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With CM10 we started doing M-Series builds every month. These builds are intended to be mostly stable and ready for everyday use. We suspended building these
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Rob M.
ETA is now :-P  

They've all been M builds for the N4 thus far IMO.
Installed mine on my GS3 an hour ago. Works great! Thanks for all of yalls hard work
Seems you guys forgot to add the Galaxy S II I9100G to the list, even though there's an M1 build for it. :-P
Why are they labeled as experimental?
Ahh... I know it's so tempting, but... my Captivate is no longer capable of running these higher versions anymore. Sad....
Why not the i9100? Considering the i9100G already has an M build
+John Jolayemi Exynos4 devices won't get M/stable builds, too unstable due to Samsung's lack of cooperation. I9100G uses OMAP4 rather than Exynos4.
:'( Bluetooth distortion problem still exists on my d2vzw. Oh well, I'm sure it's being worked on! :) 
Will this work on the sprint sg3? just curious.
When is the Galaxy S Relay 4G gonna get some love?
+Josef Holland I've been running this since the unofficial got released on my d2spr runs great 
Question for anyone... What is the benefit of flash a M1 if the nighilties are stable as well?
Was the nexus 4 build named incorrectly, or is it still on the way? I only see a -manifestbuild up.
Edit: wifi is broken on that build, do not use it.
Why is it tagged experimental? I wonder if it's safe for my Galaxy Tab 2 7.0.
It's running extremely smooth! Thanks guys! Truly an amazing ROM. 
So, can I continue to update with the Nightlies after flashing the M1?
Still no 10.1 for hercules :(. Keep up the great work guys
+Jose Romero If you want to see if there is progress with that, you can go on the IRC channel of the people who are working on the hercules/skyrocket. It is "#teamchopsticks" on freenode.
Could u just make cyanogenmod 10.1 for zte blade plzzz it's an request
Yep, WiFi is certainly broke on the mako manifest build.
Point of a monthly is for someone who wants a stable-ish, workable, bootable build, yes its the same as a nightly, but they can be sure the monthly will work where as they cannot be so sure a random nighly will.

+Jack Montfort yes
Hats off to cyanogenmod .... even a three year old device continues to  get the latest version of android.....You guys are amazing.
Love it; can't wait for an M build for the Evita.
Does the M1 still have the hotspot issues and the Bluetooth audio streaming issues?
Does 10.1 M1 not have the ability to tune the autobrightness levels that 10.0 had?  I found that really useful on my galaxy nexus.  
Has anyone gotten Google Wallet to work in CM? I'm using a Nexus 4.
I'm also curious about wifi hot spot. Been dying to get it working on my gs3 so I can tether my n7. Thanks for all your efforts so far Team Cyanogen! 
One question: I'm currently running CM10.0 Stable on my Sprint GS3. I know I should make a backup either way - and I will - but can I simply flash an M-series build right over my current setup, or should I start over? 
I tried installing it for my N4 but it didn't work
+Chris Langill WiFi hot spot works fine on my N4 with CM i tether my Xbox 360 but my carrier block some access (can still play online) you should be fine on your N7 though. 
I know someone already posted this, but Wi-Fi is broken on the n4 build.
Yes waiting for camera freezing issues to clear up...might be related to gallery issues
So I had the bluetooth problem with my galaxy s3 the voice sounded garggled and such. Plus the stock rom was so slow. Then I flashed liquidsmooth rom. No joke this fixed the Bluetooth problem. So so so much better its like the nexus 4 put with galaxy s3 hardware. Also obviously no quad core proccesor so not as fast. In the. On the contrary expandable memory. :-) 
Just did mine for gs3 at&t. Now none of my google apps work and I cannot figure out how to get them started again. Tried uninstalling but now I cannot re-install. Any ideas?
Flash gappsbut before wipe data cache and davilik
Still waiting for the s2 skyrocket to get 10.1 support.
+Rene Aguilera CyanogenMod is actually not just a mod, but it's a ROM, but basically it's a stock android look, in this case it's 4.2 Jelly Bean, but it has a lot more customizable things, like the lock screen, the notification bar, lots of downloadable themes, and many other things that are nice, I highly recommend it :) 
Will the Galaxy S2 variants be supported eventually?
d adame
Been running the nightlies for a while now. Stable as can be for me. SG3 sprint
Any word on a cm 10.1 for Samsung Epic 4g Touch??
Do I have to send y'all my couch penny's to get the Touch Pad version of CM10
Great stuff, guys. Maybe one day i'll build up the courage to flash my gnote. :P
Just received it via System Update - looking forward to a non crashing experience after it finishes... hoping :)
is it necessary to have latest gapps for 10.1? Or can i do it later on?
will the CM-Updater do the update automatically, or do i have to flash it manually? if yes (auto), i will have the extra step to flash the gapps, right?
there's a bug in my Gio.. when in sleep, if i receive message, it isn't display a message text in notification bar..
just a little bug, maybe..
can i do an update from 10.0.0 to cm 10.1 M with the Updater without backupt my data? 
and what is the first step . install the newest gapps ffor 10.1 than complete updater? 
Int SIII development has stopped due to lack of support from samsung's side :( 
+Tim Weng Ma
 ok so, cm updater is configured to only deploy "stable" things. now it brings up the experimental build. a bug? or feature?
+Cole Longó  No, bud, not only Nexus.

