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It's time to welcome the N7000 (Global variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note ) to the CM9 lineup, along with its maintainer +Andrew Dodd

The first build, fresh off the oven, is now available at
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Trying not to be annoying with an 'is it ready yet'....but do you know when Desire HD will be added to the CM9 list?
Think you all should add at least a month for asking that. Builds will be ready when they are ready.
+Lukasz Zamel +1 but sadly that would affect my device too because someone asked about the DHD.

People stop asking and look at the "will my device get cm9" chart.
+Keith Patton too late, you are officially "that guy". Apparently, people can't read flow charts.

Btw, I'm still waiting on CM9 for my toaster. Can you get on that? Great, thanks! :)
Are this support LPY base germany ics ?
Thanks! I'm happy to see my Note taker to get Nightly's. Let's see what it will bring to me :D
So is flashing the same as the teamhacksung build ?
Ie revert to a gb with cwm and flash from there ?
Very well done guys! You guys rock. Now even one fewer reason to buy a galaxy s 3 though.

to the CM9 lineup plz
Temptation to flash Note getting too strong now, had the device a few weeks, was holding out for the Official ICS release, but the geek\engineer in me want to get in and play.

Will see how long I can last, really enjoyed the CM updates on my old Desire.
i've been waiting since november for this!!! wonder if it's as simple as flashing everything else... i've been on rocket rom for months.

put to SD, load bootloader, wipe and flash?
+Ichson Tanamy Don't understand your question. Cyanogenmod completely replaces the existing firmware of the device. It doesn't "support" XXLPY because it completely replaces it. Also, since Samsung replaced the month code with "P" for ICS releases, please try to use the full build code including region when referring to Samsung firmware releases.

+Fernando De Leon You should be able to flash this right over the teamhacksung build just like flashing another one of xplodwild's builds. It's built from the exact same sources. No need to wipe or revert back to Gingerbread since the recovery included in xplodwild's builds is safe.

+Eric Alberts Thanks for linking - Also ANYONE who has flashed the XXLPY release or any of the I9220-based ICS leaks should read - Samsung's ICS kernels for this device contain a dangerous bug that can permanently damage your device if you wipe or flash from any recovery (stock or CWM-repacked). The kernels included with the CM9 release are based on the I9100 update4 source code, which is not affected by this bug.

As mentioned in the first link above, speakerphone is currently not working. This issue should go away shortly after Samsung posts kernel source code for the latest XXLPY release.
+Andrew Dodd can we view the changelog of the nightly's somewhere? Thanks for your support!
+Steve Rodrigue , been rooted since day one and running CWM, rom manager DOES NOT recognise the N7000 at all, which is why I ask.
+Gordon Murphy I believe Rocket includes a kernel that has Clockworkmod recovery integrated AND (this is very important) is Gingerbread - flash it, flash gapps, wipe in recovery. DO NOT flash it or wipe from CWM that has been integrated into any Samsung official ICS kernel (see the second link in my post above).

I'm going to work on putting an Odin/Heimdall-flashable kernel image with a safe recovery included tonight for those not already on CM9. If you're on one of xplodwild's CM9 releases (NOT Cyanofree or Imilka's - you may hardbrick if you flash anything from those) you can flash nightlies just like any of XplodWILD's builds.

I'm not sure if XplodWILD has a Google+ account - he deserves much of the credit for this.
+Andrew Dodd , cheers mate... I'll follow you on g+ and wait for your pack? In the mean time should I glad back to a stock ROM or will CM9 go over rocket no worries?
Andrew, my Note currently hosts KingDroid Elegance (Gingerbread), and no CWM is on board. Nevertheless I loaded CWM from the market. Should I use recovery anyway for flashing, gapps and wipe ?
Does Samsung pay cm to keep up their devices exclusively?? The epic 4g yes and the evo 4g no?
Yes. I just bought a second yacht and a small helicopter with the money samsung sends us every month.
its about time you guys made cm9 for galaxy y,mini/pop/next,fit,ace,ace plus
we guys are getting real bored
+Andrew Dodd , I've just restarted into my 'recovery' to do a nandroid, but it's bloody ODIN... I must have been off my face last time I flashed as I don't remember putting this on! ha! help or hindrance?
+Yanky Follman They pay us with a currency known as "unlocked bootloaders". As much as the Samsung maintainers love to rant about various aspects of Samsung (crazy weird nonstandard stuff in their kernel code, including device-damaging bugs with recent ICS releases) - unlike HTC who locks their bootloaders and lies by putting the blame on carriers, Samsung continues to deliver every one of their devices with an unlocked bootloader, even on the EXACT same carriers HTC tries to put the blame for bootloader locking onto. In addition they've been pretty good recently about putting multi-device support into their kernels - as a result, Exynos devices are really easy to support because all of the hard work was done with the I9100.

