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Followup on the LG Optimus G Pro (Int. variant)

Hello e986!
LG Optimus G Pro (Int. variant), part 2

It's live :-)
Get it from , and install from recovery as usual. If you don't have a recovery installed yet, search the Play Store for +Seth Shelnutt 's  "FreeGee" app, which will do that for you.

I'm not sure if the recovery installed by FreeGee works with CM; if it doesn't, you can replace it with the one I linked last week, which is known to work ( )
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Every post about anything always has someone complaining about i9500. Do it yourself or stop complaining, thank you devs 
Should I install this on the one LG sent me for a review?
+CyanogenMod Is there any reason why there are neither nightlys nor build configs for tilapia w\ cm 10.2?
I'm still using my S3. Probably going to leave Verizon once my contract is up next year, with the way they are locking up their bootloaders. Glad to see you again on Google+. Man, I ran your gapps until they updated android. Sad you're no longer a Dev, but I understand. I always loved your work.
could this be flash on e980 or e988??
seems cannot flash on e988, got error in the very beginning
maybe this is just for e986 only
Is it compatible with LG F220K?
Try Google digital minds e988 
I am now using cyanfox, works well
what do you mean where?
xda, it said for e980, but it works for my e988 too
Thanks it's on xda right? 
Wow works great!! Using it right now 
But F220k seems to have the same specs as g pro.......
you guys will release the android 4.3 to Motorola Razr HD?
wow... millions of Korean user like this thread :)
When will nighties for e612 released?
Hi, this thread has been quiet for a while now, but I still hope my message will get through.  I have a LG optimus G Pro (LG-E986), got it rooted and installed ROM manager, FreeGee and the for my device.  Problem is, when I go to reboot recovery through FreeGee, I select install .zip (I put the file in /sdcard/), and run it, I get an error message.  first it sais "assert failed : getdrop("ro.product.device") == "e986" blahblahblah, and a few lines further it says E:Error in /data/media/ (Status 7) Installation aborted".  I can then still boot normally, but Cyanogenmod can't install.  So, here's my question : How can I get still it installed ? (I must admid it's the first time I root my device, so I'm a starter in this). TIA for your reactions.  Cheers.
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