* Samsung Captivate
* Samsung Nexus S (+4G)
* Samsung Galaxy S3 USA models (D2*)
* Samsung Galaxy S (galaxysmtd/galaxysbmtd)
* Google Nexus 7
* Google Galaxy Nexus (all variants)
* Google Nexus 4
* Google Nexus 10
* ODroid U2
* Samsung P3100, P3110
* Samsung P5100, P5110
WiFi won't turn on with this build on my nexus 4. 
thats gonna hurt
+CyanogenMod , another name for perfection!! Great job guys!!! I'm a nightly guy but so far CM 10.1 is sweeeeet and getting better with every nightly. 
When will the Galaxy Note 2 be added?
+Matthew Murphy did you use Odin to do it? Or the other one? I can't seem to find a good tutorial for s3 with cyanogenmod 10.1 
+Omar Khodr Please submit an issue to the tracker with full logs. Wifi is working fine on N4's M1 for me.
Native tethering still broken. Works only on open mode.
Any love yet for Samsung Galaxy Reverb
And even better, it shows in the CM10 Updates section. I still think the Updates section is the best addition to CM ever. Because moar CM.
not a single htc device?  tf101 also? htc saga? come on guys pleaseeeeeeee
I've been so jealous of the nexus 4 but with cm 10.1 there's no need, my s3 is just as beautiful and fast as or faster than the nexus :)
someone already installed experimental cm10.1 Metro PCS Samsung Galaxy S3 I wonder if there is a problem or something that may not go well
Hi friends, I wonder if you could make a CyanogenMod rom for my ngm Polaris! and possible? 
Got bored of waiting for feedback from someone with a Nexus 7, so upgraded from the previous nightly to this M and all seems ok and stable at this time.  WiFi is definitely fine, I don't use BlueTooth so can't comment on that.
I go into cm updater and all I see is nightlies and an experimental build. Anyone else having this issue?
I like you guys so much that you're still always caring about my Nexus S :)

And it really works quite well!
+Alessandro Battisti , if it's the same as mine, it will say cn-10.1-20130121-experimental-<yourdevice> ... That is the one, but understand the risks always ;)
+Omar Khodr Make sure (In "Settings -> About Phone") that you actually have installed M1. People reporting broken wifi have apparently installed a random test build instead of M1.
How can I find a device maintainer? No point asking about my phone here as it'll get lost in the sea of replies but I would like to know who to bother.
Got this via system update today, downloaded and installed via recovery. Had the goggle apps issue. Uninstalled them with titanium backup Downloaded and flashed gapps 20121212. Now seems all good. No wipe or anything from 4.1
How can we have a build "ready for everyday use" and WiFi tether is still not working? That seems like a pretty big thing to me. Screen flicker is gone though, thanks for fixing that!
Still prefer AOKP on my S3 :)
i use stock 4.2.1 now, but i really want to try this on my galaxy nexus.
I'll be checking out stock 4.2.1 when I get my Nexus 4, wil prob come back to CM though.  I do want to look at any UltraSecure ROMs
How is the GPS working? As I love #ingress , I had to stray away from the 10.1 builds till I'm sure the GPS is fixed.
10.1 has never had GPS issues, well not with my Nexus 7 anyway :)
Give Galaxy S2 users some love pls!
Can u save camera pics to external SD?
+Barry Smith not many grouper owners are taking the plunge simply because stock ROM is pretty solid, personally going to flash this for the added features, just recently flashed stable cm10 on my Galaxy Nexus(toro) and was blown away by the stability, everything I had used before seemed wildly experimental. When it comes to Android development these guys are the crème de La crème.
+christopher banda Yeah I have CM for the added features etc...  Only reason I'd probably change was if I found a ROM as active as CM, but was secure enough for MI6 ;)
+Luis Meléndez Exynos4 handsets and tablets won't be receiving M builds unless Samsung releases platform reference source that is less than a year out of date.

