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Update to the CM 10.1 Status Update

Rebranching is now: COMPLETE.

As noted previously, all patches for 10.1 should be targeting the 'cm-10.1' branch. Do not push anything against mr1-staging, it is a waste of your time as it will (shortly) no longer exist. 

For most folks, this is as simple as:
$ repo init -b cm-10.1
$ repo sync

As it stands, mako and manta are fully buildable against the 'cm-10.1' branch. Other devices will be buildable as the maintainers create the necessary branch in their respective repos. 
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Heh...enter on post below and this pops up.  Thanks CM team!
+CyanogenMod - Need another build server, got a spare one in our Colo that you guys can use (hopefully to build the HTC EVO 4G LTE version on)
+Keith Myers please contact admin (at) cyanogenmod (dot) org and your offer will be forwarded to the appropriate individuals. Thank you
Tim JP
Can't wait to flash CM 10.1 on my maguro.
I don't know what this means but I like it:)
Damn. That's what I love about the Android community!
I'm so excited! If we get a toro build tomorrow it'll be an awesome b-day gift! Woot!
\(^.^)/ my toro and my grouper are waiting with bated breath
maguro got the dependencies updated too…
so far
asus_tilapia, samsung_toro, asus_grouper, samsung_maguro, samsung_toroplus, samsung_crespo4g and samsung_crespo will build :) not only the 2 stated
But I do not know about their state… the weather-report on jenkins will tell :P there might be some thunder or at least cloudy days ahead :P
so this branch can be built the same way cm10 was... just point at the new branch instead?
What's the future of the 'jellybean' branch? Will cm10.1 be merged there one all (or most) supported devices have migrated to it? Or are versioned branches going to become the norm? I've noticed projects within CM with cm-9.0.0 branches, but there never was cm-9.1.0 or even cm-10.0.
Awesome, looking forward to the first nightlies...
Is there a list of phones that are intended to be updated eventually?  My nexus S is forlorn that google has left it out in the cold. 
Gene T
Will Apollo be updated?
Still awaiting CM 10 stable for the EndeavorU... 
Thanks for the good joob!!! Keep it up!!!
It's all Gobble-A-Duke to me, but i'm looking forwards to it anyway  :)
Has anyone tried on an HTC One X+?
Is there any CM10.1 to Maguro? If yes, where? Found nothing.
When can we get cm10.1 for GN?
Every time you ask for an ETA, a dev ragequits and orphans a commit. Think of the commits.
Let them work and quit begging for updates. It'll be released when they are done with everything (including build configurations etc). 
built and installed on my Nexus 7, Unfortunately there seems to be no navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen and it has mobile data(wifi only model) enabled. What I was able to check out worked very well! I'll figure out what I did wrong in my build and keep working at it. awesome.
P.S. If anybody knows what I did wrong and would like to point me in the right direction, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
+CyanogenMod I was thinking about porting an ICS to a HTC Wildfire and some other ARMv6 models. I know you guys have a little bit more experience. Is it possible at all or ICS uses some ARMv7 and higher specific instructions that should be rewritten at ASM level??
+Antonio Nešić its possible to build it on ARMv6, but you'll never get full functionality or performance. the HTC Wildfire S (which is ARMv6) has both CM9 (CDMA and GSM) and CM10 (GSM only, last time i checked). So, while it can be done, you're more or less stuck with building the kernel from scratch and hoping you can make things work, which is not fun at all.

there's some experimental builds for Wildfire on XDA for CM10. you should go check it out
I download 10.1 (20121213) fron cm updated. After finish download i c chose auto flash but my phone stack on cm boot logo? Whats wrong?
Help me please..
yea, a G+ post isn't the best place to get support.... try XDA...
+Daryl S this is an 'almost' automatic tool and more. but you can actually you can do this manually with ease. you need to setup android sdk and do the following with your device in certain modes connected to PC. put your device in fastboot mode, fastboot oem unlock (this will wipe your data), flash new recovery via fastboot and/or install root .zip via adb (recovery mode). that's the guide for nexus 7 which is really similar to what you need to do. anyway xda is the best source of info.
Oh yeah ! :)
I just need this update for nozomi :D keep on it !! 
Keep it up guys.

Also, anyone who plans on building CM10.1 from source themselves and flashing it on their device, make sure you make a *.tar nandroid backup and pull it into your computer. In case you decide to switch back.

4.2.x's multi-user accounts system breaks CWM's ability to read your SD card for backups made prior to flashing 4.2.x.

The idea is to move your backup files from the pre-4.2.x SD card partition (/data/media/0) to the one after 4.2.x (/data/media).

Pushing and pulling *.dup nandroid backups (default format for CWM nandroid backips) is a big pain and will fail most of the time.

Also, ensure to keep your storage size as small as possible before backing up into *.tar through CWM. There are cases where larger backup files can be successfully generated, but impossible to restore without trimming it.
Just my 2 cents. Have a good day everyone!
Come on , can't wait to flash on my Gnex !! <3
Nobody talking about the HOX, will it have 10.1 soon?  Really lame the HTC support, went away from Sammy because of the odd behavior with the SGS2, and HTC is even worse, doesn´t release the kernel sources, doesn´t give us the chance of a real S-OFF! OMG, love the phone - have HTC unsupport towards the dev´s!
Crespo cm10.1 already build ? I did seen crespo 4g already build so when comes the crespo version
+Antonio Nešić If you want to get ahead on building for ARMv6 devices, go to and check out the LG Optimus S forum. A dev there named TheKraven has been building for the OptiS from scratch for about a year now, and is at test kernel 30 or so, and probably has a lot of commits that could help.

If nothing else, he could tell you definitively not to do it. Have fun!
:) Hehehe. Thanks mate. But if you're a developer then you know that we always tend to do impossible things xD greetings bro :) +Matthew Ziegenfuss 
Looking for 10.1 for skyrocket. Have I missed it somewhere? 
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