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HTC One Max

Also new as of today is support for the HTC One Max. Support for this is brought to you by maintainer +David Hays (aka Flyhalf205). 

The builds are broken down by variant as follows: 

# t6 - t6, t6att, t6tmo, t6ul
# t6vzw -  t6wl, t6vzw
# t6spr - t6whl, t6spr

Builds should be available beginning July 1st
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Good man that Flyhalf. I donated to him back when I had my HTC One M7
Exynos note 3 n900😳😳😳😳
Can't wait. Been missing CM since going to the One Max. Thank you.
If this had happened like 4 months ago I might have a One Max instead of a Nexus 5 :P
Any chance of CM Installer support for Verizon Note 3?
When support for HTC Desire 600?
Guess I see a rooting in my future... :D
At this point I start to think that there will not be a Galaxy S5 release....maybe someone has to push their own competitors (who said OnePlusOne?)
Soo we're past the first of July is CM 11 ready for the MAX yet

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