However, if we're talking about monetary donations, XDA-Developers should be thanked for their role in this. They are the ones that paid for my N7000.
Gary D
Congrats, +Andrew Dodd. You've most certainly gone further with the Note than I would have!
+Andrew Dodd So I should be able to get CM9 for my Samsung Exhibit some time? It's basically a stripped down version of the original Galaxy S.
anyone else having issues downloading this update from the link above?
+Peter da Silva It really depends on whether someone takes on the task of doing the bringup/maintenance. CM doesn't really assign developers to any device - we do CM bringups on whatever we choose (as a matter of personal preference) to purchase. Sometimes manufacturers will donate a device to maintainers (Teamhacksung was given a few I9100s by Samsung), some manufacturers go way beyond that and provide technical support and documentation (Sony).

Sometimes similarity to another device isn't enough - in some cases the differences can be showstoppers. For example, the Samsung Infuse has a lot of commonality with the original Galaxy S line, but its derpy Bluetooth chipset usually leads to developer frustration leading to the developer switching devices, which is why the Infuse is never likely to receive official support. I'm maintaining unofficial builds for the Infuse but it's not likely to ever go official - not enough developer manpower/interest, especially with regards to that stupid CG2900, I've basically reached my limits in my ability to tolerate working with that stupid broken chipset.

Same reason the Tab 7 Plus and Tab 7.7 are way behind other Samsung devices - Samsung withheld the source code for the wifi chipset driver of that device, which drove developers away in droves. Someone finally got a wifi driver working, but there's still a lot that's broken.
OK, I can live with that, and I'll choose a more popular device for my next phone. :)
Nice, any news on when the nighties are comming to all other devices? Keep up and take your time!
I flashed it and its working beautifully.

Thank you very, very much +Andrew Dodd 
+Andrew Dodd Last I checked, the software for some special functions of the Note's S-pen was proprietary and so difficult to support in CM9. Did Samsung release the source? Or is CM9 just not going to support the full S-pen API?
Um, the s pen creates a cursor on screen. Dunno wtf is going on here
+Gordon Murphy By design, as far as I can tell, filtering out hover events is NOT standard behavior. We generally try not to emulate Samsung brokenness unless we REALLY have to. I prefer being able to see where hover events are registering.

As to pen-enabled apps - Look for apps that support the standard stylus APIs introduced in ICS. Quill is one example.
+Andrew Dodd, my friend has the LTE Note on AT&T (i717). Do you know if your work lends itself to CM9 on that device or no? Or are the chipsets/radios too different?

+Joseph Cappellino My work doesn't apply at all. The Skyrocket and AT&T Note are crippled mutants that have nothing in common with their international namesakes. Completely different CPU, radio, etc. That fact makes them unpopular with developers since it's a niche device as opposed to an international flagship like the GT-I9100 and GT-N7000. I think someone was working on CM9 for the Skyrocket/T989, and much of that work is likely to be portable to the I717, but it really depends on Samsung. With the N7000 we got lucky - the GT-I9100 Update4 source code release required only a few lines of code to be fixed to provide a 99% functional kernel for the GT-N7000. Right now, there is no ICS source code for any device in the T989/Skyrocket/I717 category.

N7000 users would've likely gotten nightlies weeks ago if it weren't for the Superbrick fiasco - Wiping data/factory reset (even in stock recovery or from Settings) on any ICS leaked kernel for the Note will hardbrick you on maybe 2-5% of devices. XplodWILD (the other N7000 maintainer) was one of those unlucky few. (The kernel included with CM9 builds is, as mentioned previously, derived from the GT-I9100 Update4 source code base, which is so far the only safe source code base for ICS kernels on Exynos devices.)
+Andrew Dodd It really is the same that the two devices are so dissimilar, I guess those of us with the i717 have to hope that there's another maintainer working on CM9 for our phones. Maybe the LTE radio and NFC will be enticing enough to get someone to do it. I do know that AT&T is selling a buttload of the things so I have my fingers crossed there too.

+Joseph Cappellino I guess the issue is that the chipset in the international Note is not compatible with LTE.
I think the main problem is that Intel hasn't released the XMM7060 yet, which is the LTE-enabled version of the XMM626x used in Samsung's HSPA+ devices. To my knowledge, only Qualcomm and maybe one other manufacturer offer LTE radio implementation, and Qualcomm either requires Snapdragon or has some aspect of it fundamentally incompatible with Exynos.