The Odroid-U2 was an exception - It doesn't have a camera AND in addition it has EGL binaries that support the legacy Gingerbread-era memory allocation architecture used by Samsung's published reference source code.  These EGL binaries lead to major graphics corruption on handsets and tablets, plus the old Gingerbread-era FIMC1 memory pool stuff is incompatible with newer camera HALs.

The nightlies are usable for many as a daily driver, but they're not at a state where they deserve an M or Stable designation.
I'm enjoying the M build on my Maguro as of last night. Great work to everyone involved in the development!
Bluetooth audio on d2tmo doesn't work anymore. It did the speed-up-garble thing before yesterday's commits, though. 
I thought the M build was just a snapshot of a recent nightly, but I noticed that for the d2tmo builds, there is a slight size difference between the M build and the two Nightlies that bookend it.

1/20 Nightly = 163.38 MB
1/21 M Build = 163.49 MB
1/21 Nightly = 163.37 MB

What would be included in the M build to account for the size increase? I'm just trying to understand what I'm losing/gaining if I stick with the nightly instead.

Thanks +Andrew Dodd for the reply. I thought about that too, but the file sizes for the past week have hovered around the 163.36 MB range.  What is added to the M build after the branches were forked to increase the file size. Just curious.
External SD card is none existent if I update the lastest nightly cm-10.1-20130121-NIGHTLY for the Samsung s2 . It says manifest cm-10.1-M1. Anyway when updated from previous days nighly the external SD card disapears . I restored a backup and the external SD card appears again. So make sure you backup b4 trying this nightly on the S2. 
Just noticed a bug on Cyanogenmod 10.1 for Galaxy Nexus (GSM): when you try to send a contact using NFC, NFC Service crash. It happens only with contact, not with pictures, link or whatever. Is it only me or it's a common bug?
Issue: mobile data not working
Any ideas? Vzw galaxy nexus
Updated from 10.0 to 10.1
Cell call and text works but not cell data. It shows 4 bars of 4g but its grey, won't turn blue
I wiped cache and checked every setting, turning 4g on and off, I just can't get mobile data working?
No, I assumed you could just update the apps from the play store. How does that affect mobile data anyway?
Well, it sounds like your mobile data is connected, but what turns the icon blue is when Google Talk gets a connection. Since Google Talk is part of Google Apps, if it's the wrong version, it won't get a data connection.
Using C. M. 10.1 nightly on my i9100 and it's really stable.. Wondering of M-snapshot... Please be fast.. 40 million users are waiting.. Keep up the gud work
Installed Toro this morning and runs great ... Thanks for all the time spent getting 10.1 running like a BOSS on the GNexus ! 
Just installed the M for the d2vzw. Loving it so far. Thanks for all the work. 
Installed on my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 10. Great stuff guys! Thanks for putting this great ROM out. Been on CM since the G1!
M1 for nexus s quick & stable so far. Liking lock screen widgets & customisable quick toggles. Good effort.
It seems that updating to the cm10.1-20130121-nightly broke all superuser previleges on my i9100 and aside from that i no longer can access sdcard0. Has anyone else experienced this?
Yo i'm on Galaxy note and it's giving me the error "No external storage available" both sdcard0 and sdcard1 are unmounted, how the hell am i going to flash the fix with the upcoming build, i still can see both after rebboting into recovery mode which means that the files are unharmed hopefull

dear +Andrew Dodd and +Daniel Hillenbrand 
Well guys it seems that everything works fine up until '19-nightly but as soon as u make that update to '21-nightly stuff gets broken so until there's a fix I'll stick with the latter.
+Jacob Heider Okay, thanks for the help earlier (I was using my wife +Allison Tucker 's phone to post for help since I couldn't). After some messing around I realized mobile data worked fine in the browser or elsewhere, I just couldn't use any Google app at all (G+, Gvoice, Gmessenger, GAllTheThings, etc) so I thought all data was down. I downloaded the gapps through Chrome and installed it, then had to go through setup.
This is why I was confused about why Gapps was needed. I thought 4.2 was so minor it was like a regular update, I didn't expect it to be a whole new OS install essentially (at least as far as the google apps are concerned).
Everything works now except GDrive keeps giving a "runtime exception" error in the notifications, though the app seems to work and Play Movies/TV keeps popping up saying it has stopped and the app wont work at all. Trying to search for a fix...
for when the final stable version
So I got an update notification from CM10 last night about this revision, and thus I applied it without much thinking. Well, that was a mistake.

