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Try out the new GetCM!

GetCM ( has been around for quite some time now, and is long overdue for an update.  When GetCM was first created we were supporting a small number of devices.  We are now building for over 200 devices, and GetCM has become very difficult to navigate and use.

+Chris Soyars  has been working on improving the user experience and refreshing the design to make the transition from the CyanogenMod website to GetCM less jarring.  Today, we are excited to announce a beta of the next iteration of GetCM.

The goal of this beta is to help us identify and squash any bugs before this version of GetCM goes live to production.  Please feel free to leave any comments, suggestions or complaints in this thread.  If you find a bug, please report it to us via JIRA in the GETCM project (

You can check out the new beta at  Be sure to try it out on your phone as well!
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Good work! Thanks for your hardwork! : )
WAAAYYYY more beautiful and functional than your old layout. 
Way more navigational. Very organized and easy to get where you want.
The beta is both beautiful and functional.. 
discovered by accident a few minutes ago and I love it!
Love the way it's organized by manufacturer and actually shows the retail device name as well as the codename. The only question/complaint I have is that devices by manufacturer are seemingly listed in no particular order. For example, HTC and Samsung both have tons of devices listed, but they're in no particular order that I could see. It'd be nice to see them organized by name (retail or code), or release date, or something. Maybe even grouped by family (all S4 devices grouped, or HTC One variants, etc.) Otherwise, excellent work, +Chris Soyars!

Edit: derp. Wrong Chris.
+Benjamin Morris yep, I'm going to be sorting them by name, it is on my list of things to do :)  Except an update sometime today with that added!  Thanks for the feedback.

+Abhisek Devkota the initial list of devices when you land on the page is sorted by popularity, for at least the first five.  I'll add the other 15 to the sorting method.
Reminds of the AngularJS tutorial :) Looks awesome, love Angular.
+Chris Soyars Sweet. Figured it was in the works. That's what betas are for, right? Great work again!

Edit: Epic grammar fails. Sheesh.
Nice :D (The "stable" and "nightly" dates are switched, I couldn't believe there was a stable build for I9100, LOL. Also, the "cyanogenmod" on the header looks odd, it could be better to put it as text)
+Chris Bannister ha!  This is my first AngularJS project, so imagine my surprise when I stumbled across phonecat.
Any explanation about why torrent links disappeared some times ago ?
Maybe I'm stupid, but I can't find the list of manufacturers on mobile? Is that by design?
+Gilles Chauvin yes, they were hardly used and caused us to consume a ton of bandwidth, as we had to download each build and calculate the infohash before adding it to GetCM.  This ended up costing a ton of money, as GetCM runs in EC2.  I'm planning on fixing this, so the infohash is calculated on the build servers.  They will return before this beta goes live.
Only if u guys can add torrents back, then it will be awesome. Torrents are deeply missed by many users including me. 
+Chris Soyars :) Looks great, really like the Loading spinner, wanted to implement that in my last project but didnt have time. Angular really is great once it clicks.

And the search feature I had always wanted with search by model or name is there, awesome!
Oook very beautiful! Great good works!
Juan B
+Abhisek Devkota If its arranged by popularity then I am very happy that I am an owner of the most popular cm device. 
Interesting. On phone (N4) manufacturers list doesn't appear either in landscape or portrait. On my N7, I get the list in landscape, but not portrait. Would kinda like some way to get to this list regardless of screen size/orientation.
+Benjamin Morris correct, mobile does not show the manufacturer list right now.  It just isn't very usable on low resolution devices being such a huge list, I'll think of something though.

+bhuvan goyal torrents will return when this new version goes live.
Does this work for the HTC ONE 
+Andre Grey What do you mean? Are there CM builds for HTC One? Yes, there are. Does the site work on HTC One? I don't know. Why don't you try it out?
+Gilles Chauvin There is currently no official changelog.  BBQlog is the closest there is to one, but it's not actually official.  (There were some administrative barriers to it, I do not recall exactly what they were.)
If I can see the latest nightly vs it automatically downloading it. I just say this cause sometimes the build not doesn't put out night lies and don't want to waste time clicking latest and its the same one I DL already 
I heard that you can't use twrp recovery with this.. am I correct 
+Gilles Chauvin I was not, good idea!

