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+Ricardo Cerqueira sat down with XDA recently for a developer interview

To piggy back on our comment about the N1 and CTS, Ricardo describes why we don't just shrug off that requirement. 

Because it opened a can of worms that can’t be closed again. Getting it to work needed some very ugly workarounds that directly go against Google’s compatibility document for ICS. An app developer targeting ICS as a minimal version for his apps has the right to expect some functionality to be guaranteed on a device that claims to be ICS, that wasn’t (and isn’t) true for ICS builds with these hacks. That’s one the main reasons CM9 does not officially include a bunch of devices that are “working.”

...and some users understand that, but a lot don’t, and they’ll submit error reports on those apps, or they’ll rate it badly at the Play store. This is not a hypothetical scenario, it has happened whether we like it or not, asked for it or not, CM’s userbase is large enough to matter, even if you don’t count derivatives. We have a responsibility not to cause that kind of grief to app developers and we did. With all the mostly bullshit talk about fragmentation, we actively contributed to a break in the platform, no matter how small. That’s not a good thing :X People SHOULD know these builds contain hacks, but you’ve surely realized by now that they don’t
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I love xda, just wish some of the users there were a bit more respectful and used search
Great read! Really appreciate the work you spent on making LG devices actually enjoyable, +Ricardo Cerqueira!
Was so close to get rid of my p990 before installing CM7 and enjoy using it day by day since then.
That's why i only go on xda and read. i never leave a comment. some of the users get very aggressive towards some peoples posts, pretty much attacking them for now being some kind of software genius
sorry i meant not instead of now... im on my cell and dont like auto correct ;)
I have to ask, is it not time for a new name? I saw CyanogenMod as a one man ROM and that has long since changed to a team of people. Shouldn't the name reflect that change too? Maybe something like "Legion", one of many.
Just to tell, no matter how many ROM's i test, i always end up returning to CM7. I sincerely apreciate what you have done on CM and on LG 2X. And as a portuguese too, you make us proud. You are the best developper i know!!!! Keep up the good work
What a great interview, +Ricardo Cerqueira is brilliant... I'm toying with sticking to LG because of his work. He also deserves a shout out for his endless patience, he does a great job of keeping us informed despite the endless barrage of "When will my my device have CM9" posts he has to put up with in return.
did you use xdmx in the pic?
+Paul Reed you saw how much crap we got for changing the mascot? Imagine what would happen if we attempted to change names. xD

To be honest, we did consider it, but the CM name has mindshare outside of our community (Engadget readers, TheVerge, CNN, Hindustan Times, etc). Changing names is akin to throwing away that mindshare, which didn't make sense to us. I can tell you though, even Cyanogen himself is not a fan of the current name, as it alludes to it still being a one-man show, when in fact it is more like a couple hundred people. 
+Abhisek Devkota Oh dear I feel bad now, I was one of the people critiquing the new mascot. I did try to be polite though; I do like the head/face!
+Abhisek Devkota I kinda like the new mascot, makes CM feel/look all grown up and more powerful compared to skateboard kid. Went through several ROM's before I tried out CM, have to be honest, once i ROM'd CM7 and decided to try out the CM9 I haven't looked back. You guys at CM are awesome for all the work, time, and effort that you put into CM. I only hope that by the time I get to upgrade to the new S3 a working CM ROM will be available.
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