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Because some of you kept asking

This brings all Galaxy Nexus' up to speed (including toro and toro plus).

The device roster is shaping up nicely, nightlies may start sooner than you think ;) (but don't bother asking when).

inb4 when or 'random device here'
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yay, my old ass Nexus S gets another sexy update!!!
Nice work! Pleaseee work on the Gal Tab 10.1 inch next! Please! 
+Baron LeBourgeois in that case, I will add that device to my blacklist of updates :p

This post was mainly for those that didn't understand when we said 'AOSP devices' that included all variations of a family (toroplus was posted early in the Roll Calls). 
Just looking at that photo. Is the baseband still at XXLF1? Cause when i update my maguro (takju) to JOP40C, it got updated to XXLH1.
Please try to get 10.1 for the Desire s guys
Why must everyone ask to bring cm to their respective device....even when they clearly are poking fun at the people that do it. I get some comments are intentional but really, some users are all gimme gimme gimme...
I'm glad to hear it, but should toroplus users expect a stable 10.1 build?  There never was a 10.0 stable release for that handset.
I'll have a double cheese burger no pickles.
Are you guys considering to give us the option to use the 4.1 style lock screen? I think it's a better design and more intuitive.
I've been running Euroskank's CM10.1 kang for about 24 hours now on my GSM GNexus and am happy to report almost everything seems to be working great, the built in live wallpapers seem to be broken at the moment and I struggled to get the gesture keyboard to work (I had to flash a different gapps, might be the reason) +Euroskank +Rick C 
Thanks a lot for your hard work.
it's a great news,ant long time can't login g+
No need for getting a new phone if this is happening :) 
Paul W.
The HTC One X never managed to reach stable status for CM10, so I imagine it may have similar problems for CM10.1. I may be totally wrong about this, but it would seem that as #Android matures +CyanogenMod is becoming much more streamlined in its device support. To the point that I fear in the future we'll only truly see it on Nexii devices.

That said, the issues that continue to prevent the #HOX from reaching stable status are the lack of unified HBOOT resources, incorrectly rotated MHL output and no working WiFi Direct. I imagine that the HOX team could do with some additional support to get these things working.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Jellybean got an official release for the HOX today, so let's hope the source code expressly follows and that can alleviate some of the problems the HTC One X CyanogenMod team are facing. Follow the thread on #XDA for further information.
I would love to see CM on the galaxy note 10.1 without losing the usability of the stylus and multi window view. 
was wondering where the Nexus devices went...they are usually some of the first to get custom ROM support for new versions of android. also, +CyanogenMod , 4.2.1 is rolling out right now so you may want to look into incorporating that tiny update as well which (afaik so far) fixes the "December" issue.
Good work guys. I'd like to be a part of this dream team someday. 
Would it be a good idea to update my maguro baseband to the latest before flashing CM 10.1 (when its available.) I am still on xxla2 which I believe is the ICS baseband which came with my phone. 
First rule of the Cyanogen club: don't ask for ETAs.
Are you gonna port CM 10.1 to my basketball shoes, btw?
How do I get 4.2 on my maguro? I switched back 2 nightlies, but I'm still on 4.1.2.. can any1 help me?
Are you kidding? If you want 4.2 on your maguro, stick to stock.
You're welcome. i apologize for my harshness, for one second I thought you were trolling. CM 10.1 nightlies should be on their way, though: think about them for a Christmas present.
Maybe because 'Nexuses' are the first devices to get official updates from the Google mothership and can wait a little more for CM love, whereas most devices would get stuck in a "no update hell" if it weren't for our guys: it's called 'karma'.
Get overclocking working again for 10.1 and make my day! 
My Gnex is patently waiting. CM ROCKS!
Why is there an old kernel?
Doesn't 4.2 require kernel 3.4 to work?
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