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Quick user poll

Where are all the cool kids uploading their pictures to these days? 

Please +1 from the pre-listed, and if 'other' leave a comment. 

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Rob M.
+'d the appropriate choice above, but +/- Drive
Google+... well more accurately I'd like google drive :P
I use G+ autoupload as backup, but prefer the direct Picasa integration in the stock Gallery app, to the point where I usually replace the CM camera/gallery.
Jack Dubs
To a netbook out in my barn..
Imgur or Minus.  Dropbox will stop working if the file is downloaded too often.
Rob Bruce
Personal file server!
Mostly Twitter. I don't want my G+ followers seeing my random tripe.
if google drive had an automatic upload like dropbox, I wouldn't use dropbox. I just want to set it an forget it. #ronco  
Google Drive. 
Since G+ imports from there directly...
+CyanogenMod Hi, I think you should specify if it is auto-upload (backup style, ala dropbox, etc) or upload with sharing/showing (ala instagram, 500px, etc) or both. Because my phone automatically uploads the pics to G+/DB, but i would probably only upload photos to show to 500px (good photo) or facebook/g+ (normal pic with meaning for someone that i share it with)
+David Dzado I think they have combined the space of g+ and drive, anytime I take a pic and pick up on wifi my pics automatically upload.
Dropbox does my auto-upload and I can easily share from there with the link from their app.
No auto-uploads for me please.  Too many government conspiracies.  I use personal HD's at home.
Google plus. Love the auto upload features
Average consumer posts them to Facebook, others usually post via Google Drive or Dropbox for convenience. 
Google + for the auto upload and viber in chatbox
+CyanogenMod  You probably should have made an option for "don't upload my photos" to see the amount of peeps who do vs those who don't comparison.
G+ and Dropbox but I'm not particularly cool 
G+ & Google Drive for archiving
Picasa, Dropbox, and my NAS at home (thanks to Foldersync).
Dropbox for auto-sync, G+ for sharing
Santy K
bit torrent sync
You should ask this question on each social network. Obviously the most voted alternative here will be Google+
How do we know all these people answering are actually cool?
Cl En
DScloud app
I upload select photos to Facebook, I don't auto upload anything for security reasons. BitTorrent Sync to local storage at home.

I kind of hope the next phase of Nemesis isn't more photo/camera related stuff. Some diversity away from anything photo related would be really neat. But I guess it depends what you have planned :)
Auto upload in G+, will move my good pics to flickr
I see people around me usually use instagram, but quite a bit still use Facebook.
I've been using EyeEm for a while now. 
Bittorrent Sync across many computers
I sync with AndFTP (SFTP) and unison. Havent seen a sufficiently reliable cloud service yet.
+CyanogenMod You can't really beat the 1TB of space from Flickr.  I use an auto uploader that lets me sync the images at full res.
Ubuntu one , mega, gdrive, drop box
Skydrive is where I keep a copy of all my pictures, but I also upload things to Facebook, and I've got autoupload to Google+ enabled on my phone. 
personal NAS (Synology)
Neil Vj
News flash! We're not!
Google+ in low res for sharing, and jotta cloud for high res and keeping. 
G+, Dropbox, Cloudpt, tumblr, imgur and twitter . Backup on my NAS and Crashplan 
Box because nexus 4 gets me 50gb, and mega because free 50gb. I also use g+ because unlimited low quality...I basically use a lot and can't decide which to stick with
Google drive. or my own external SD card. will never buy a nexus unless they add expandable storage and LTE
Dropbox. Although once I run out of storage I'm switching to Google Drive. Not sure if they have auto-upload camera features or not but there's more storage. Plus I don't trust all my private photo's being uploaded to Google+ even if they are supposedly private.
To my desktop computer. Away from the networks using Bitorrent Sync.
Imgur if I want the Reddit Enhancement Suite to make an expandable button.
To my private FTP server every day at 3am using FolderSync.
Dropbox, but hopefully Space Monkey soon. 
Copy, 15gb by default, +5 for each refferal. 0€/$
My own owncloud server running off of a raspberry pi.
G+. Again, because of who's not on there.
Hey why dont fix The problem with USB accesorys like joysticks.mouses.keyboards etc. Some its wrong and i cant use my mouse or keyboard correctly
Zach M
This is a good poll. I don't even know anymore. DB, G+, FB and Flickr. :-\
G+ for auto-uploaded backup. FB is where I share them because most of my friends and family are on it.
+Zach M I installed ownCloud on a raspberry pi. The web interface isn't fantastic but for syncing contracts, calendar, photos and files, the small footprint in my house can't be beat.
Zach M
I've been thinking about downsizing my hardware eventually +Micah Pegman
I'll have to check out the pi with OwnCloud.
Which distro are you running? 
+Zach M I am running pidora/apache*. It's the Fedora based image. The OS runs smooth on the pi and I haven't seen any major bugs. But I would like to move over to an ArchLinux/nginx system for my ownCloud server.

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Zach M
+Ryan M. Tillotson Yes. DynDNS. My OwnCloud server is running in a city 45 miles away where the bandwidth is better than what is available at my house. 

Thanks for the info on your setup +Micah Pegman 
From my router DD-WRT and asus router io cloud
+Ryan M. Tillotson you don't need a lot of PHP knowledge to get an ownCloud server running. Mostly it's just copying the files into a folder in a web directory (like /var/www/html/owncloud). Add me to your circles of you want some help with it.
Mostly on Google+ instant photo upload. And sometimes on instagram. 
Zach M
Sorry I haven't been responding very quickly +Ryan M. Tillotson
Working on a Windoze server & workstations all night. +Micah Pegman covered it well in my absence though. 
I use a dummy twitter account, so probably there, lol.
Other: Mega (camera upload)
You shoudn't ask G+ users where they upload their photos... The answer is most obvious...
guys, its obviously all of them, why would cyanogenmod only show innovation for one social media, when they can innovate for all
Instagram, Twitter as well
Puush, Twitter, Imgur for things I want to show. Mega, and Google Drive are automatic. Depends on what and when, and where I want to post it to. 
Instagram for sharing g plus for storage 
Personal NAS sharing with NFS/Samba
+Miloš Mirković Did you make a "company" and invite a bunch of your "other" accounts to make your storage that large? ;) I did that and I have like 140GB
+Tanner Kilian Nope. I shared reference links everywhere, and a friend has a big community here, and reshared my link (and he has some 800GB, i think).
Everpix. Really does no one use everpix????
OwnCloud. Cause fuck NSA and their corporate whores.
Flickr sets integration, also ability to manually correct pictures date taken (app sees date of uploading, not picture making) 
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