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Privacy Guard merged

+Steve Kondik has merged the patch sets to enable Privacy Guard support for all future nightly builds, starting later today. 

With our code branch structure, Privacy Guard will not be included in the 10.1.0 RC or stable releases. 

As this is a new and relatively powerful, feel free to report specific issues to our comments section below, but do not report Privacy Guard bugs to JIRA.  
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Is this the "incognito mode"?
Wow, great! Will have to try it!
What is a layman's explanation for "code branch structure"? Thanks.
How do I test? I mean which ROM should I download and install in my phone, it's available for maguro devices? 
+Joel Mansfield we use Git to manage our code. A principal concept is that Git functions similar to a 'tree', there is a 'trunk' and branches that go left and right off of that trunk. 

When we prepare RC's and stables, we purposefully section that code off into its own branch. Nightlies continue to build off of the 'trunk' (cm-10.1) where the RC and stables build off the branch (cm-10.1-staging). 

This feature was only merged into the 'trunk' and therefore, not captured in the release 'branch'
+Joel Mansfield In a nutshell, stable/rc builds diverged from the nightly builds at some point in the past, so new patches merged into the main development trunk will only exist there until a new RC/stable branch is made from the trunk. 
It wont be in the next Stable release... What i sayd. First read then post...
Realy nice to see that someone actually cares about my privacy. Tnx cm
Xi Shen
total honor! thank you CM for everything, especially guarding our privacy.
Great, looking forward to inclusion of TextSecure and RedPhone also as I saw discussed with @moxie on Twitter.
Looking forward to Privacy Guard! Does it also block "Read sensitive log data"?
Not in the 6/24 nightly.  Probably in the next one.
Is there any good way you can see to handle apps that snarf up your personal data as soon as they are installed but before you can activate privacy guard on them?
+Bradley Uffner it could be done with a checkbox on the system package installer. Via Google Play would be much more difficult though :(
If so, the default should just be full privacy guard lockdown (if it's enabled) until an app is whitelisted.
+Brock Tice I thought Services could spin up right after install, but it looks like I'm wrong.  They CAN hook a broadcast intent for something common though and run without user interaction if that intent happens to fire, which could be before you get a chance to enable privacy mode.
I've updated to the most recent nightly but I can't find the privacy guard in the app settings. Can anyone point me where to go? 
Check the next nightly build. It isn't available yet in today's. 
+Abbie Hoffman  The code was only checked in today, gotta wait for the next automated nightly build to complete.  If you want it faster your options are to compile it yourself, or find someone who can compile it for you.
Yeah if you don't already have a build tree synched, just wait a few hours until the nightlies roll out. It'll take you longer to set up the build system and compile.
+Bradley Uffner
As a newbie - I would like to start stable, but id also like the new privacy features. Will the first nightly be stable? Or will 10.2 be the next one for me to start with?
+Abbie Hoffman Technically none of the Nightlies are "stable".  This is especially true when big new features are added like this.  Privacy guard will probably have some serious bugs in it for the next few builds.

That being said, there are varying levels of stability, and you have to choose what level you are comfortable with.  Personally I have run almost every single nightly build in the 10.x line.  I wake up and flash them before going to work each day.  I have encountered bugs, but they have all been fairly minor.   You can always keep a stable on your device that you can flash any time if you run in to problems with the nightly.
why not included with 10.1 stable?
+Abbie Hoffman you not? Its a beta feature that has already been said is not going to merge to cm 10.1.0 final. What is the problem with nightlies? Just use them, they are better than stable 90% of the times, and for the other 10% u just reflash the old one and done. o.o

+Vann Mizan beta stuff equals nightly builds. I dont get why do people do not understand it
matt b
Why push 10.1.0 final now, when this feature is on the horizon? You guys have always been very judicious about when a final package is complete enough for release. I'm just curious as to what the decision making process was to release without what is shaping up to be an important feature.
+matt b The key of nightlies and M series before a final is to test the more experimental code. Incorporating this into the project when we were already in stage 5 for RC's would have invalidated that prior testing. 

It's much easier to know that the 10.1.0 code is good and ready, introduce new features that can potentially break things, then work our way back up to a stable 10.1.1 release. 
Extremely happy with RC5; and I'm excited to flash 10.1 on plane tomorrow! You guys' professionalism is noteworthy. Thank you from all of us time constrained nerds that still want our devices pimped out!! 
matt b
Thanks for the explanation Abhisek Devkota. 
How can I enable this feature for a set of applications already installed? Enabling for each individually (one by one in "applications" menu) too tiring. And is there any list of applications that are known to work incorrectly with the option anyway? Especially system applications. For example, some contacts synchronization etc.
I have the same issue on Samsung-SGH-i727 that +Vijay Shankar  mentioned. Force closes settings on uninstall of any app from within Settings. Uninstalling apps from F-Droid doesn't cause any issues.
Small issue on the 26 nightly. I have privacy guard enabled on Facebook and twitter, it does not show the notification upon opening the app. I can close the app and then re-open and it will display the notification. I upgraded from a previous nightly maybe I will try a clean install. Anyone else see this behavior? 
+CyanogenMod  Freezes every time i try to eneble privacy guard on facebook. And 26.06. nightly deleted all trebuchet icons, so i couldn't even open app drawer. Had to fresh install CM10.1 stable.
Two issues…

① The icon isn't displayed until the app is resumed.

② Ticking the Privacy Guard option for an app then not selecting an option from the “are you sure” dialogue box but instead cancelling it leaves the option ticked but not actually enabled. This can be seen by closing App Info for that app then re-opening it.

(I think that I have a fix for the latter.)
Would it be too much to add the camera and mic permissions to privacy guard?
+farzam noori under Security | App security

OTOH, when i enable privacy guard for certain my phone is not responsive and finally reboot itself.  Need further improvement.
+Bradley Uffner There is an option in settings that will enable privacy guard by default on any new app installs, so that covers any hooks that might be set. However, this new feature is (as expected) still clearly having the kinks worked out. Locked up my whole phone when I tried to disable privacy guard on a newly installed app.
Ok... But what is it???
There is an issue with nightlies (looks like privacy guard related). My phone(European Galaxy Nexus-maguro) will bootloop if I copy any apk to /data. Found this with my custom gapps, which copy some apps to /data. Affected ROMs so far: CM 10.1 nightlies and PACman. All other ROMs work as usual.
GPS Location isn't mentioned in the 'Enable Privacy Guard' dialogue. It should be.

Also I think it would make sense to split off location as a separate 'Location Guard' setting as there are a bunch of apps (eg. bushfire alert) that I want to allow GPS access for, but they don't need to read my sms's.
"Reset app preferences" in apps options menu doesn't reset Privacy Guard flag on 29 nightly.

Also need a way to quickly put the flag for a large number of applications. And it would be nice to be able to filter applications by the flag.
now i can install facebook .. good work :)
With privacy guard enabled twitter still grabs my google account email  on a new install. Is there anyway to know what is blocked / anonymized and what isn't with privacy guard?
Is there planned also restriced access to SDcards for Privacy Guard enabled applications?
My Apps can clearly still access the Location and Enable GPS.
Anyone else with this problem?
And where would I start searching how this happens.?
+Jakob Mühldorfer same issue, my apps can still get very accurate location when privacy guard is enabled
Is there any CyanogenMod available for Samsung Galaxy S Duos GT-S7562 ? 
Thank you for your answer.
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