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Introducing: GalleryNext

We think we can all agree the AOSP Gallery shipping with CM currently is severely lacking. We sought to address that. 

GalleryNext is our answer and today we made the beta application available on the Play Store. 

# View all your pictures in one centralized location
# Cloud services integration with Flickr, Picasa (G+), Facebook, and Dropbox
# Moments support (automatic grouping and classification of media based on metadata)
# Video playback support
# Gif support
# Deduplication in 'All' view
# more

# Implement KitKat's immersive mode UI
# Editor support
# Fix all the things
# You tell us

A thank you to all those who participated in our bit of market research back in September ( and those that will be helping iron out issues in this beta. 

Report all issues/requests to the community group list in step 1! Please do not email us issues or file JIRA tickets at this time.


1) Join this community:
2) Click this link and join the beta:
3) Download the app
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Neat, finally a good Flickr gallery app! The "moments" thing is pretty nice too. 
Wish all CM apps were released in Play Store
Doesn't work on HTC One. Stock ROM. FCs
For those of you seeing #2 fail, please double check to make sure you joined the community (it is required per Play's beta program). 

If you confirm that and it still doesn't work, please wait a few moments to make sure the market syncs this status change. The link is indeed functional (just took this snapshot now -, so I believe its just a timing issue. 
Working for me! I got an error the first few times I tried installing, but I guess fourth time's a charm.
Can't connect to Dropbox and tried Facebook too but didn't see any albums or photos the rest is fine for me
Not sure how this is better than aops gallery.
Its a modified google photos app. It's slower, and lack the swipe to delete feature.
Its a beta so I'm sure more features will be added
.gif support seems to be missing, or at least it doesn't work for me. Can someone confirm? Nexus 4, Jan 10th nightly.
The link is not working here. Is it blocked for people outside the US?
By slower, I don't mean laggy. It's smooth, but viewing pics is slower due to unnecessary animations. Aosp gallery is still the better choice for me with swipe up/down to delete pics, film strip view, good editor, only thing it's lacking is gif viewer. Swipe up/down to delete is a very important feature. Since we takes lots of pic of the same thing to choose the best pic. It's easy to just swipe away the ones that are not nice. Rather than pressing "menu, delete, ok" multiple times.
+CyanogenMod Is this going to be included in the nightlies at any point in time? 
Item Not found on Playstore after 12 2-3min retry increments 
No gif support on Sprint galaxy note 3 stock rooted. 
You guys should include a warning if Privacy Guard is on, as otherwise you can't add media sources (nothing shows up).
And for that matter, an option to disable mobile data usage would be nice - some of us are stuck on 200MB data caps and don't want Picasa burning it all if we accidentally open the Gallery :P
Todo: Focal and GalleryNext on the same app.. Like a gallery from Samsung phones.. 
I'm getting error (940)

Can anyone help? CM 10.2 stable on Verizon S3
+Jeff McIntire swipe up/down to delete while in filmstrip view was introduced way back since 4.1, the first jellybean. this makes it really user friendly.
AMAZING . love it so far 😊👍
On my Nexus 7, I noticed the Play Store description says "Designed for phones". Is that intentional (e.g. a different app is planned for tablets) or is tablet polishing just not done yet?
Where can I download this I live in the us and cannot find the app or apk anywere
Wait NVM it installed after the 5th try...
So I'm not one of the limited set of users :(
Can replace this gallery with for the next nightly build?
Gifs do not animate latest nightly galaxy s4 jfltespr
It would be great if you could create folders and move pictures. Also sorting options would be nice 
Not compatible with my device. 
Looks like a good start. The real question is, is it better than QuickPic?

Edit: Just tried it, gifs don't animate, and everything loads extremely slowly. QuickPic loads everything instantly.
N5, works but can't add my Facebook photos.
I really want to use this but Google+ Photos does everything I need and saves me so much time uploading and organizing on g+.
I know its a beta, but wow is this slow. Scroll too fast and it crashes. Every time. 
Nothing special, too much too minimal
Can someone send apk, I've become a tester and done everything but it says item not found?!
Having similar problem with +Mohammad Hassan is it only available in the US? I'm not running CM though. 
0 for 2. Not compatible with my G2 or G Pad :(
Quite good look forward to this, although i prefer the samsung stock one which was cool
Works on GS3 running 4.3 but slow as shit. And the pics aren't in order either. 
Play store link? Can't find it on my stock n5
Error 940 trying to install. 
Works on nexus 5 with PA4.0BETA2 :) Fantastic app!
FC on today's nightly d2vzw
Force closes on flo running 1/13 nightly
Well, it's not for daily use yet, too many bugs:
1. Pics are pixelated in "album preview"
2. Delete works in weird way (you click delete and there's no animation, you have to exit the app to see the pocture dissapear)
3. I don't like default settings (and that it is not configurable), that it is selected "All" and "All" and i have to choose manualy each time to "Albums" and "Device only".
4. No .gif support (i didnt try that, but if it's true, then i hope it will be added in the future)

