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Phone icon -> "App not installed"? Don't panic

After updating CM from 10.1 to 10.2, some people are stumbling onto a App is not installed message when hitting their previous homescreen shortcuts  to the phone dialer (the blue headset icon).

Don't fret, this is happening simply because the dialer has a slightly different location now, and the shortcut you had is no longer valid. Your phone can still dial :-) Just get rid of your old shortcut (long press it, and fling it out of the screen), and create a new one by dragging the same icon from the All Apps list (aka "the app drawer") onto the same location.
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I think this may be generally true of 4.3 Roms. Shiny Rom on the Toro had the same problem.
Yes, +Jaime Lefebvre, because the rename happened upstream in AOSP. It will affect anyone building from that base.
how to flash CM 10.2 to a nexus 4 with original ROM ?
Actually, so did stock on my Nexus 
CM10.2 has the deadlock. Ugh, I was excited for this too... /:
Working flawlessly on my AT&T SGS2 Non-Skyrocket (SGH-I777)!  Thanks CM team!
Very noob newb noobie question. Wtf is a deadlock lol
Thx great job, puzzle me too~~~
So people follow +CyanogenMod , and still don't understand how to change an app/shortcut on their homescreen?? Im not much for name calling, but a big ol "NOOOOB" is definitely in order... 
+Chris King all ROMs built on JSS (latest AOSP branch) have a freezing issue, randomly triggered by the user. freezes your screen for like 2 secs.
I think people know how to change shortcuts, but when people see errors sometimes they panic instead of trying to figure it out...
Excellent job, CM team!! Very excited for the newness!

I have noticed one interesting thing, which will probably be solved via a clean install - blue color for data connection is missing for both cell and wifi connections, the icon stays gray even though there is data connectivity.

Great job CM!
I get that +Adam McBride , but if you (someone) were able to unlock,root, install custom recovery and flash a ROM, a simple "app not installed" error should cause no panic. But I see what you're saying
is anyone else seeing the old (Gingerbread) search app in the drawer and when clicking on the search bar, in stead of the ICS/JB one?
Wait... So people are dirty flashing from 10.1 to 10.2?
Thank you +Atilla Akarsu I myself have had that issue with the new PAC rom. Thanks for the explanation
+Al Omahen
Yes most of us are "dirty flashing" and as always (at least since CM9) it works perfectly fine.
OK with the newest nightly has anyone charged their device to 100% then leave it unplugged and off overnight , then start it up in morning look at the battery drop overnight ? curious if anyone has done this. as mine drops 70% overnight when it's shut off .

With 10.2 usc
Thanks Kelley. With the base change I wasn't sure if it would fly that way. 
I'm wondering why the build prop shows both build numbers. JSS and JWR. Weird. 
Why is the automatic contact finder not working anymore (when you dial usually there is suggestion next to the number)
Buggy as hell on mako. Crashed five times in a row earlier when trying to write an email. Installed new gapps but Google play store doesn't work. Says it doesn't have background data enabled. 
Whew! :) installed 10.2 lost root, then re-installed after wiping everything off, (added gapps back), but then the keyboard didnt work, so backed to 10.1... Now restoring my apps.. I'll wait for the next 10.2 to see how things look.. (my clockwork mod app vanished too for some reason when i first went to 10.2)
+Ivan Makfinsky I'm having the same issue (gray wifi/cell status bars), and Play Store can't connect.  But Sync works just fine with all of my gmail accounts.  (toro, cm10.2 nightly)
+David D. Stanton that's likely due to the changes in the filesystem, all .sh files got killed, so ROM Manager wasn't able to restore itself after the update.

I had the same issue with my S4 navigation bar mod. 
+Al Omahen +Kelley Cook What do you guys mean by dirty flashing? I'm kind of noob in CM (I did figure out the app shortcut issue though) and when I installed 10.2 on top of 10.1.2 Stable it messed up the entire system. Some apps disappeared, just like the Play Store couldn't access Internet etc... Then my phone simply rebooted by iteself. I had to reinstall an old image of 10.1 and then re-update to 10.1.2 Stable. What would be the correct process to go to 10.2? Wipe everything off and reinstall from a 10.2 image directly? Thanks for the help! 
I personally dirty flash nightlies until I'm updating to a higher version. So flashing yesterday to today's build is dirty, and flashing 10.1 to 10.2 is clean. Losing data isn't a huge issue because of Titanium Backup restoring everything I care for.
Is there a new Gapp version or is GApp 4.2 Ok? 
Focal pic sphere didn't work on my captivate mtd
Guys, after the update my Google Play doesn't connect. I am getting "No connection" message and Retry button, but hitting Retry doesn't load the content.  Please advise.
+Vlad Yushvah I had issues with Play connecting and then not able to download apps.  I am not sure how far you have to go, but try these things:
1. Stop the Play Store and Google Services Framework and clear their data and cache.
2. Boot into recovery and wipe the cache partition.
3. Remove your google account, re-add and reboot.
+Mike Podruchny That was gonna be my next bit of advice, so many people seemed to have skipped over the part where there's a new gapps package though, so that seemed like a good first step.
I'm having to go and manually connect my phone... Have to press ##4636## then select GSM because it keeps going to CDMA when I reboot and get no signal... On Cm 10.2 Mako... I'll stick with Cm10.2 for now... It can only get better from now 
Everyone seems to have passed over this line from the post about the 10.2 rollout.

