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Some more tablet fun

With the linked patch from +Prashant Somashekar the following will be receiving 10.1 nightlies, starting with the next build cycle.

# p4
# p4wifi
# p4vzw
# p4tmo
# p3
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Does anyone else wish that G+ introduced spam filters based on keywords like "when". Maybe we get rid of the usual nonsense ETAs like the above. 
Evo view 4g!!!!!! Yea I know that's not going to happen. But I can hope
This is great news my P7500 just gets beter with age...
G Hosch
Can I get CM10.1 (or any stable version) into my SGT 8.9 lte? (7320)
When? Try Google. Or xda. JFGI and stop asking when your rom is gonna be ready, it's rude.
Not asking for a eta LoL just want to know what is ment by added in next build cycle ? Im running his unofficial builds anyway 
i want it on ainol novo 7 advanced 2  please
If you are not donating to your developers, don't whine about your device. Creating custom ROMs take time and effort where donations help fuel both those factors. 
Y'know, XDA is a source of useful information. Would you head over to a friends after being invited for dinner only to ask as soon as you arrive, "So when's MY dinner ready?"
Pls stop asking ETA you know most of the time when your device isn't fully supported by cm that someone just will make an unofficial one ;-) . but for CyanogenMod great job on cm 10.1 for the gal tab 2 7.0. Works awesome. 
Mido: this is free, open source software. Asking for it will not make you get it. If you want it, help build it.
I think +Mido almuoshaqeb must be joking! Another alternative to asking for eta's (you'll never get an answer) is to JFGI. Also XDA has a handy search box that you can enter your device name into and find all information relevant to your device. Try it, you wouldn't expect your teacher to give you answers that you can research yourself. Or would you...?
The apps button suddenly become missing. O.O
+Victor Gracia 
No, people should know by now, that there aren't ETAs at CM.
And reading the same damn question on every post (where most people know, there isn't an answer) get's slightly anoying.
too lag for 1gb ram hardware 
I don't experience any last on my tab and nearly none on my nexus s and that does have half of the ram that the tab has :-) 
I use cm10.1 on my i9300 which has 1gb ram and no lag whatsoever!
by the way, there has been no tablet fun for p3100 anymore =/
+Sven Daw as far as my knowledge about technology goes is there a need for an "at least" needed set of ram to run everything smoothly, but after that it is all just about the proccesor, at least that is what I thought. And please correct me if I'm wrong :-). In that way I will learn more about all this ;-) 
When there is will be CM 11 on for my Casio Databank wrist watch. Plz now make want.
Guys anyone have a link to rooting GS3 Running 4.1.1 on a Mac? 
Certain groups of people, mainly younger men, sometimes come of as everything online is supposed to be free and everything should be available.
I don't like them. 
+Guus van bolderen 
Depends on the definition of everything.
I doupt any developer will run all apps which come with the rom at once.
But yes, bad performance on one specific device could also be an app running wild.
And that's for sure, no developer will be able to test all Android Apps on his rom. One is the money that would be needed. The second is time. Ain't nobody got time for that.
And I just sold my p4wifi a few days ago because it sucked with CM, and sucked with stock. :-( Maybe 10.1 would have been usable
Anyone know if there is a developer working on the att galaxy note i717?
Great job, Cyanogen team! I really enjoy seeing what is coming up next. Thanks!

Maybe to avoid all the "when" and "what about" comments, you could start locking comments on these posts. Just a suggestion.
off the topic, is anyone having problems with the 12-29 nightly update? 
What about the p1c? :-)

On a serious note, cm10 is kind of really squeezed to get in there. Is it even practical to think that 10.1 might fit or should I resign myself?
Oh is it time to dust that thing off, flash it with CM10, and regift it?
Jared, the p1c? It works well as long as you don't expect too much running in the background. My job has had me travelling a lot more lately, and a 7" device with mobile network is so convenient for riding the train that I pulled it out of retirement. I can stream Pandora and also run the browser up front, but it gets a little laggy when doing too much at once.
Fantastic news! Can't wait to get it on this baby! 
I'd love to see cm10.1 on my p5. 
Brilliant! So nice that the p4* series is well supported by CM!
does the p5wifi get any love?
Great news. Thanks a lot to all involved people! 
suggested GAPPS version for the mentioned nightly (p4wifi)....  curious to hear that discussion....
Can we get an Official for the first gen Kindle Fire?
Asking for ETAs or support for your device is useless so get over it please.... Search in xda and check if someone ported it to your device, if not I'm sorry for you. Either learn how to do it yourself or wait patiently like everyone is doing
Just finished upgrading to this ROM from CM10 on a P4wifi, so far so good but there is a noticeable lag which.  I have an N7 so I am not too concerned  with some of the minor bugs.  Once all my apps are done downloading and use it some more I will report back on my findings... Thanks guys.  
+Claude Ndahayo wipe and enable wallpaper hack (settings -> launcher -> home).  most everyone else is ok with how it currently runs.
Is it recommended to do a full wipe when going from cm10 to cm10.1?
Thank you +Raymond Rivera .  I can't get the "street view" camera function to work.  Is that a known issue or a problem on my end? Is there a place for me to see known issues?
You mean photo sphere right ? I think there's mismatch in drivers. It didn't work even in cm 10.
Yes I mean photo sphere. Wasn't it introduced in 4.2. I thought I would see it in cm10.1. Maybe it waiting to be implemented.
Yeah it was introduced with 4.2 but devs at XDA had made a flashable zip that worked great with 4.1. But for some reason it didn't work in p4 devices. Hope someone will address this issue soon
Its only a matter of time until my device gets 10.1. Tablet already does. I just wait... without asking like all these idiots. 
I got the flashable zip to work. On my skyrocket, I find plan to take many photos with my tablet...
cop con
Hp touchpad plzzzzz
Hey, where is the proper place to request/propose new features?

I'd like to know if you could throw a shortcut to the CyanogenMod Updates (in Settings) page in the app drawer. Surely I can't be the only one that checks for new builds/changelogs everyday.

I believe it would be best to eventually have a nice widget that you could just tap, and it would check for an update. Then, if there is an update, take you to the CyanogenMod Updates (in Settings) page.

+Nick Saulino you can get the updates to check daily. When a new update is available, you will see it in the notification menu.
+Nick Saulino you can have a shortcut to any type of settings you want in any of your homepages. go to the widgets and chose the settings one and it will prompt you to chose which settings you want it to open when you tap it.
isn't there a separate thread for motivation-lacking hipsters?
Oh i love the CM 10.1 with p4wifi, cool Nexus 10 UI :-) 
I am unable to get docs to upload
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