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New year, new wiki!

I am very pleased to announce the new CyanogenMod Wiki page to the public today. Fattire and myself spent many hours creating what we hope will be a very useful tool for our members and contributers.

In addition to the device/install guide pages, we have documented a lot of commonly asked questions and processes in the hopes that more people can get involved in the CyanogenMod project than ever before. Our favorite part of the new wiki system is that its open to the public to amend, correct if need be, and expand! Android moves very quickly and guides quickly become out of date or obsolete.

One of the biggest challenges we faced was making sure everything is up to date and still valid. That is where our members who may not be programmers but still want to help with the CyanogenMod project now can contribute! If you see a mistake, or have a well documented update, or simply want to add a new device(MUST be officially supported on, you are free to do so now without much trouble. The new wiki is fully built off templates and we invite you to please read the documentation on how to contribute to the wiki here: The biggest takeaway from this is, edit the template, not the page itself. Edits to a template will update LOTS of pages at once so it's important to make sure what you change makes sense everywhere the template is used. There are plenty of helpful examples to get you started. There is also a page for suggestions/updates if you do not feel comfortable editing pages yourself so please make use of that as well.

If you want to have a more active role in maintaining a particular OEM on the Wiki, say you're really into Motorola devices and want to volunteer to keep track of those devices, please get in contact with us. You can find myself (utkanos) or fattire in #cm-wiki on Freenode so feel free to join and reach out to us. This channel can also be used to notify us of anything else you wish to regarding the wiki.

So in closing, we're pleased to present the new CyanogenMod wiki, just in time for a great new year of Android development:

We hope you enjoy using the new system and we're excited to see how the community will grow as a result of this free exchange of knowledge and information.
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Cyanogenmod 2012 was fantastic.  I can't wait to see what CM does for 2013.  Thanks for the phenomenal work you all do.
+Drew Suarez is there a specific version of the GCC compiler needed to make the kernels in cm? Trying to build in opensuse, aosp builds fine but I get a unsupported GCC error with cm when it gets to the kernel.
If there is maybe there should be something on the wiki about what versions that some things need to be
Kicking off the new year with a bang. You guys are awesome! 
Awesome guys I having used stock firmware In years ! Thanks for all your hard work happy new year 
Love the work you guys do. I don't see the galaxy s2 epic 4G touch for sprint? Just wanted to know if you will be adding that to the new wiki page. Thanks a bunch. 
Yes, but can CM11 please make me breakfast?
The legend of all ...
Hats off to you guys ...
I was mid root when it happened and was highly confused when all the links on the page stopped working.
Thanks guys. Appreciate all the work you do.
guys i want to help
I'm a developer and I have quite good knowledge of Linux kernel. where is a good place to start with Android Kernel. i dl'd it from source and it compiles. i wondered how do you make kernels for specific device
thanks for your hard work developers at cyanogenmod
Awesome work! Love the updated Xoom (wifi) section! Thanks much guys!
Currently as a cynogenmode 10 user am happy with everything except the battery drain I face have taken all precaution to make my mobile underplay to save battery .still the issues hitting me to charge twice a day 
Just reading through all the pages right now, great read so far, lots of information.  I noticed a typo in the "All About Recovery Images" section when talking about CWM and TWRP it says "TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) - Another popular recovery image noted for its touchscreen interface. CWM is maintained by dees_troy."  I believe it should say TWRP is maintained by dees_troy.

CM is by far my favourite ROM and the support team and maintenance is second to none.  Here's to a productive and prosperous 2013.  Thanks CM.
Great work guys. Running 10.1 on grouper and toro
Would one of the admins of the wiki mind throwing a nice CM favicon on it?
To add to my previous comment, I know we can just swipe down from the clock as well, but I find I'm doing that so often that it might be convenient to have an option to just maximize the lock screen widgets by default. More choice is always great.
Hei guys, I'd like to know if you're planning CM for Sony Ericsson Arc S.
And I'd like to know if Arc's CM rom is compatible in Arc S. +CyanogenMod 
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