+Andrew Dodd we do have official changelogs.  BBQLog pulls from them.  I've actually been thinking about talking to the BBQLog guy to make it official.
You guys have been kicking some serious ass lately. Awesome work! 
Oh ok, thanks for the help Ben +Benjamin Morris I'm guessing gapps are included? Forgive me im new to android, I'm a previous iPhone user 
+Andre Grey Negative. Due to licensing restraints GApps are not included with CM roms. You'll need to get those elsewhere ( If it's your first time installing CM you need to flash the rom and then the gapps. If you're just updating, just flash the rom. At least that's how it works with cwm. Dunno about twrp.
Oh ok because someone said it will brick your phone... Is there a guide as to where I can load cwm recovery if I wanted to? +Benjamin Morris 
+Andre Grey  You'll need to search for your specific device. You have the HTC One? What carrier?
How about trying to make a stable build? There is a thought
Not a bug, but would be nice if the devices were listed in alphabetical order
Looks good. Search function's a little buggy, took a while to find my device. Please improve this.
+Chris Soyars REALLY nice work.  Huge improvement.  Perhaps for the manufacturers list in mobile browsers, you could take a look at the way Octopress collapses navigation menus into a pulldown in mobile browsers (and even on desktop browsers if you make your window small enough).  A pulldown from the top might be a nice place from which to choose your manufacturer and then you could scroll down throw the available builds.  Just a thought.  Either way, well done, keep it up!
Joey S
Has anyone tried this on Sony Xperia E?
+Cole Tindal search needs a LOT of work, I'm aware of that.  Can you give me some examples of things you tried to search for, that you expected to see results for?

+Corey Scott the navigation at the top already collapses into a pulldown.  Even if we stuck the manufacturers in there, it wouldn't be very clear that they are there.
+Andre Grey Sure. I'm just an average user though. I don't know anything about your specific device and I won't be able to offer any in-depth support or troubleshooting. I can basically help you google around for answers.
The newish bittorrent sync stuff is neat, that may be an option for downloads too?
+Chris Soyars That's the first place I looked when I couldn't pan left to find it. Seems like the most logical place. Unless you want to put it by itself somewhere.
Looks really good and it's much easier to navigate. Thanks!
Phone version should not be a list, did not see the desktop one, but phone version is way too long, it should show a grid of phones, not list.
Much better when browsing on mobile. The CSS isn't broken anymore it seems.
camera seems to be broken as well..when i flip it to the front camera its
showing multiple colours
+Chris Soyars ah, yeah, I hadn't really looked at the collapse menu on top. It's not quite what I meant with the Octopress example, which would have a visible bar that could say something like "choose your device," but I'll leave you to it. I'm sure whatever you come up with will be great. 
+Chris Soyars ah, yeah, I hadn't really looked at the collapse menu on top. It's not quite what I meant with the Octopress example, which would have a visible bar that could say something like "choose your device," but I'll leave you to it. I'm sure whatever you come up with will be great. 
+Chris Soyars ah, yeah, I hadn't really looked at the collapse menu on top. It's not quite what I meant with the Octopress example, which would have a visible bar that could say something like "choose your device," but I'll leave you to it. I'm sure whatever you come up with will be great. 
+Chris Soyars ah, yeah, I hadn't really looked at the collapsed menu on top. It's not quite what I meant with the Octopress example, which would have a visible bar that could say something like "choose your device," but I'll leave you to it. I'm sure whatever you come up with will be great. 
+Corey Scott ah i see, yeah, something like that could definitely work.  I'll get on it.
Astounded at the amount of development from the CyanogenMod team! Time for another donation...
I have the stable version for Galaxy S but I'll try it
It seems straight forward, good work. Is there a like for a change log or list of current bugs?
nice new layout, but one thing I don't like. The new date format for the time the files were added. The old one 2013-07-03 19:38:47 is easier to read for international users than the US format 7/3/13 11:39 AM.
Please change that. Everything else is great.

