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I spy, with my little eye, something that begins with a "p":

That's right, the long awaited first build for the pyramid (HTC Sensation) has just dropped, courtesy of +Ethan Chen and +Ed Carrigan
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I was watching that in the build queue - thinking - wonder if that one is going to finish..... Gratz to all you sensation owners.. That was my previous device - and a good one it was too.
Any chance there's a CM9 shooter nightly in the future?
Does this mean the HTC Rezound is coming soon?
+CyanogenMod does announcing any new build incur the wrath of the - When will my device be done? - posts?
Woo thanks guys! now to backup apps and install
You guys just had to beat HTC/T-Mobile to actually releasing it. :)
I'd like to give a shout out to +Mark Pyne and others who've been working on Sensation as well, thanks guys!
y'all, im new to this... is it stock ics or is it with sense 3.6? either way, thanks for the good work.. really appreciate.
Sweet looking forward to downloading It +kennedy myril Ken it will not have sense all cyanogen is aosp +William Meng WI asking for ETA it's against the rules ;) and +Matt Pietrzak mat are you a cop cause if so you should go by a iPhone ;)
Is there a lookup that maps all these fancy device nicknames to actual manufacturer brand names? Makes it hard to shop for new CM-capable phones when I can't find the names.
Andy L
Wow what a birthday present. One of the more anxiously awaited CM devices. Thanks Keyan, Mark, Ed, et all....
Hmm... Could an Amaze/Ruby build be far behind?
I spy with my little sigh something that is late to the party. something that starts with an 'H' but whos name is not Henry.

(Try SII X)
Is it "poor mascot change"?
+Artem Russakovskii This build is compatible with the T-Mo version. Apparently most of the features are working from what I hear as well.
OMG i seriously just shouted "yes!" out loud. I LOVE you guys!!
I'm still waiting for official merging of CM Source with the Picasso and Van Gogh (Acer Iconia series).
Was feeling a little down just now but this brightened me up!
Any particular radio or firmware that needs to be flashed first?

Pretty anxious to boot this up since the Euroskank nightlies bricked my other phone. I read the sd format issue is resolved with this. Any insight?
I have no clue what this is lol
Should work for most XE models - including the Sensation and Sensation 4G (but not XL)
Rich S
Nice! Does this have issues, or has it solved the few bugs that Mark's open sensation rom had?
It's a nightly, always assume it has issues and plan accordingly. As for whats broken, should be 1080p recording only
So far no problems here. Super smooth. + 1 for all parties involved. Thanks for making my phone perfect. (-1080)
YES!!! Now my beautiful pyramid can run CM9!!! The htc vision can stay on CM7, and the NOOK Color, well its perfect on CM7 too!!!
Any news on the radio version required for reliable operation? Or does it not matter?
Is there any news on the optimus 2x front or p990 front? I didn't saw it on the last release of 7.2 RC2. I'm still on stable because didn't wanna give it a go to RC1 because is my only phone.
+Artem Russakovskii art yes it's compatible but make sure you have the latest firmware radio and ril's flashed or you're data speeds well suffer but that is really true with Any ROM I guess
Newer are preferred (3.32), may see issues with older radio/firmware
Hi abhishek, Is there a recommended source for that firmware? That xda article is pretty long and rambling, difficult to figure out just what to do from that.
First run of FB caused reboot then boot loop until fix permissions was run. I'll file the bug properly later. Boot time is - 10 seconds. <3
If you are coming from sense, a full wipe will be needed.
That sounds like a standard bootloop; did you wipe coming from your prior ROM/OS?