For now and i think for quite a long time too, i'm sticking with stock gallery, which is translated too :)
Oh so is that what they mean by beta? /s
Calyn G
Its been removed
Can someone post the apk from a mirror? Not working for me.
Such gallery. Very cyanogenmod. Much joy. Wow. 
Calyn G
I'm not seeing it
My device is not compatible with this version... I am a sad panda :(
Can some one upload the apk? Link is blocked
It does not work in my htc one x endeavoru running cm 10.2 estable. When I open it shows a message that the app has closed, but it remains there but does not do nothing, does not find my local stored pictures. Nothing. Please fix it soon. I will keep it installed waiting for next update.
Eat some bagels, do a rain dance, and try again 
I don't like bagels and I don't believe in rain, but sometimes you just do what works 
Dropbox returns: This app is in development mode and cannot accept more users. Contact the app developer and ask them to use the Dropbox API App Console to apply for production status.
No issues so far. Even Facebook sync is working great. Running on CM 10.2 Stable Galaxy S3 (International). 
Can you add support for android 4.2?
Not available for Verizon LG G2? I got the black bar telling me my phone isn't compatible? 
The app looks very promising, I would really love to have the microSD support which I think is not present because I can't see the majority of my pictures. Give us more Dropbox tokens please! 
A feature that always seems to get overlooked is the ability to exclude specific folders. I wish this was a standard feature, not because I want to hide anything illicit, but because I hate seeing all of my music album cover jpegs dredged up. Please consider adding something like this. 
Followed the link but can't find it on google play. S4 on 3 uk
I keep getting an error when trying to download it ( note 3 )
Anyone has the apk? Can't download from play store. 
Why i can't download i it 
So far it works great. I'm waiting for the immersive mode and "fix all things" lol. Go on guys you're doing great work !
First view is really great...
Says my device isn't compatible, stock GS4 T - mobile on 4.3
Not compatible with my Droid DNA
Looks good and smooth but force-closes everytime I delete a photo form local storage (default location) in Galaxy nexus using cm11 M2. Does anyone else have the same Problem?
Are there plans to support OwnCloud as a media source?
The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all 
Very nice looks like y'all are going in a great direction... Keep the great work..
Kev K
Very choppy and laggy on my nexus7(2013). When tapping on album choice it goes to the album then the pics show up first as a thumbnail and then the top navigation bar is cut in half.
Why? Obviously Google is planning to replace the AOSP gallery with the one included with Google+. Is this going to be another project like Apollo where it's a good idea at the time but Google releases a far better alternative and development is next to none? 
Timo W
Dosen't work with the Galaxy S3 I9300 with CM (installer Version) 
Would be good to support WebDAV repositories, and owncloud too, by the way... :)
Not compatible with galaxy tab 10.1 with cm 10.1 dissapointing.
Good on Galaxy S3 with CM11 nightly although a bit slow. I'd like having more media sources cloud supported (Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box,
Cant sync with dropbox, need token.
Says incompatible device for my G2
Wow, this is great. I knew/hoped this was coming, and thanks for making it non-exclusive.
+Greg Cahill I completly agree this is a much neede feature kinda similar to quickpics approach to display certain directories you want to see.
The album view does not respect the picasa order
Pefect in Nexus 5 Stock Rom. The app looks very good. The efects are good. 
Downloaded fine for me, but force closed almost immediately, unofficial CM11 i9100
Error installing it on maguro Galaxy Nexus running CM 11 M2 :S
Will this shipped out with next CM nightlies?

Link above is broken, I get 404
Bohužel mám nepodporovaný telefon Sony Xperia Z:-( 
what about a photo map, i like seeing my geotagged photos on a map :)
unable to show photosphere. for other pictures and video, order is not the same as g+/picasa order ...  I have a lot of albums and the view is not so easy to use ... one picture for on album is the best view for me (like stock gallery)
Not compatible with galaxy s3? Can you release a list of compatible devices please? 
Cannot be installed on Galaxy S3? Seriously?
This application is not compatible with your device. No GNex? No 4.3?
after joining the comunity everithing works well... now i'm downloading app... :)) But at first dont like ICON
:( not compatible with Xperia Z 
Anybody else can't connect to Dropbox? Says "only a limited number of users can have access tokens"...