LTE is actually a major turnoff for many developers on AT&T - it means poor battery life for no benefit in the majority of the country. I consider the SGH-I777 to be the last acceptable phone released by AT&T. Myself, I'm most likely switching to Straight Talk's BYOD SIM-only plans and international unlocked devices when my contract is up.
+Andrew Dodd Yeah I was afraid that the LTE radio was going to be a battery killer, but even on the stock ROM with Samsung/AT&T bloatware generally intact I'm getting two days on a charge.

There was a period when 3G phones were new when they were even worse for battery life than LTE is now. I recall a co-worker who got one of the shiny new ones (don't remember which) and it actually came with two batteries because they couldn't even pretend like it was going to last the day on one.

Even if having an LTE phone doesn't provide much benefit now (even in Los Angeles it's rare to get an LTE signal) it certainly can be argued that it makes sense to buy an LTE phone now to take advantage of the future. Most people are stuck with their phones for 2 years, it doesn't hurt to think about what the network is going to look like in 12 or 18 months when making 2 year commitment today.
+Robert Aitchison "most people are stuck with their phones for 2 years" - that's going to be about how long it takes for LTE to mature, just like UMTS took a few years to mature to the point where battery life was acceptable.
Can someone plse help me over temviewer or skype to install some ROM on Sony xperia x10 mni pro, I have had wonderful cynogen 7 v19, but something got mixed, spent 5 day with ROMs, xrecovery, kernel, etc-but no luck, please contact me on my profile thnx, ill pay you a reward for this work seya..
surely the at&t version is far off right?? :)
+Tommy Bray Not sure why you bothered restating what has been said before... The AT&T version is far off, no one I know of is working on it, no one has even gotten the Skyrocket/T989 fully up and running, and here's the amount of the N7000 work that can be applied to the I717:
NOTHING. Zip, zilch, nada - The two devices share only a name and external dimensions, nothing else. Nothing else about them is even remotely similar.

To those who keep asking "why isn't my device supported" - I suggest you find the flowchart that was posted a few months ago. (I think it was posted by the main CyanogenMod account).

Here's some tips:
1) If a device has a locked bootloader that isn't easily unlockable, it isn't very interesting to developers. (So don't have high hopes for any Motorola device or any recent HTC device.) Samsung doesn't lock their bootloaders at all, and Sony currently has VERY lenient bootloader unlocking policies.
2) Watch out for carrier-mangled devices (mainly a problem in North America) - These are frustrating to developers. Sometimes you get lucky (I777 is 95%+ identical to the I9100), sometimes you're totally hosed (Skyrocket/T989 have no business carrying the Galaxy S II name as they have NOTHING in common with the I9100. Pretty much the same deal for the AT&T note.) - International unlocked GSM devices are your best bet, especially flagship models. If you DO get a carrier-mangled variant, check to make sure it is highly similar to an international flagship device. (The I777 was the last AT&T phone to fit in this category - Every Samsung and HTC since then has had MAJOR differences from their international counterparts.)
3) Flagship devices are far more likely to attract developers than niche "budget" devices.
Ed Dich
Guys, please stop asking if your device is going to get cm9. It makes searching for useful info (thx a lot +Andrew Dodd ) really difficult. This thread is about N7000, it's far from being cheap, and the fear to brick it is big. So every bit of important information should be visible-available and not buried under hundreds of please-pretty-please posts... Thank you!
Ed Dich
I've got the official ICS on my Note! Can someone briefly describe what's different in CM9 ? Thx!
Just took a 1080p video with CM9 for the N7000, but it 'video cannot be played' back at me. is this a known issue?
Somehow started when transitioning from xplodwild's builds to nightlies - haven't had time to look at why yet.

Does the video play on a PC?
also, it's charging INCREDIBLY slowly.. USB AND AC.
it can play via rock player using software rendering, albeit slow and not in its entirety, so i know the file saved... will try on a PC when i can
Slow charging is not a problem I've had since fixing the driver defconfig.
yeah i've never seen anything like it. Was plugged into the wall while using it, it went up 3 percent in four hours...
Of course it will charge slowly when you use it, screen and CPU power usage count against the charge current limit, same as stock. Fundamental hardware limitation.
nah mate, on AC power i should be able to be playing 1080p movies on full volume, full screen brightness and still charge.

ICS is charging slower, and a google search found I wasn't alone. It's been on USB2.0 all morning and it's still not full. I'm not deluded.
Something is wrong with your device (maybe an app eating CPU?) - My phone charges fine.
No, as usual the screen is well on top of the battery usage. Many others have noticed the same thing on their sgsII going to ics
No such reports of that since I fixed the charger driver 2-3 weeks ago. You're obviously digging up old reports in Google. I charged earlier today and the charging rate was just fine.
There are no changelogs specific for the nightlys AFAIK. You just have to go to the bug center
+Michael Viney Already there, has been there since before nightlies started.  (Teamhacksung build 2 or 3 I think.)
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