"Update your third party addons. Don't complain if you break your build by flashing incompatible (ie 4.2) zips on top of CM."
Noobs will be noobs. But good you guys adress it via G+.
I'm getting a lot of "Unfortunately (some app) has stopped"
looking forward to the cm10.2 for I9500
+Jose Doreste If it's your Google apps that keep crashing, try removing and re-adding your Google account. You may also need to re-install the crashing apps from the Play Store.
Think I'll give it a few nightlies before flashing. Let the bugs iron out. 
+Junyi Yu it's not the stock camera, you're looking for Focal, should be in your app drawer.
just wipe/factory reset and forget about problems
what I did for my Nexus 4 was that I fac. reset, with data backed up by helium, flash the nightly, and flash Banks' gapps on xda, along with more adds-on there. Everything is working fine :)  

For root access, Settings --> Developer options --> Root access --> Apps and ADB
Dirty flash over a 10.1 nightly on Mako and working beautifully. 
Be sure to check your radio version mine was .28 and it didnt work with 4.3 had to go to .48. Once i did i could hear and be heard in phone calls 
+Stephen Cothren #1 on the list should have been to make sure that gapps was updated properly.  I had some trouble with this when I downloaded directly on my phone.  For some reason I ended up with 7-8k zip files that were invalid.
Busybox and Titanium Backup not able to get root permissions. Help!
Wow, I thought I was the only one who always forgot to flash GApps… this time I took precautions and downloaded 4.3 GApps before the mako nightly was even there
How i check to see if my phone still rooted 
I enabled root for apps and ADB in Developer options. After a reboot everything worked as usual.
+Stephen Cothren My youtube is crashing a lot. Most Google apps are crashing a lot plus Titanium Backup is not able to restore apps and is stuck on 1%. Am i missing something?
+Abhilash Tiwari I'm not certain, I actually just did a clean flash, to see if I could reproduce some stuff and am in the middle of a Titanium restore, which is working fine.

I grabbed the latest gapps from (8/13), and I did have to reboot after changing the root access settings to actually get root.

So far, I'm having no issues aside from the missing option to turn off the capacitive backlights on my S4.

I use a navigation bar mod, so it's driving me nuts! XD
Lol not sure why they had to send a "don't panic alert". A little bit of investigation and it's not hard to figure out that the shortcut was bad. 
+Jose Martinez It is good thing to do.  I still remember the panic calls I got from some friends when they seem to have deleted the Market when Google renamed it to Play Store
A couple strange things.  If I try changing the superuser access setting, it doesn't actually change (says apps and ADB).  Also, the lock screen wasn't coming up, but a restart seems to have fixed that.  So far nothing serious, so we'll see if tonight's nightly cleans things up.
im having WIFI issues after update to 10.2  on my GS3 :/
Working sweet as a nut on my sg2 thank you for all your hard work team cyanogenmod
Google play cannot access internet 
Google play cannot access internet 
10.2 keeps randomly rebooting on my i9300... tried flashing latest 10.1 nightly back on but it just gets stuck on the CyanogenMod logo. I'm a bit of a noob but I tried wiping the caches in ClockworkMod but no luck
THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH SUPERUSER.  Go into Settings >> Development and change root from "Apps" to "Apps and adb."
Thanks for posting this. I was completely prepared when I flashed to the 10.2 nightly and saw an android icon in place of my phone icon. =)
Anyone else have two 'clock' apps? One works flawlessly, the other crashes when clicking on alarm?
Phil H
My main problem is more around the phone rebooting every 30 minutes or so, the disappearance of Google+ and major instability of WiFi and mobile network connections. 