Otherwise great app, though I am missing the editing (or at least crop) features of the stock app...(quickpic misses those too, although it has a crop feature)
KTO uy
Not compatible with i9500..
Is this going to be open source?
Woah, that's how gallery should be defined.
This looks pretty great! Especially the fact that you can include different sources. It gives you the choose to implement and not needing to install an extra (again) is brilliant!
Please include the option to create folders within the Gallery (Like Samsung Touch Wiz).
may provide support to Nexus? if so, should I install CM?
Thank you thank you thank you! I can finally stop having to galleries now. I have the CM gallery to get the advanced camera features and the stockngallery to get the photo sync. On my phone I've been using Google Plus Photos, which I would not exactly call optimal.
My device(Asus padfone 2) is not compatible. Where can I find an APK? 
Not sure if this helps, but if you don't see it on the play store, make sure you joined the beta first.
Works fine on galaxy nexus, but can't add Dropbox. Said too many tokens are being used already. Too bad
It's a beta so I didn't expect everything to work properly and I like it.
Open source?

I tried it, it is good. QuickPic is awesome, but it has no cloud support as this app has.
Not compatible with any of my cyanogen devices... sad day.
My HTC One X with your cm-10.2.0 rom isn't compatible with the app . looking forward to try it though! 
Is google+autobackup integration planed?
Looking snazzy but it won't connect to my Facebook as of now. Should integrate Google+ photos too!
Need better video player. Stock is absolutely awful
+Michele Mazzanti you have to be the app tester. look at the link in the description to subscribe... 
Stock Samsung Galaxy Note 3, says your device is not compatible with this version.
NOW finally works. You have to wait for it to update your system after you agree to become a beta tester
Running CM 11 android 4.4.2 Galaxy S3 and my device is not compatible with the app.  I joined the beta test yesterday and still no luck. What could be wrong?
not compatible with Galaxy S2 CM10.2 :(
Dave G
Working well, one stop shop for the pics, like the Moments and video support, on GS3
install it today, quite impresses about it, I like the performance and fluency of the interface.
Two issues I've noticed right from the start:
1. App icon: I hope this si just for beta and CM will come up with a better one after the beta

2. The Delete option is immediate, there is no confirmation, no Udo! This is major, you can easily double tap it (If your device is slower for instance) and loose an image you dont want. So confirmation is needed and/or Udo option here.
Xperia L. Play store say "Your device is not compatible with this version"
Not compatible with s3 cm10.2.0-i9300
My stock ROM Sony Xperia S version isn't compatible. I wish I could give it a try :(
Damn. Play store says Device not compatible?? S3 Android 4.3.1 on cm 10.2.0 d2spr... If anyone knows how to fix this please tell me! 
Would like to see some effects like with Samsung's stock gallery 
"Incompatible with my version"... Galaxy S4 running CM10.1.3
Now a better kamera is the next step
设备不支持. Device does not support.
Prety cool app but still a lot of bugs,working in HTC sensation cm11 sometimes fcs
404. That’s an error.

The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

Why are you still connecting to picasa instead of Google+ photos
"We think we can all agree the AOSP Gallery shipping with CM currently is severely lacking. We sought to address that. "

And then you went on and made yours even more lacking...
Please add Google Drive support
My S3 is not a supported device.
Not compatible with LG G2 running CyanogenMod 10.2. Can we get a list of what this actually is compatible with?
Installed yesterday on Razr Maxx running CM 10.2. Had to do a system restore (unrelated issue) and now GalleryNext isn't compatible with my device. Seriously?! It installed just fine yesterday.
Leo Fer
Not Compatible with Rooted LG L5 Nightly e610 Android 4.1.2 nor Galaxy Tab 3 unrooted.
Just need more token for dropbox ! :( 
+Henri Eskelinen Thanks. Now I am wondering why they would mark it as compatible with 1.6 and up if it only works on 4.4
+Henri Eskelinen thank you bro, managed to get in the Playstore but said it's not compatible, installing anyway as I'm too curious not to lol, thank you again 
OK it has problem with parse so no installation, not to worry I'll jus hve to wait 
Nice job everyone! Synced right up w/ FB.
Running nicely on my 2 year old Razr Maxx with CM 11.
(KK 4.4.2)
+CyanogenMod Do you guys have any plan to increase the number of supported device with installer? (MOTO XT925 user)
not compatible with experia z1 
Looking great, but I have crashes. I have send the report to Google, hope it helps. Good luck! 
Works spot on with my lg d802 on the latest nightlies!
Not kompatibel with Samsung Galaxy S3 mini
It won't allow me to download the app. Any help?
I also noticed that there is no way to edit photos, crop, etc. & the whole gif files not showing a preview or animation after opening, not trying to be negative, just feedback, I love the idea of anything created by the CM team
I am unable to download the app. It says "Your device isn't compatible with this version". I am running Cyanogenmod 4.2.2 on Galaxy Note-1.
Because we needed ANOTHER gallery.
it would be awesome to be able to organize the pictures to other folders etc and ability to hide certain folder (pattern lock, number lock whatever) would be super!
Wish it was compatible with my Dell Venue 7!!! 
Today I updated my phone and now it only has Launcher3 and not Launcher. I can't use google cards or google now only by tapping the mic. Any help?
Unable to download after signing up. Help please? 
i think it needs support to view photosphere
This needs to have at least the existing features of the AOSP gallery app for it to be worthwhile and needs to allow Google drive media intrgration
Sorry CM but this is awful. Start with the aosp code next time. There is no need to write this from scratch.

