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Note 2 LTE Goodness

Early this morning +Steve Kondik enabled nightly builds for the US Note 2 LTE variants on ATT and T-Mobile. Assuming no breakages, builds should be available this evening into tomorrow. 

ATT: t0lteatt
T-Mobile: t0ltetmo 

Edit: To clarify, previously the GSM variants were all lumped into the t0lte build, however these carrier specific extensions are being split off to handle minor hardware/device variations. 
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Stuff didn't show up in market because of bad fingerprints, and there are radio-level changes for the different variants. That's basically it.
Will you guys end up doing this for the Nexus 4 or are there lawyers you are looking to avoid?
+Abhisek Devkota N4 has all hardware for LTE on T-Mobile but is disabled. I would like to keep up on the nightlies but worry about always having to change a few lines each time in build.prop. I have heard it has been submitted to CM but thought I would ask some people that would know.
Nevermind......I misread the initial post. My bad.
Hopefully this will resolve the issues I had with CM on my GN2. Constant reboots made it annoying. Was missing stock-ish rom. Thanks for the update!
+Omer Subhani If you can get some logs that would be awesome. Haven't had any issues like that.
Loving this news today, thanks a ton +Steve Kondik this was a needed thing. I will be taking a look at the changes as soon as they are in github.
Thank you for finally making this move!! It's been a long road for us US-variant Note II owners, first with laying the groundwork then convincing codeworkx to hope on board to get official status and now finally getting official nightly builds for the cm servers. Thanks +Steve Kondik and the CM team.
+Daniel Medlin I'm on vzw variant, and all spen and screen digitizer stuff are working flawlessly. FYI - that's NOT referring to the TW specific apps though. Don't get the two confused. 
I know this is kind of stupid question, but does this mean the carrier label on my T-Mobile Note 2 will say 'T-Mobile' instead of 'US' now? 
+Steve Kondik Thanks a lot for this. Using a N4 and t0ltetmo, and have been missing CM on it. Thanks again Steve. OPT-IN!
Are there plans for an S Pen compatible version?
Only thing I wish was incorporated into the builds is the camera with external SD storage settings
Idk if I explained that right but I guess saving pictures to the SD card instead of internal memory
Awesome sauce! Thanks +Steve Kondik for the update! Strayed away from CM due to fingerprints etc. Can't wait to try it out. Had reboot issues here and there w the current variant that is available. Will this resolve the wonky carrier signal issues? Not the "signal" but status icons. Thanks again!
Using the standard CM t0lte, s-spen works fine, well, whole rom works fine. Signal, battery, camera, gps. It's been great.  Shows T-Mobile on the notification window too.  But will use this to make sure get the TMO LTE stuff.
+Steve Kondik No doubt. Been lazy. Will contribute soon. I'm hoping that I won't have anything to report with the new nightlies though ;)
Great news, will give it a shot!
+Jeff McLean But what's really the point of having a working stylus if you can't use it on the S Apps? Am I missing something here? Can you still handwrite notes and record sound at same time?
There's plenty of other apps that can use the stylus.  Don't know about recording sound at the same time though.  Note Anytime (in beta atm) is probably the closest to the official S-Pen apps.  Sketchbook Mobile is VERY good, it's not set as standard, but you can get it to ignore touch for drawing and only use the stylus, so you can zoom in/out using fingers and then draw with stylus, swap colours with your finger, stylus for properties/drawing again.  It's very neat.
I have to say I love the work of CM their work is outstanding. I love it on my att note 2 but the camera is flaky at best. I started using fx camera to bye pass those issues. I have to say I love everything about this rom minus the camera. 
Wheres the nightly? Itching to flash something new lol!
+Chris Manning check out these appsGMD Spen Controls(which even allows custom gesture creation), Papyrus beta, Google keep, one note, float note, mobo player there are a ton of great apps out there some are so much better than s apps. The only thing I ever miss is the multi view when I am on aosp. Oh how I wish cornerstone was still being developed because honestly all the apps I just listed do a better job in my humble opinion.
Thanks guys for your responses. Appreciate the advice 
How does this affect a Canadian Wind Mobile Note II? Should I switch to the T-Mobile build? 
I'm using an AT&T model, but with a TMO sim (because only tmo sells PAYG sim's). Which version should i install? And do I need to wipe data/cache?

Now that Tmo LTE is being rolled out, when I visit a location that has the LTE, the internet connection goes dead. Would either build correct for this?
Does CM require specific stock firmware before installing? I have tried installing CM and it either gets stuck on the boot screen or it fails to install altogether. I am stuck with the Jedi Master ROMs and I really would like to get back to CM
Sounds like you either have an issue with your Recovery or your ROMs that you downloaded.  You dont have to be on any specific stock image.  Try again, maybe start with flashing a new Recovery image.
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