Some applications didn’t make it past the update (Tasker, which I think was my fault anyway, since I put it in /system), and, worse of all, my Google account (and all options to put in a Google account) disappeared.

Well, I kind of know what the solution is — just clear the phone, reflash and restore from backups, which I would be willing to do… except that I’ve got deadlines to do. Oh well. I can live with the crippled phone for a couple of days.

Not that I came here to whine, mind you, I just want to know — does Titanium Backup work with this version of CM, or does the standard “Don’t use TiB to restore your apps” caveat apply here, the way it applies to other not-stable versions of CM?

Because if it doesn’t, I’m going back to CM10.
Please CM 10.1 for Hercules!!
Just replaced my aokp with cm10.1 M. Works great on my galaxy s3 d2vzw. Nice job guys!
+Patrick Saimesier I have Google wallet working with cm10.1 m1 on my d2att. I used the custom GW installer for d2att on XDA
My Nexus S is running smoothly as never before! Thanks so much 
Thank you. I was just thinking that it will be nice to have the camera access on the pattern unlock screen.
And the system update -- nice and easy, all in a single reboot - I'm impressed.
I installed it last night on my GS3 I535. So far the only problem is that when receiving phone calls, the phone app force closes and doesn't let me answer. Outgoing calls work fine, but it FC after hanging up. Keep the awesome job guys. 
Hope this build will also come for galaxy s3 I9300 soon! :D
Just installed on vzw galaxy nexus from cm10 stable. Had the gapps problem, installed latest gapps, but lost Google account info and wallet and voice keep crashing on open. Anyone got a guess as to what's going on? I can't access my voicemail. 
Is there any patch notes on this? I just went from cm-10-20121011 on my Gnexus to this, everything seems pretty much the same. Is this just bug fixes or is there something I just haven't noticed yet? Either way, everything is running smooth as can be.
can i use the updater from 10.0.0 to cm 10.1 M?
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/Storage/sdcard0 And sdcard1? pictures not loading in gallery. D2mtr
First I reverted to 17th nightly, it's fixed in 22nd for me (sg2) though!
okay cm 10.1 works fine ! i do it per cm updater from cm 10 stable and install the gapps manually per recovery mode after reboot!! im lookin forward for new updates!!
Hey guys Im new to cyanogenmod im running 10.1 nightly im trying to get mms text working any idea also does 10.0.0 stable have working mms? 
does this build have photosphere?
No Photosphere on the P5110 (without Google Apps, that is). With the ugly (additional!) notification bar, stark font weight differences and the misplaced navigational buttons, 4.2 is a major disappointment for me.
but is there photosphere for the T999 S3? (d2tmo
Well, so far I have 14 hours and 28% left on the battery. Data off, wifi on the whole day. A couple of calls, some minor gaming and a lot of texting. Samsung GS3 Verizon. 
Anyone no how to fix mms text issue on cm 10.1
We got our first 10.1 build today on the Sprint Note 2, Can anyone explain the roaming settings. I'm going travel soon and need to know how to turn on and off Int'l roaming and data
+Shannon Bowerman had the same problem. Cleared Data and Cache of phone app, turned it off and took battery out. After it boot up it worked fine and it has since. Hope this helps. 
Is AVRCP v1.3 back yet?  CM10 had it, CM10.1 nightlies lost it.
A little tired of Nightly build, when will it come for Galaxy S3 I9300?
+David Henk Go to settings, go to more settings below WiFi and Bluetooth, then go to mobile networks which is the last one below and when you click that, the help you need is there :D
I ended up having to do a full wipe (even though it was a 10.0 ->10.1 upgrade). After installing gapps, it was buggy and Google voice refused to work at all. So I did a full wipe and all works smoothly now.
Maybe if you installed gapps in the first place it works right. I just really didn't think it was a full update, I figured it was just a mild update coming from cm10.0
Seems that 4.2 is not so smooth as 4.1. Using Nova launcher.
Just installed mine an hour ago question between versions 10 and 10.1 how about Bluetooth audio, I I'm having issues with both versions listening to music via bluetooth connection to my car stereo quality is just not there any updates, information or feedback regarding this?
for Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000's not receive? Please! :)
When are you gonna include grass live wallpaper? That kicked ass!
Upgrade from 10.0 was smooth. No data loss. I had to reinstall youtube, google drive and google books though. Maybe because I also flashed updated google apps which should not be necessary. Keep on the good work.
Ive had to flash gapps because I couldn't sign into Google and have since also had to reinstall Google+, Google drive and music. YouTube is crashing too so will have to reinstall that too by the looks. Looks like its Google apps that you have to sign in to that are affected.
I am running this on my GS3 and I can't seem to find how to enable debugging in the settings. Can anyone tell me where that's at now? 
@louri lebedev do you know of an IRC channel to follow progress on S3 work? I'm particularly interested in work on the Bluetooth audio.
I know it's experimental, but has anyone else been experiencing constant force closing of apps? It ran great for a day or so and now im trying cluttered with FCs.
+Sean Inman Step 1) Go to the Settings menu
Step 2) Scroll down and tap on the About Phone link
Step 3) Scroll down until you see Build number and tap on that number seven times in a row
Step 4) After tapping the Build number button seven times, you will have successfully activated Developer Option
Step5)Go back to the main settings menu, its under developer options.
hello hope nobody bother me, but I wonder if there will be a version of CyanogenMod for LG P705 l7 that's it, my intention is not bothering just wanted to know
I cant get the weather to show up on lock screen with the m1 for d2att
And photosphere still isnt available on gs3
Is anyone able to use the multi-user functionality of 4.2.1 with the CM10.1-M1?  I don't have a "Users" item in "Settings".
+Lazarus Xavier I had the same problem with Drive Runtime Exception. Just remove the app and install it from Google Play resolved the problem. The transition happened almost smoothly. I only had to update the Google apps from the signed zip provided by Cyanogen, and reinstall Google Drive and Google Play Music.
+Justin Huang A Galaxy Nexus.  Thanks for the response, I guess I was confused with the new icon in the status bar (portrait icon with five squares at the bottom and right).  Tapping on it shows my mug shot, along with the other options, hinting that it should be possible to switch to another user.  Too bad it isn't.
Nightly is better than M1 :-P

