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For the Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi (P7510) users
Here's a pre-alpha version of CM9 for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi only model (GT-P7510):

Flash the recovery.img with fastboot, then flash the ROM in recovery.

No support included! Camera is not working, but everything else is!
Name, Last Modified, Size, Type. Parent Directory/, -, Directory. recovery.img, 2012-Feb-19 23:41:20, 4.2M, application/octet-stream., 2012-Feb-19 23:41...
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:) is it possible to dual boot the stock os and the pre alpha?
Afraid not; but that is where the benefit of making full ROM backups comes into play :) Recovery = your friend.
yea figured...but i was tired of doing that...dont like backup and recovery :/ would be nice if i can dual/tri boot :)
Why is the camera always the last thing to work? Honest question.
because the source is not fully out yet, I suppose
The camera issues stem from multiple reasons, but are generally related to framework changes, lib issues, or framebuffer issues. They can be worked around, but take a lot of time to do correctly.
Damn I am really regretting buying the Verizon version.....
So if only camera doesn't work, why exactly do you wanna release it as alpha? why not beta level? anyway you are providing it to everyone
Our beta's and stables always require 100% working hardware. As we've said before, quality > speed of release. Others can use the source and become the 'first stable', but by waiting till its ready, we remain the best bet ;)
you should make a build for the photon 4g.
we have an unlocked bootloader.
Would this work on a p7500r ? I only use it on wifi so wouldn't care if the 3g didn't work
Not to sound like a total idiot for lack of better wording but would the 10.1 mods work with the 8.9 tab? Essentially isn't the hardware the same minus the screen size? I am sure I am not the only one carrying an 8.9 who has these questions.
Is there somebody who is able to tell me what fastboot is?!?
To add to Chris Paik's comment how is this different from CM9 Kang?
Depends on the Kang. Most Kangs use CM source then change something here or there; this is a true snapshot of CM code and from a CM dev.

(Note: This comment is meant as a generalization, I have not tested the other builds mentioned).
Thanks for the straight forward explanation. Currently running CM9 Kang on my tablet with no problems other than lack of MTP and camera functionality. What I can't figure out is that CM9 for the GS2 has camera support (bar no video).
No, it is not working. Using Airdroid instead.
The MTP option in mounts does nothing? Settings > storage > Menu > USB computer connection > MTP
Are we able to flash this in CW Recovery or only the recovery from the download list?
The recovery in the download is suggested so you don't get assert issues
Any feedback from anyone on this...Charging my tablet...seems very tempting. Don't ever use my camera anyway.
Been using the KANG CM-9 pre-alpha for a couple of weeks now. It's great. The camera doesn't work but everything else does, so I would say that's pretty similar to this ROM. One thing though... I get about a day and a half less battery life, so I have to shut it off instead of using standby mode. But, oh well. I'm a geek and I don't care. Performance is definitely increased!!
At the risk of sounding like a brat (not trying too) I am curious as to how the camera drivers are coming. I read somewhere they got it working, it's the frame rate that is an issue right now. (can't think off the top of my head, it wasn't official, that much I know) so basically I'm asking what are we looking at that's causing the problem? (Don't worry about speaking over my level, dumbing stuff down makes people lazy.)
The recovery image given is actually a "CWM-based recovery". Other than the different color/version number, it looks/acts just like CWM. Since I was unable to figure out how to get my tablet into fastboot mode, I converted the recovery.img file to an odin usable image (instructions here:,

I was able to flash the CM9 ROM with no issues and its working perfectly! I also flashed Google Apps for ICS. My tablet, without Samsung's bloatware (not that there was a lot of it) is blazing fast!

Regarding MTP, I checked the setting on my slate and had no problems moving files to and from the tablet. Since I hardly ever use the camera on my tablet, I won't miss the fact that its not currently working.

My personal thanks to the CyanogenMod team! Now I have something to do while I eagerly await CM9 for T-Mobile's Galaxy S II and Amaze 4G.
Hi! Would like to know if usb on the go works on that rom? because with the Kang rom it doesn't, and I really need it, not only for usb storage mounting (I say that because I know that there are some aps to mount usb storage devices).
I am running mabalito's KANG of CM9 for my GT-P7500 (on xda) and I saw the latest release from 20/2/2012 has a new CM9 boot animation. I thought I would post in this thread since it is about CM9 on GT.

