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Problem parsing error occurs when the download is corrupted, please download it again.
I'm having a lot of issues I had to downgrade to 24 nightly don't know if it was going on everything kept freezing.. restarts. mp3 would cause freeze had to pull batt don't know how to do a logcat I.. I did clean install. Mutiple times so I dropped down works fine but as soon as I put last night's update or the one before it. It goes to hell I put holo hd plus on today when trebuchet did not respond... I'm on a d2spr will this update help
Hi!! I have an issue when i try to connect the radio via bluetooth, suddenly the radio stop and my cell phone is disconnected!!
Thanks for all the work that you do for all of us!!
I have a i9100 with cm 10.1 
Yup I sure did miss that part just seen the post here...... 
I am running cm 10.1 on d2tmo. Having issues with Apollo crashing. Also, screen goes black and unresponsive. 
Its all alright here on Gtab 10.1 nightly the only problem is pong the dock where if I drag an icon there, there are two blue lines blocking spaces where I can pot am icon...
I Accidentally removed the app drawer icon and i couldn't bring it back until i cleared trebuchet's data