation time.
+Erik Hardesty is this the same as when wiping cache/dalvik? mine sat there for a long time before i just hard shut it down. i was pretty sure it had frozen...
+Christian Davis Wiping dalvik should not take a long time because its only deleting files but cache probably would take a while since it is a format. A partial workaround for now is to go into TWRP settings and check the box to do "rm -rf" instead of format.
Installs will still take a while but wiping data and such will be very quick
+Erik Hardesty got it, thanks! i read about that workaround the other day and it looked like my settings were already that way, but i'll make sure just in case.
Because we are seeing all the other variants being brought up or worked on, I assume the D803 will be picked up as well ?
Have been wondering about which phone to upgrade to(Currently using S4), then suddenly saw this post. Well, I'm ordering a G2 now.
OK now it's time to sell my Galaxy i9505 and buy a LG G2!
Best Buy has the G2 marked down to $99. Throw in a $50 BB gift card to trade in my original galaxy S and I'll be holding a G2 this time tomorrow. 
Guess who has a d800 running cm 10.2!!!
anyone know a changelog link ?
+Junpei Kawada The last nightlies were CM 10.1, but i think because the p990 has no neon support CM 10.1 was the last official one from CM. But on XDA there are some 10.2 builds ;)
is there an unlocked boot loader somewhere out there. Because I need it then.
Sean C
Since this is the Nexus 5 I hope we get quick Nexus port 
D800 is unofficially out,coming soon to nightly it would appear. Definitely daily driver already
Bootloader is loki'd ,root is in general or developing section on xda
can i get a link to test CM for d801? i would like to help get the bugs fixed
There are no test builds. Just wait for the device tree to be pushed to cm github. Should be very soon. D800 is now officially added.
+Alec Puente I just left cyanogenmod I dont see it added officially on they're site
D800 will be added when then next nightlys are built pretty certain.
Oh so no firm confirmation. 
Read the other comments, it will be out soon 
D800 build is working flawlessly! Thank you ladies and gents! 
Would it be possible to make CM 10.2 support for Korea version (F320)? 
LG G2 D802 please dont stop supporting US.. THANK YOU CM. :)
I wonder if the d803 is similar to the at&t version
LG G2 D801 please...I need cyanogenmod on this thing
10.2 CM for the D800 LG G2 is that Jelly bean 4.3? and how do you unlock the bootloader to install this ROM? Seems like a lot of mystery and no one is willing to point to a good source.  Any comments on this +Jimmy Ballard ? How did you Unlock the Bootloader? 
Hello. I'm lost here..... I have the new CMOD and I tried to do the Recovery and the TWRP method. I try the power button down and power button and up method. It says to factory reset but no recovery. I keep having to re root my phone and try and try again. Please any insight on how to do this. 
You have to hold power + down and when the LG logo comes on you release and repeat combination, then it asks to do a factory reset and you click yes twice and it will boot into recovery (twrp or clockwork depending on which you have installed) 
maybe i'm not installing it correctly?
You probably didn't install a recovery. Try the link I posted
+Devin Hicks click factory reset... Meaning power button, and then again you'll be in recovery 
Is you flashed the zip for twrp or cwm got souls be good. The factory reset looks scary but it just boots you into recovery 
To answer your question, the bootloader is not unlocked, as stated before it is Loki 
+Jimmy Ballard  Still nothing. It factory resets and wipes the phone having me start from scratch and root the phone again
Glad to hear that. I still patiently wait for CM for T-Mobile varient 
+Jimmy Ballard  and others has anyone managed to get AdFree to work on the Lg G2 CM Nightlies?
Cannot wait till we get support for the d803
when are we going to have a CM 10.2 build for the motorola xoom? tied of waiting, please do something
Do something for LG Optimus Max. Plz Plz Plz :(
Wow... so I'm glad there's work being done, but seriously people need to stop posting, "PLZ (insert model here) support. can't wait!" I have a d800 and am just patiently waiting for a good release.
@matt.. Its LG p725. Now what ? x-(
I m waiting here for the T-Mobile varriant
They is pa, cm10.1 carbon on xda for 801
Thx!!! the latest build is quite usable as daily driver
Hi will u guys build for lg optimus f6 tmoble?
Where can I track a bug? -> WiFi breakes after starting BT.
Is this compatible with LG E410 ?
Looking for LG G2 F320L/S/K Korean version
plz bring SM for korean F320.
Still waiting on T-Mobile varient. Any updates on progress? 
+Osmer Barcelo try Paranoid android rom on xda. With the paranoid android gapps I give it like a 9.5/10 on stability :) that should hold you down till official CM
+Santiago Medina I have and even had it installed for a bit, before I posted my request. I think it's great that our devs are picking up where the maintainer for our device has seemed to vanish. There was talk that there is a completed device tree that just needed to be pushed and we should have started getting nightlies. I hope we see official support soon, along with a fix for DRM. 
+Bill Fastenau Will now we have found out that you can flash the D802 roms and just flash a D801 Kernel over it and it functions the same. look in the D801 section on XDA
+Santiago Medina
I saw that, will be venturing down that road when time permits. Hope to also see a DRM fix in the near future as well.
Do the Cyanogenmod builds for this phone remove most of the features of the stock OTA build, like IR remote capabilities, one-handed unlock/lock, etc?
+Nathaniel Tinner
yes Cyanogenmod is based off of AOSP and thus does not include LG's proprietary applications. This would be more like a Nexus device once flashed with CM.
+Bill Fastenau Doesn't that make for a bit of a problem for G2 owners? I've only had mine a day, and I already can't imagine trying to use it without some tap-to-unlock feature when it's sitting face-up on a table. I imagine there probably are others apps for IR features and the like, but the unlock thing would kill me.
I'm having zero luck getting GPS to work with this.  Makes the phone pretty amazing (that LG software was painful)
Any suggestions?  Thanks!
Nevermind - posted this issue in the community and was told I need to get a GPS fix while on the factory ROM.  Tried it and all good now!
I just loaded the factory Rom, launched navigation and waited. Once gps worked there it worked fine with cm :)
Please can you support the lg g2 d801? I'm really looking forward to it.
if a fix could be had for random reboots and sleeps on the vs980, I'd be hugely appreciative
please add support to F320 versions too!!! please!!!
Is there a comparison of battery life and image/video quality between factory rom and cm?
Not a lot of official info and maintainers seem quiet on G+ but may I say latest couple nightlies for VS980 are near flawless. I am sure there's something wrong, right!, but not for me.

I don't remember any problems today and just flashed today's build an hour or so ago. Still seems great. 
Please can you support the LG G2 Korean Version (F320S/L/K). I love CyanogenMod, but there is no official
CM Version for me. :(
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