phone : Captivate sgh-i897
hi, i have a problem installing cm10.1m for nexus 7 gsm, everytime i try to flash the zip i receive an error saying assert failed: getprop("ro.product.device") == "tilapia" etcetc. I use CMW touch installed with the nexus 7 toolkit. Can someone help me?
Not sure if it is just me, but the keyboard, all gapps are crashing. Cant even add an account to my phone. Using the latest nightlty on Xperia Ray
+Amit Kumar What gapps are you using?  Most recent is 8/28, I believe.  Did you do a full wipe?  You might also want to verify the md5 checksum on your rom.
+Alessio D'Arrigo Your recovery is very likely for non-tilapia Nexus 7.  I use TWRP for tilapia with success.
No crashes everything is flawless except no photosphere. 
+Amit Kumar You might just have updated CM 10.1 through the CM updater? In that case you still have to install gapps yourself. Easy with ROM Manager.
If I hold down on the menu button. Google now will not open up. Is this normal?
I found it under hardware keys > custom actions> long press menu button for search assistant. 
Sal C
I just installed the new updated nightly version on my wife's t989 sg2 and updated mine i777 and for some reason the volume is so low you almost have to put it next to your ear to listen, anyone else experiencing this issue
Sal C
I think before 2 updates the volume was great it was loud but something happened in the transition.. so ur not alone +Becky Bryson 
Hello all...i want to set camera jb+ as my primary at the lock screen but there is no option for it nor pop up choosing the default...
When I go into notification light and set any color it will only show up white. S3
Is it available for i9100g, and how to flash it?
I will use this rom next time.
How about some love for the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket? :D
Revert to nightlies as i experience problem with m latest nightlies, i dunno whether this is my s2 prob or my connectify/laptop problem, i cant connect to my wifi after been disconntected, and it shows that im out of range...but my laptop is just in front of me...please tell me this is my connectify/laptop 's problem...thanks...
+Tim Weng Ma , is your wifi listed after disconnected? Mine is not in ranged when i want to reconnect...mybe there's sonething wrong with my Cm or the connectify/laptop...hope that the latter one is the problem...
Where do I get the latest GAPPS? 
Corny. Google Now doesn't work, no photo sphere, no multi Window, etc. What is 4.2 about this ROM besides Day dream and widgets on the lock screen? Ya'll are getting real lazy. Un installed after 20 minutes. I used to be a fan boy. The features I want were found on about 10 other ROMS; but Wicked Sensations make this ROM look like a 2 way pager. Get it together, people. 
Multi-Window is done by Samsung not Google hence why its not included
Works fine on my Nexus S. Just the gallery issue is annoying :-( 
+Bill Tibbutt Do you have a problem with gallery? It's not syncing my picasa pictures anymore 
Excellent ROMs and work fine on start but after 2-3 mins settings,gallery even menu button crash to home screen and it become impossible to open menu without reboot , i guess cyanogenMod 10.1 android v4.2.2 with data partition of 160 MB is not that successful in ZTE Blade....
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