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Sony Z1, Z Ultra and Z Ultra Google Play Edition

New to CM 11 code, the Xperia Z1 (honami), Z Ultra (togari), and Z Ultra GPE ( togari_gpe) are now building as part of our nightly roster. 

Please keep in mind that there is a distinction between Google Play and non-Play editions of the Z Ultra, do not try to cross flash these builds. 

Many thanks to their maintainers +Chirayu Desai+Giulio Cervera and +Shane Francis in addition to the rest of the +FreeXperia team. 

Source and nightlies are available now. 
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So camera blobs problems on Z1 are resolved? 
Very interesting news, but isso won't update before somente release a program Thatcher candidato handle the TV function...
Where are those nightlies?! I can't find them on CM sites
I was all excited when I moved from Sprint to AT&T last weekend, I bought a used GS4 off of eBay. I just found out that AT&T locks bootloaders! Anyway, I've been flashing Roms for years. Is it difficult or impossible to unlock the bootloader?
+Steven Gebhardt There's no way to unlock it yet. :-( You can at least play around with some TW based ROMs thanks to hashcode's safestrap. If you can return your GS4, you might be able to still find one with an MDL boot loader on They tend to cost a little bit more though.
+Matthew Lauterbach Thanks for the info Matt. I don't want to bother returning it. One question. Are they working on getting the MK2 build unlocked? If so, I don't mind waiting.
+Steven Gebhardt Don't hold your breath. MF3 (the update before MK2) hasn't been unlocked yet either, and it's been out for a long time now. I'm not sure if anyone is actively working on it. Sorry. AT&T sucks. The GS4 is great hardware though.
Yeah! Thank you for togari_gpe!! Had mine for a couple weeks now and loving it, but I find myself missing all the CM features after having CM on my GNex and the OG Droid before it.
+Matthew Lauterbach That stinks. :( ...But honestly AT&T coverage blows away Sprint in my area....and T-Mobile is terrible here as well. I can deal with Touchwhiz for now. :)
log khaty hai ladhkia bijh aur khandan ko badanam karny kay lay hoti hai. Mayra mana hai ki baytiya kandan aur daish ka man hoti hai.
C6802 will it work on asia variant? Or only on lte variant?
Thinking of biting the bullet and getting the Z1 Compact. Here's hoping that gets some Cyan-o-love rub-a-dub.
what are the difference between the xperia z ultra c6806 (togari) vs the z ultra GPE c6806 (togari gpe) and why cant they be cross flashed? Or is it just the c6833/c6802 z ultras?
The Sony ROM makes better use of the UI and the extra real estate. The GPE runs vanilla android which scales as though it were just a 4" phone and give you no extra info on the screen.
I have a Z Ultra GPE.
CM11 will not install from CWM or TWRP recovery.
I have the dual recovery from doomlord from here:
I try to install the CM11 zip and it fails, it says "this package is for c6808, c6806_gpe, togari, togari_gpe devices; this is a honami"
I do not have a honami/z1.
Whats the deal?
Any news yet if the Xperia Z1 Compact will be supported? cheers
Please please please cyanogenmod 11 for LG L9 ( P760 ) please :) 
thnx! very good work on z1 honami, please add support ant+ please!
I wish ANT+ was working in the Z1 CM11 nightlies
Would be really nice to see Cyanogenmod on z1compact heard you can use z1 ROM and just replace the recovery kernel and build prop because the hardware for z1,and z1compact are the same
I haven't gone back to look. Carlos. I spent a lot of time looking for a custom ROM with ANT+ support but no luck. I'm on stock again now, it's not so bad :-)
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