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Update 1:45pm EST

We've done it! Thank you all so much, our goal has been reached after a mere 8 hours! You guys and gals are incredible!

From the entire CyanogenMod team, you have our thanks!
As you may know, our nightly builds have recently been sporadic at best. The reason behind this is that previously, we had access to a large compute cluster to
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Done- sent you $10 as thanks for the CM7 running on my Nook Color.
Sent $5 - CM7 on HP Touchpad and EVO 4G. Will do more when I can.
I've given what I can spare for the moment. I'm sure the community will get behind you on this. Another option is to start a Kickstarter project outlining your aims for Cyanogen and what you need to continue.
Oh wow, the response already is great!! I hope we can pull this off!
I'd donate if you had payment options beside Paypal. Boycotting them after a close family member got hacked, swindled and got nothing refunded.
done, 5$ for cm9 @ gt9100
Donated $5. All I can afford as a non working student :/
Thanks your work with:
[x] share it
[x] donate
[x] +1'd...
[ ] Open a Champagne (it will be a beer ^_^)

I've left only one task about it.
Unfortunately there is no Stable build for HTC Sensation, but you deserve help for all the great work.
Donated 5$ too. Cm9 is great!
$30 donated. Keep up the awesome guys!
I've chipped in, you guys are more than worth it!
i'll wait and make a bigger donation when a stable CM9 for sensation or asus transformer comes out.
Donated 10 USD too! You guys are among the small portion of selfless people left and the work you do is incredible! Thank you!
Can someone put up the PayPal link up here? For some reason I can't see it on my Prime.
+Steve Kondik just donated, was a very easy way to say thanks for everything you do for the community!
Brett S
$25 Thanks for all you guys do.
Done! Hope this is succesfull! Keep up the good work!
You already have my bucks each month :-) (10$ from blackdixxa )
I wonder what the possibility of a Distributed Build Environment would be. I'd be happy to download a virtual machine I didn't have login rights to that made an SSH connection to a controller and downloaded files to build. If I could flag a preference for building stuff for my phones that would be so much the better.
Done :-) Now, gimme back my daily nightlies :-P
Done. Did before when I installed CM7, and will again when I get CM9. Not bothered about the nghtly builds personally, but it all helps towards a stable build.
Aand I donated. I love Cyanogenmod, and I kinda wish you guys had asked sooner. If I had known your build machines were lost and not just having software issues. X3

Cant wait for CM9~!
Done! Thanks so much for cm9 on touchpad & cm7 on sgs2. You guys rock!
Could not give much but i gave what i could. How much needs to be raised?
Cm9 Sensation or og tranformer and ill toss 20 bucks.. sensation support on cm7 was lack luster few builds and hardly a daily driver. My hopes are higher for cm9 keep up the work.
Donated 5$. Thanks for making CM7 on my Wildfire. You guys rock!
I don't Like Paypal but I like Cyanogen more 10$ are on the way.
Sorry, I'm not chancing Paypal taking a penny of any donation as a cut.
Money Sent - Thanks for making my HP Touchpad run ICS!
Done. Eagerly waiting for GTab 10.1 release :)
I will have a talk with the Dept. Chair at the University here and see if they can't get you some cluster time in. I know there is one sitting there doing nothing right now. It's about 30 Dell Optiplex boxes at the moment. Let me know if this would help.

