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Samsung Blaze 4G (t769) and Exhilarate (i577)

The Samsung t769 and i577 kernel have now been merged into our github repository. As soon as +Will Keaney (in all his neckbeard goodness) enables the jenkins patch, nightlies will commence. 

Edit: And just like that, T769 is nightly ready. i577 will have to wait for us to prep the device tree and establish the maintainer slot.
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Hope the next added device will be p990 :)
Nice, only Samsung device I have that doesn't have official support 
+Ricardo Cerqueira Isn't that a camera? Are you just making fun of us now? We do make it easy.

As always, thanks for all of the hard work.
love cm10 on my att s3 ....but u guys ever gonna add picasa sync?
got cm10 on htc desire. I have wifi problem. Even by choosing to  install wifix (by Farjad) wothon the rom pacage or not choosing it make no deferrence. Sometimes it works without wifix. but when wifi is out of range and again comes to the range wifi setting hangs I have to reboot to have wifi again. any idea?
i had picasasyncs problems too. An other GApps-Version fix it. The one from the CM Homepage has a bug with this.
Should note that, while i577 has kernel support, nothing else is ready for that device at this point.
::tear:: seems like only yesterday we gave em root and recovery :O
Been waiting to get the Blaze just for this announcement!
Can you add the S3 i9305 - pleeeaaaze!!! Kernel is open source :-)
Thank g-d,  we are finally official with the Blaze
Million thanks to all the people who helped set this up. Nine days ago (10/3) I was running a T Mobile bloated Android GB 2.3.6 . Can not express my gratitude enough!!
Is there a reason that Samsung Galaxy Blaze t769 isn't listed on the Cyanogenmod home page? I found the download link buried deep in the site without download instructions. Will Google Play work on it after Cyanogen is installed?
Google Play works fine, I run CM10 as my daily driver on my Blaze. 
Thank you, Will!
Where can I get the Google Applications package for this phone? The wiki site doesn't have a page about it. I'm having a hard time finding any info about it.
There are gapps packages floating around. They are not supported or distributed by CyanogenMod, but are known to work.
I am not associated with cyanogenmod. These instructions are not endorsed by the CM team. Following these instructions is at your own risk and without warranty.

go to

Select your version (CM 10 or CM10.1). Flash with CWM, erase cache, reboot, voila!
How do I install CWM onto the phone with Linux? I tried to install Cyanogenmod using default recovery and it failed on signature verification.
I don't have a Windows machine to run Odin.
Thank you both for your replies. It didn't work, though, so I will try in on a Windows machine tomorrow.
No nightlies on the blaze for the last 5 days... Possible indication for CM 10.1 or did we get dropped?
Definitely not dropped. CM 10.0 development is slowing down as focus turns to 10.1. With fewer, less frequent, changes, there isn't a need for nightly builds to have the latest updates.
Hello gents, been a while since the last update and thought I would pester accordingly. Official cm10 still on the radar?
It's already got cm10. Working on 10.1, but stalled a little bit while +Kendrick Vargas and I focus on some things at work and home.
Is it safe to say that the i577 is a dead-end for being supported?  I'd take any version of CM from 7 ish on.

I can be brave and look un-official if I must, but I'd love to get this hunk of plastic working like it should (and my old captivate did).
Eric H
Is there any word on the i577?
i577 does not have a CM maintainer at this time. If someone who owns one and knows what they're doing steps forward, I don't see anything preventing the device from becoming supported.
I own one, but I definitely don't qualify as "knows what I'm doing".
I love to learn, but fear by the time I'd be "up to speed" the phone would be too archaic for me to care. :(
Any noob resources you recommend if I want to learn anyway? 
Yay! That's reason to celebrate!
Everybody in the blaze forums is pulling for you guys to have a home on xda as well
T769 isn't in 10.1 nightlies yet, and there are no ETA.
However, we are making progress. Present issues include Wi-Fi, camera, and light sensors.
We're not official yet. They're working on it. Check the galaxy s blaze development xda forum for the latest info and beta downloads
+Will Keaney Please is there any stable cyanogenmod release for Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate i577 till date. If so please kindly post the download link. Looking forward to a response
+Bernard Laryea not official yet, apparently. I thought they were :/ Google it

No they were. I have the screenshot from the pull request in the change log :-/
i577 and t769 are both suffering from similar issues affecting camera, radio, and sensors in 10.1 and above, so neither has been approved for stable builds.
I'd be happy with 7.x to be honest, if that's easier.
(Not knowing if that makes a difference).
No idea please but search it and it seems like a social site. Am not on it though
+Joshua Parnell Saw a post about checking galaxy s blaze. Does roms for galaxy S Blaze work perfectly with Exhilarate
+Bernard Laryea no, you have to change a bunch. They're very very similar, enough so that we borrow a lot of your code as a base to get started and fix the minor issues.

Trust me, for 4.3 our devices are having the same issues so as son as it's fixed in one it will likely be fixed in the other. Be patient, we have top notch devs working on it
hats off to you, gentlemen. heros of the the Blaze and Exhilarate (among other people, of course)
Spotted the nightlies have arrived!  Thanks!
Continuing to see the nightlies crank out. Thanks... and keep up the great work!
+Dave Carey CvD? :P I just didn't have a link to share out. I knew the thread was out there, just didn't know where. Congrats on CM11 Official! I'm sure we're just this far behind you ;)
I love using CM11 on my Exhilarate, and I'm wondering if CyanogenMod will be releasing Lollipop for this venerable but trusty phone.
I don't know about the exhilarate, but the Blaze thread was still relatively active a couple months ago. Might be able to convince one of the devs there to look into it. Though truth be told, I wouldn't get my hopes up. These devices never for farther than ICS officially. The fact that it got as far as it did is a miracle
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