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Optimus G Pro Recovery

Some of you might need this soon...
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Does this mean the G Pro will be an official CM device? I'm running the latest unofficial build right now, and it's great... Hoping for official support! 
Nooooo they said international..... 980 is at&t us variant... sadness
Some updates have caused instability in Optimus P880. Google apps isn't working.
I have run 10.1 on LG-E988, full function now.
My e988was on cm 10.1too,but the freegee cwm recovery got error when I flash rom
@Brian Johnson I've heard that the E980 can flash the ROMs of the international variant, so I think Cyanogenmod will probably be able to cover both versions with one ROM version.
Running CM10.1 on the E980 and it is running flawlessly! 
به من کمک کنید تا بتونم کلاک ورد مود ریکاوری را در e988 lg optimus g pro خودم نصب کنم...

و رام سیانوژن رو بتونم بریزم توی گوشیم.
I really hope there will be a cm10.2 too for the e986 soon
+ALI ASGHAR RANJBARNIA خوب انگلیسی بنویس.یکی کمکت میکنه.منم جی پرو دارم می خوام این رامو نصب کنم.
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