Edited to add - I don't use this but I believe it is important to the community.
$100 = DONE = Unique Transaction ID #6T496953VY627533J
and another $5, you've made my HTC Desire good again (ran out of space before). Keep up the good work.
Done. A little contribution! I hope for the best, since you guys do an amazing work!
$5 donated. Thanks. Been enjoying your work since the G1.
Sent you $ 15. With my great thanks for awesome work you are doing.
cm deserves it more than any others imo, donating again
Once cm hits sensation Im the first to donate :)
+Sebastian Sundmark it people don't donate it wont hit the sensation thats why they are asking for people to donate.
I've donated as soon I saw this post. CM deserves it and more.
I've donated, keep this good work up
have other way to donate?
Was waiting for CM9 for my G2, but pitched in $10 for now... tnx for the work...
I sent $30. I don't actually care about the nightlies directly, but CM7.1 made my G2x not suck. (I'm sure the nightlies indirectly help me as bugs get reported and fixed.)
I'll donate, just don't ask me for an ETA of when... :P
$50. hoping for continued htc glacier support, but all of the work is important!
$30 for the effort - I hope it helps you keep *old* phones like the HTC Evo 4g amazing!
Donated. Please use something other then paypal in the future.
Donated $25, hope it helps to get some solid servers for builds.
Donated 20 USD (or 19.1 AUD :) hehe Aussie dollar kicking ass)
Made it rain all over your cm faces.
CM is Android's best hope. I'd like to hear how much they raise!
It's great that so many people are donating for the hard work of cm devs, but would the post of a charity organization have the same effect? I don't think it would have the same response as this is having
Donation sent. Thanks for all your hard work.
$20 more on the way.... here's to hoping nightlies come back for the Inc
$5 sent. I use CM on all my devices.
What news of the Bytemark Hosting servers offer? Seems like if you take them up on that offer, then donations are unnecessary.
Donation through the forum link "Donate" goes to the same fund right?
Sent you a 'digital Andrew Jackson'. Thank you for your dedication and hard work.
Donated USD 100/-, hoping for continued SGS support
If my own finances weren't in the toilet, I'd help support you guys, especially since the Droid X2 requires so much work! Appreciate the work and I will always be a CyanogenMod fan. I am even teaching myself the basics so that I can help develop, as well. In time.
Just donated, kudos to you guys for the great work!: )
done - 10€ from Dresden/Germany !!!
$50 for still being in love with my Desire Z thanks to you.
Donation sent. Thanks for all your hard work.
Do you know if there a a tracking of the Total donated ? it seems ti me that there is already 10000$ donated when I see the comments !
I made my yearly donation early this year. I would like to thank everyone involved. Cyanogen has come a long way since the G1 days. It absolutely amazing that a group of volunteers can make the phones so much better than the stock Roms. Message to cell phone companies, please pull your head out rear end and open source the drivers.
+Steve Kondik would machine donations be an option? Have a couple dell poweredge 2950 with dual quad xeons and 32gb ram. Anything to get tmo sgs2 support
Some of toy guys are are as bad as the special interests that are destroying this country with all the "I have this platform and will send money when I see it updated". Just support them if you like the work, no one wants to read about your phone campaign
Donated, remember to tell us what compute cluster setup CyanogenMOD gets, I love massive hardware setups
I refuse to use paypal. Sorry. Please accept a service like Dwolla.
$15 thanks for making my touchpad awesome.
I'm pretty sure you're not planning on supporting the rezound so no donation
Better make a project at kickstarter (or similar) to track how it's going
Donated $20. Never donated to anyone! Love your work! Hoping for a Evo3D CM9 !!
10 USD sent your way. A small price to pay to see Ice Cream Sandwich on my Nexus One
Donated $10 for the touchpad cm9 rom. Thanks for all the hard work .
I tossed in $15 as thanks for making my GS2 usable.
Sent you guys $20. Thanks for all the hard work!
If you're still looking for new (Xeon)-hardware you can contact me. Maybe i can help with that.
Donating, buy don't ask me for an ETA on when you will get it
My G2 wouldn't be the same without you. Done.
In my world Android = Cyanogenmod
The first day i bought any of my phones HTC Desire, Wildfire, Samsung i9100 i put CM on them.
Great work... Donation done :)
Just contributed my little bit. I think it would be very encouraging and uplifting to see a "live" status of the community contribution total!
Just contributed a little bit. You and your work well deserve it!
15 USD from me. Now waiting for nightlies :)
I know 20 bucks isn't a lot but I hope enough people chip in so you guys can make it happen. Cheers.
Done! It would be great to know, as soon as you know, if you reached your goal.
Thank you all! The goal has been reached!

For those of you unable to donate via Paypal, thank you for the intent anyways! It means a lot. We chose to stick with Paypal because it was something that was already setup for this kind of general donation, and coordinating new methods via the entire CM team is a time consuming task. We will look into more options in the future (should we ever do this again).