Please do not integrate this into CM. It is not ready. Getting a little annoyed at the stuff being forced on use, like whisperpush voice+ etc. Atleast make them able to be disabled in the apps settings menu. Disable is greyed out on those.
+Daniel Blaney feel free to use any other ROM available...I don't see how its awful if you do t like it don't install it #herpaderp
+Manny Medeiros I have been using cm for years and have even contributed code. I don't want to have to switch Roms. I just don't want to see cm become loaded with unnecessary bloatware. 
+Daniel Blaney I don't consider this bloatware as it aims to improve on the Aosp gallery app and I'm assuming when it's actually finished and integrated into cm they will remove the Aosp app from CM. Right now I think they are just differentiating CyanogenMod as its more than just stock android. But I agree voice+ and whisperpush should be removable as I have no need for voice+
+Manny Medeiros they better not remove the stock aosp app. If they want more stuff in the aosp gallery app then make this gallery app based on that code and add features. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. They tried it with focal and it was awful. Same goes for this app.
I'm getting a download error on the Nexus 5
Are the Flickr tokens out as well as Dropbox? I'm unable to log into either.
My thing with this: great idea. Needs polish. Biggest gripe is online photo albums such as picasa need to be organized. On my home PC my photos are sorted by album. In picasa its the same. Gallery next just displays them in a descending order that I uploaded them. Unless I'm missing something. In which case that's a a UI problem
Trying to install on HTC One S, but "not supported on that device". :(
Not working on xperia t cm10.2 
unstable on Galaxy Nexus but seems to work. little slow
Force close on s4 on test kitkat rom
Play store says app doesnt found or 404 Error. My device is I9300.
Still can't download it, I already join it.
This project will be aborted like focal.
+Valentino S. Focal was aborted cus cyanogenmod got into a fight with the dev of focal i think its still in the play store its just not supported by cyanogenmod 
matt m
Speaking of focal, will there be a new camera app to go along with this?
Can you fix the possibility to hide albums? 
Is the link broken? I joined the community but can't open the Google play link 
Supports 4.2? I really need it, but there is no stable 4.4 ROM for my tablet yet!
Add this to the todo. Rebase on the stock gallery and then add the stuff you want. Theres no reason to reinvent the wheel. You can have it seperate from the regular gallery still by having a different package name.
I agree with Daniel Blaney. This is scary. I dont want to switch. But do if i have to.
+Valentino S. This is nothing like Focal.

+Daniel Blaney For the past three releases of Android, Google has completely refactored the Camera and Gallery apps, creating a nightmare for anyone building off that code base. What you suggest would be a gigantic mistake and we are making a clean break on both the gallery and camera.
+Steve Kondik Actually in Kit Kat the apps have split up again like it was in 4.0. They are completely separate now. One can function entirely without the other.
It says that it is incompatible with my samsung galaxy s2 :/
My phone is galaxy s2 and works fine
incompatible with my ONE TOUCH STAR 6010D :-( , on NEXUS 7 all works good
incompatible with my ONE TOUCH STAR 6010D :-( , on NEXUS 7 all works good
Can' t find it on play store
Sorry my offtopic , but there is some way to change nav bar dpi?? 
you can't share the videos or the pictures to facebook, instagram etc or is only on
my s3 i9300
Works well on my GT-I9100 running the latest CM 10.2 nightly 
Play Store link is down
Edit: Nevermind, I followed the damn directions :P
I have installed the latest nightly cm11. The only issue I've occurred is that the video recorder either won't record at all or either records but playback is distorted. I have SG2 Hercules tmobile
Works great on HTC One (m7) and custom ROM. Like the moments gallery. Extremely clear pics and zoom in to see the photos is outstanding. Thank you the chance at testing this.
+CyanogenMod , when is this coming out of beta? Sorry, I'm not expecting ETA. Just keen to know how much it has evolved and usable.
I would love to be able to whitelist and blacklist folders. My chief concern with most galleries is that they catch all of the album art in my music folder and the miscellaneous images many apps store on my sdcard. 
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