That, and the fact that the CM updater isn't listing any nightly builds for download. Not one.
I'm having loads of problems with a clean install of the cm-10.2-20130815-nightly-i9300.... The AOKP keyboard fails by fc and the menu and back buttons don't seem to work.... Basically can't do much with it..... Anyone with same issues? If so, any solution or workarounds?...
Found yesterday's CM 10.2 to be little sluggish than CM 10.1 stable version. I applied a theme but the phone icon didnot change. I read it in some posts that for Gapps the icons cannot be changed.
My Toro much of the above mentioned funky stuff, so just did a wipe/clean install and seems better now. Usual stuff. I am definitely happy to see folks helping each other out so much on this post!
Same thing happened with my gallery icon ;)
Problem I'm having is anytime I reboot apps disappear from my app folders or app folders disappear completely.
there is no TV out (galaxysmtd i9000) option in cm10.2  , we are waitting you Thanks very match, you are great :D
+Max Moore try wiping the data partition, along with cache and dalvik cache. If that still fails, go to mounts and storage, them format each partition, and without rebooting, install your ROM, should work! 
Thanks +Joshua Deetlefs I'll try that if I upgrade and it happens again. For now I've gone back to cm10.1, I might wait for a few more nightlies to come out first :)
Boy your a helpful ray of sunshine.
Thanks for advice, but I also have one more problem. I have Samsung Galaxy SII and after I instaled 10.2 it keeps telling me that Im short on space in internal storage.  When I click on it It sais I have 1,9GB used and 93MB free, but this device has 10GB internal memory not 2GB. Any advices with that? Didnt have those kinds of problem with previous versions
I have the same problem,when I install vpncilla,it tell me I am short on space in internal storage.
Well, I haven't instaled anything. This message automaticky popped after I updated to 10.2 and since message is still there and I cant rid of it. Also for some reason I'm not able to connect to google play. Its not wifi problem cos 3G doesnt work either. 
Well, I did not. Because I'm using Cyanogenmod for and while, which mean I'm using auto update feature, So no formating or erasing dalvik. BTW havent tried to reinstal gapps for dunno, 3 mnths? 
Great, thanks mate! Will install new gapps I will consider reinstaling whole system, which hopefuly resolve problems. THX  one more time. 
anyone else having rom manager crashing withtodays cm 10.2 build? i cannot fix permissions its not a option in the latest cwm recovry....
How can we enable USB audio? I cannot find the option anymore. Used to go in settings->sound but the menu is now different. I need to do that to enable audio use for my iBolt audio car dock. (using Galaxy S3 AT&T)
Says dialer has stopped working even if I open from app drawer HtC one 
My issue (stating this to see if anyone else has gone through this) is my sgs2 i777 can connect connect to wifi or atts network. I know Att isn't the best and I've rebooted my router. I ended up using a back up, anyway point is anyone else have this issue? 
Thanks a lot for all the hard work into CM 10.2. Still running 10.1.2. Will wait for a few weeks before deciding to take a plunge.
Ossie N
Is anyone experiencing bootloops with 10.2 on HTC One X? 
+Ossie N if you are experiencing boot loops you have to reboot into recovery and wipe the cache, as well as the devlink cache under advanced settings 
Ossie N
+Daniel Hanna thanks Daniel, I tried all of that. The solution in the end from the Cyanogenmod forum was to flash the boot.img in the update zip using fastboot. All working now :-) 
+DazKat Howard You can add contacts, you just have to be the one contacting the other person. After you do, they will be in your recents category, and upon pressing and holding over the number, an add as contact option is available. OR, you can be less lazy and copy and paste their number into a new contact.
And what about the lockscreen icon that leads nowhere...? How can I still use the default icon for the lockscreen instead of the app icon (the blue one), so that all my lockscreen icons are white...?
SGS2. I re installed the latest nightly (10.2) with the signed GApps for 4.3. Reset my phone and installed from scratch. Problem is, the stock camera app is nowhere to be found! I re flashed  (GApps 20130813) and still cant locate. I can get to the camera from the lock screen by swiping to the right but no icon to launch from the phone itself. Pls Help! thanks...
Since I had installed the Cyanogenmod custom rom onto my Samsung Galaxy Galaxy W, the apps I used to install on the official stock rom 'Android 2.3.6 now show this boring message 'app not installed', it is all about some apk apps like Clean Master, X-plore, Polaris Office 5, The Quran, the Alarm and many more... the blueftp can't even turn on bluetooth by showing some error message. If there is no solution to this "application not installed's issue" then I will get back to the official stock rom
You have to app your system apps package file. Also uninstall and reinstall all of your apps, since they are no longer running on android 2.3, but android 4.3. Update your gapps as well. If you don't know how to do this, look it up online.
+Chris King A "deadlock" is when two parts of a program get stuck waiting on each other to finish, and each part refuses to go any further until the other one does. 

Imagine if two trains were trying to use the same piece of track, and each one refused to move until the other one did. They'd never get anywhere.
for some reason when going to 10.2 I can't get Google+ to work. I did a clean install also. Tried several times but can't get it to work and now it's gone and can't install from market because it doesn't show up. I tried to sideload G+ but wouldn't install either. Any suggestions
Can anyone tell me why after installation of gapps on my 10.2 Rom...I cant see the applications?  If I go into Settings Apps I see some of them.  Where is Google Play?  How come I can get to them from the home screen? 
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