For those of you who volunteered hardware/servers, should the donation drive prove to be insufficient, we ask that you post your intent in the comments, so we have a means of reaching you.
+CyanogenMod that means that we'll be CM9 for everyone soon :-) ?
Come we can ask for ETA as you ask for donations. :-)
Cheers guys
+Alessandro Meloni we have never asked for monetary donations before. The community asks for ETAs all the time. I'm going to go ahead and say, no :)
+Chris Soyars yet, it would be great to know how much we managed to collect, and what this means. What kind of servers, and some wild estimate on when will they be operational. And also nightlies. When will they be back on track. As I can understand it, the goal for this was very specific. Servers for nightlies. So we can at least have some specific answers at least for that :)
+Metin Akat as soon as we have servers in hand the community will know. But keep in mind we all have jobs, so we never really have an ETA for things coming back online.
+Metin Akat agreed, as part of this, we owe you some transparency on the use of the money and etc; we will be certain to do so.
Darn, I donated my 20 bucks after you reached your goal. Keep it up with the Nook, and if you could give my LG P509s (Optimus T) some love that would be great.
Already reached goal? Well fine, I guess I don't need to donate...
I've been meaning to donate for a while, I'll go donate in the general fund...
After CM announced my OG Moto Droid would not get CM9, I immediately started looking at the Galactus. I want to make sure I've got CM support as long as possible. After a year with CM, I can't live without it anymore :D
Even tho you guys reached your goal I still donated for support been using cm since the n1 came out and appreciate the efforts guys
Was this a Google+ only effort, or did you also ask for donation on places like Facebook or similar? Would be fun to know which "channel" turned out to be the most lucrative.
+Steve Hammatt Steve thanks,I should have read the whole thing instead of rushing to donate, anyways very glad to see goal has been reached
Saw this a little late; wish I could have noticed it earlier, but anyway, just donated $25. Been using CM since v4 :)
Late to this... So are donations still welcome via this route or should we revert to the CM homepage/forums again?
Are you going to own the server or rent them?
Done... thanks for the great work
Congrats CM. just installed cm7 on my friend's nexus one and he loves it :)
Gin Yum
Got to it a bit late, but $20 donated for you guys to use however you see fit. I make my phone buying decisions based on if you support the phone. Thanks for all the hard work the team puts in.
$20 on the way. I might be able to get you guys a pair of HP DL380 G5 dual proc servers with 32GB RAM, which we were going to recycle anyway, IF CM would be able to pay for the shipping. Email or message me here on G+ if you might be interested in that. ONLY for the CM project please, no other requests. :)
Good deal... totally worth it! My Evo 4G would not be the same with out CM7!
Donated as well. Even though my Moto Milestone isn't officially supported, the CM7 and now the CM9 builds were the only thing that kept it alive for me until now!
$25 sent your way.... been running since the N1 days and hope to see CM9 on the GS2 T-989
Donate sent.! Cause U'r worth it. :-)
Done, $50 donated to the cause. Looking forward to CM9.
For next time would you please add Google Checkout as an alternative to PayPal, as many requested in the comments.
Shocked to say the least, just as a matter of interest how much was donated in total?
Waiting for CM9 as a daily driver for my gti9100. Have you guys thought about using DWOLLA for donations. may be easier fir some ...
Even though I'm on a TMO SGS2 that doesn't have official CM ROM, CM team deserve help.
You guys should look into kickstarter. That's a good way to get some funding going as well.
Excelente deseoso de poder usar esta nueva rom
I was going to donate now (this morning UK) should we do it to this fund or the normal one?
I know you've hit your target but I just threw you $50 for the good work done by all of you guys - Android wouldn't be the same without you :)
Keep it going!! I just sent you some dough too. Love you guys! Keep up the good fight!
Donated some spare I'm glad to be part of the cause. Will do more often.
A little more can't hurt, right? Thanks for CM7, looking forward to CM9.
Hoping you guys will build facebook integration into the people app and calendar app like so many manufacturers do
+Jeremy Mundell we wouldn't have to do any hacks around it if Facebook would use the proper api for the default integration....
just cuz 8GA11994J05408923
thanks again it's not much but hopefully i can give more in the future
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