Would you consider using this as your new CM9 logo? I think this would work well with the new darker color scheme of ICS and compliments the CM branding quite nicely.

In other news. Keep you the great work! ICS makes my tablet what it should have been from the beginning. :D
As +Tom W asked before, would it work with the p7500 (GSM) version? I'm also not using the mobile data much so I wouldn't mind for now. I can live without camera and mobile data but am eager to try out CM9.
I know I repeat myself, but is usb host supported? did someone test it?

I consider a build unusable when the camera doesnt work...but then again I dont think a pre-alpha version is doing anything more than showing there's honestly good progress for this device. Bets are that it's unstable

Plan on installing later when I get home today.
+Zazie Lavender - It is actually quite stable. The camera doesn't work. Big deal. Its a pre-alpha release. Steve and crew were good enough to share it with us. Try it. You'll be pleasantly surprised.
+Scott Steinhart Did you read my comment properly? Build is unusable without camera...pardon for being a bit OCD about demanding all my hardware be 100% functional. XD

Especially since I want to be able to use ICS features like Face Unlock which pretty much require the camera drivers not to be on the fritz. Not to mention...some apps tend to cause FCs or ANRs when the Camera isn't working.
Just need usb to work, if anybody have an idea? It was working before I installed this.
Figrued it out from the +CyanogenMod post...Settings > storage > Menu > USB computer connection > MTP
+Zazie Lavender - I did in fact read it properly. And my point is simply that it is pre-alpha. Not even alpha. No one is saying you should use it. If you don't want to, don't. Its all good. Fact still remains that I am not experiencing any major issues. In fact, I'm using CM9 to type this out.

As far as face unlock is concerned, I'm sure by the time CM9 goes to nightlies, everything will be working. But don't worry, Apple will soon be awarded a (read: "steal the") patent for it and Google will be forced to remove it. (Yes... sarcasm)
Zazie Lavender - I think Scott did read your post right. You stated "Bets are that it's unstable". Scott simply stated that the OS is quite stable and I agree. I've been using it for weeks and have not had 1 FC. In case you didn't read that correctly, NOT 1 FC since the install weeks ago. Every thing I use is much faster than stock. Not having the camera doesn't make the OS unusable or unstable. Just because you feel the need for the camera doesn't mean that everyone else does. I have no need for the camera, could care less about the camera and have NO desire to go back to stock. The OS build is EXTREMELY stable. Your making assumptions about something that you haven't tried. The people who have tried it are telling of our experience not our assumptions.
I have yet to try an external keyboard. I have a Blue Tooth keyboard that I will pair in a little while.
Galaxy tab p1010? Never? I can be a tester for anyone. ;)
Stupid question, but is there a howto on putting this new firmware on the tablet ? I have rooted mine, and it runs with the latest version of Samsung's firmware. I just don't to brick it. Also, is there a way to backup the existing firmware, so I can restore it back ?
+Jean-Francois Messier If you have root, it's basically the same process. You have to flash the recovery.img the same way you did in order to root your device, then just flash the rom.
Craig L
+Scott Steinhart , thanks for the Odin package. I have a locked bootloader, so it's much more convenient to flash with Odin.
Some galaxy tabs 10.1 were locked. I was thankful to get an unlocked one.
Craig L
Pretty sure quite a few of the retail wi-fi tabs have locked bootloaders. Hasn't stopped me from using a custom kernel.
Well if mine was locked, it gave me no issues. Took 15 minutes to root nandroid, and slap a rom on it
+Scott Steinhart I don't currently have Linux system up and running can you hook me up with that ODIN package also?
Well use Odin to flash the CW based recovery then install Rom from Clockwork.
+Samuel Cortez flashing CWM is easy odin. Takes maybe 1 minute. Very easy. But as +Adam Richardson said earlier Odin is used to flash a recovery image (ie: CWM) and then you use the recovery to do a nandroid backup and then flash your ROM of choice.
Is it possible to use CWM to flash the rom or is the provided recovery image necessary?
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