EDIT: I also recognize the difference between these timestamps of the same file. The time zone is different! Maybe you should also fix that to GMT or at least name the timezone.
Jared G
+Martin Wohlert US citizen checking in here.  Our date system is ridiculous - I agree with Martin on the international  format.
epic fail in IE10 (can't use any other browser at work)
Eager to try it in Chrome (PC/Tab/Mobile) later!
+CyanogenMod *AWESOME!* But, would be even more so if it had a change log too! (

And have a small issue on the Nexus 4 Nightly camera which cannot focus on short distance where flash just blinks & photo is taken either out of focus or with semi transparent black bands within the photo! I have no clue why?!
+Chris Soyars looks great, but I have to agree with +André Monteiro that it should be usable without JavaScript.

Another question I have is: Do the links (e.g. from the wiki pages) still work? Would be great not having to change them.
+Chris Soyars +CyanogenMod I love the new pages, but I've also found the page with all builds of a certain type sorted by date desc to be invaluable in the past when figuring out if there's a new massive rollout happening (for example, when RCs hit). It's also an easy way to monitor for new devices that get nightlies. Can you please support such a use case here?

For example, a page like:
+Chris Soyars The site lists a bunch of devices that are not in cm-build-targets (hudson) but are listed in (GetCM).
At first I didn't think I would like it, but since the search is so fast and a wiki link is right there I have to say it is a nice improvement! 
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Over Quota

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This application is temporarily over its serving quota. Please try again later. :(
+Martin Wohlert it is your local timezone.  It will be i18n localized before it goes to production, so it should show your local date format and time.

+Sudhamsu Krishna really?  any specific errors?  I definitely tested on IE10.

+Markus Guidry yeah, we pulled an old list to start with.  I'll get it synced up.

And over quota, lame :(  I'll bump it up.
Is there any version for HTC ONE X+?
need help. how to install CMod into my gnex?
+CyanogenMod "" love the new cyanmassage sound..please dont change it back..
+Chris Soyars Excellent update, along with its much more modern visuals, it's easier to find a device even if you don't know its code name. Below are my observations and suggestions.

1. An accordion menu would be nice when clicking a manufacturer, would save a little on load times. "See all devices" at the top of it would be a decent solution to see the current view.

2. Sorting by name is nice, but bonus points if you can sort by name, model name, popularity/downloads, last updated, phone's release date.

3. Individual phone pages still look a bit bland compared to the list view with images, which looks modern and inviting. Once you're in a specific device, you can't tell at a glance where you are and it loses its user-friendliness.

4. Going between a manufacturer with few devices to a company like Samsung creates a popping effect due to the introduction of the browser's scrollbar. A minor nitpick but a little jarring, perhaps there's a workaround.

5. I don't think "MANUFACTURERS" above "All Manufacturers" is necessary.

6. Default "All Devices" page displays 20 out of 230 devices, but no way to load more. A "Load More" at the bottom or pagination on top and bottom off list would be nice. Individual manufacturers don't seem to have this 20 device limitation, so I would either show something like "Displaying 30 devices." or add options (display X per page, plus pagination).

7. Displaying quantity of devices per manufacturer displayed in a bubble in the leftnav might be a nice touch, so we can see just how spread out CM is.
There is an old problem that still persists, the galaxys2 and the gt-i9100 are still distinct sections (although we're talking about the very same phone). In the galaxys2 section, cm7 & cm9  don't even exist... Get it solved!
+CyanogenMod only one thing: if you scroll down to select a manufacturer and click on it please automatically scroll up to let me see the results because users will think that the list is empty.
+Chris Soyars  ok, local timezone and format would be nice to have. But can it fall back to same date format as builds have (YYYY.MM.DD) for crazy browsers?
CyanogenMod versions would be nice to have on device list.

So "Latest Stable Build 6/16/12 4:44 AM" would be "Latest Stable Build (CM7) 6/16/12 4:44 AM" (taken from ZTE Blade).
I like it but why is Google a manufacturer? They're not a manufacturer and my Samsung Galaxy Nexus isn't in the Samsung section. I understand why you did it I guess, but it makes it confusing. The search is really all I need though.
Didn't mind the old layout but this is better
Dual sim supported? And mediatek processores?
Uhhh, what's different?

edit: i hit the wrong link >.<
I love how the first phone is the Samsung Galaxy S since its the phone I have 
CyanogenMod you have plans to launch the CyanogenMod 10 for the alcatel one touch 995
When will CM be available for MediaTek SoCs?
I open the link that show in above but there is no download option it seem me just ok in the page.
Download rom samsung galaxy s6 edge plus 
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