Radio issues on HTCs usually manifest as, well, radio issues, or just wonky display/video
+brian reed shooter hasn't been forgotten, but we don't release until its ready. Its a fairly simple rule :)
Just booted cm9 on to my xoom. Love all you do!
im stuck on d boot up animation.. how long should it take?
oh, okk.... well i'll leave it and see what happens...
Mine won't let me sign into my Google account. Any advice?
lol, im totally lost. +Lancer Lenzner and i cant put anything on the SD now cause the pc isnt recognizing it... thx for the help tho... now i dont know how to reverse this.
+kennedy myril +Lancer Lenzner you guys have the latest firmware cause that will cause that as well you need the latest firmware how to flash and all that can be found at xda developers if your not already on there get on it will teach you a lot
I'm not good at helping. xD
Google is your friend.
Well at this point wait for a more stable release or just go use open sensation on xda
got mine to boot but it freezes once i unlock the screen... and then it restarts..
thank you sooo much for this. i love it
Great, the day I sell it for the one A.D. son of a...
Seems a commit from a day or so ago broke sim lock, results in a boot loop
I'm going to let this one settle to stable, since I'm already running on OpenSensation ICS. I'm wondering why ICS CM for the pyramid took so long, tho, what were the challenges for the devs? grumpy htc? weird hardware? Because when I'm buying my next android, the time before CyanogenMod will support it matters a lot :).
You guys Rock! thanks +Ethan Chen, +Ed Carrigan, +Keyan Mobli and the rest of the pyramid team!
+Ethan Chen Why there are two version of the mod? What may be suitable for the sensation xe?
Mark A
Holy Fu#$ing $h#t! YES!!!!!!!
shoit... it's getting closer and closer to Inspire 4G
Is CM9 available for Nook Color or Samsung Infuse? I noticed that on the forum for Cyanogen...Samsung Infuse isn't even listed. I use RC7.2 on my nook and would love to be able to on my phone.
I am on that site too...I just didn't know if it was safe to use it yet. Will login and download the ROM shortly. Thanks James.
+Chris Webster eyeballer is doing an unofficial nightly bot for the shooter. It's a bot that builds from source and post on twitter and goomanager
Went from Aokp to CM9 and it works well for a first build. Well done team. How do find out what has changed between the nightly builds, anyone know how to check?
Awesome, Thanks guys for all the hard work. We're not worthy... ;-)
Mark A
I should have never doubted you... the nightly I downloaded today was shockingly polished. Beautiful work. Thank you.
Thank you thank you thank you, I was about to sell my pyramid for a nexus :c
Dev's, I've upgraded from 7.1 to 9.0 and am experiencing bootloop, have rolled back to 7.1. Will attempt a fresh install and see what happens.
+Abhisek Devkota thanks, that worked perfectly in the end. A scary white screen boot loop for a while, but all is now awesome.
Is anyone else not getting any cell signal, because my phone keeps saying no signal
I'm also having this problem +Marshall Deeds but I've been telling myself it's my sim card. I'm in France and using 9-20120507-NIGHTLY-crespo
+Jolyon Ansuz have you guys tried putting your phone shell on?? The shells has the antennas needed I had that issue a while ago
leo my
hello,i want to know that cm9 for ace when i can download? thanks,and cm7 rom is very smooth~~
Not very stable for me yet, looking good though, look forward to trying it again in a few weeks!
/nandroids back to daily driver
I'm finding it very stable - I was running OpenSensation before this and Official CM9 is just as stable. I've not had a single FC or random reboot since the start of the uni semester (~1st of march)
Im finding it incredibly stable although first install my sensation was running really hot, wiped everything and reinstalled and everythings fine now
Awesome news! I Owned a Sensation for a long time, now belongs to my Fiancee, (now I have a One S) time to flash CM9 on the Sensation!
Installed on my Sensation XE and it runs brill! Thanks! :)
Once the Sensation is rooted and has S-off, are there any other prerequisite steps such as updating the radio or anything else etc?
Mark A
+Danny McGrath You need the 3.32 firmware update, otherwise you get a boot loop coming from Gingerbread. Firmware here: otherwise, check out the XDA forums.
Couldn't stay away - latest nightly running just fine - better than the "final" release of the ROM I was using before, in fact! Looking forward to the alphas / betas / RCs :-)
+Alex Maras considering they are the same device tree, cm9 will be just as stable as OpenSensation. Only difference is working DSP, 1080p camcorder & original htc photo resolutions (8mp widescreen etc). CM9 is lacking these.
I assumed as much +Mark Pyne - just letting a couple people know who were asking ;-) I know the differences well. none of them bother me.
oh also +Mark Pyne - thanks heaps for OpenSensation, you've done a fantastic job!
if you won troubles with MSM8260, may be you can make CM for Huawei MediaPad ?
I don't suppose there are change logs available for the nightlies are there?
Sven J.
no connect to the Downloadsite of Cyanogen Mod :-(
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