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"Babel" is now Voice Plus.

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No idea what Nemesis is, but hard to imagine it being more of a godsend than this.
lol i flash the 4.3 mako leak and then this comes out. 
Ryan R
Voice Plus seems like a misnomer. Isn't this used to send only text messages?
I wasn't saying this is nemesis, just saying with my use cases its hard to imagine something being more useful to me than this
Great can't wait to install. Oh, talking about it I haven't updated for dates!
Obvious question, but this is of zero use to us non-American residents, right?
+Daniel Smith If it ends up getting axed, I will have lost all faith in humanity. Plus Google already said they were integrating it into hangouts a la iMessage. And Google won't pass up an opportunity to beat apple at their own game, I'm fairly confident. Hoping CM can tide me over until hangouts+voice
They had better not axe Voice. I don't use it for texting, but I do rely on the free domestic calling for my Obi box at home. Plus, having a single number ring multiple phones is amazing!
They might integrate it into Hangouts and then give it the axe as a standalone service. Would you guys have a problem with that?
I got an Obi too. If more people knew about this the world would be a better place
Makes me want to go back to CM. I just might, but I like some apps to be in tablet UI (mostly just NY calendar obviously). 
One thing that has me worried is the lack of XMPP support with hangouts. That pretty much disallows third parties from accessing the protocol, so goodbye obi and sip gateways
I won't be surprised if Google kills Voice - they have a habit of doing things like that. If they do - I know a ton of people in sales jobs who will hate them forever, because they've put their Voice numbers on business cards for the past five years. But hey, who cares about them? They're doing Cool Stuff(tm) over in Mountain View, and we should all be grateful. 
+Mike Trieu That's what I use Google Voice for too. I have a regular phone line because my Fios bundle is cheaper that way but I just forward it to my Google Voice number. I love being a to filter out all telemarketers. 
I must say It kills me how facebook beat Google to SMS integration on android
+Josh Chambers I was pissed when +Google killed XMPP federation shortly after +Eric Schmidt made that quote about +Microsoft getting access to their users via XMPP, but disallowing the reverse. I totally get that, but taking your ball and leaving the game entirely is the wrong move as well. They've basically turned their back on the open standards community and are progressively moving toward a walled garden. I'm not okay with this. Maybe the Diaspora project was actually prescient.
+Josh Chambers agreed. We were all excited for Hangouts because we thought that was what it was bringing to to the table. Turns out, it was just a make over of Talk. Combining G+ messenger with Hangouts was an oversight that should have been in Talk from the start. There's absolutely nothing special about Hangouts other than optimism that it will someday add SMS/MMS. 
What is the functionality of Voice Plus? Forgive the ignorant question. 
The only real saving grace for Hangouts would be if they converted it from their proprietary plugin model to +WebRTC . I mean how else is Google going to showcase this incredible technology otherwise?
+Charles Beel system wide integration of Google voice into any android app that handles standard SMS
Anyone know how voice plus will work? 
+Matt Parker The functionality of that app you linked to looks interesting. Too bad they haven't updated it in in 3 years and according to the reviews it is no longer functional.
+Marcus Thomas why not use xposed framework to change the ui? Never tried it myself, but I read that it does the same as paranoid preferences (just without per app color) 
+Strain Hunter tablet ui a la honeycomb was deprecated in 4.2. Paranoid actually forked the old ui so framework changes can't get that back.
The difference with Voice and other projects Google has axed is that people have invested money in porting and moving to Voice including integration with Sprint. It's not as easy.
Is there a typo in src description :startup service "whne" possible. 
Why do you announce this 'after' I just finished compiling a new build for my phone and then went on to do a full factory wipe+flash??

Oh. Is this Google voice implemented into SMS? 
I was confused because when I think of babel I think of babel fish which makes me think of the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
+Jerry Lange Babel fish is actually what Google Translate used to be called, before Google bought them out, and for that very reason.  Anyway, I agree - Babel makes me think of translation and of course the Hitchhiker's guide.
In really hoping that Nemesis is this, but for phone calls. Making Google Voice phone calls over data, using the system dialer and call log would be freaking sweet!!!
I've never seen a project that communicated so well. I love it.
Mark F
This doesn't even really affect Sprint customers because they're already integrated. 
Now... How to get my Verizon texts through Google voice without having to have people change my number
I use Voice Plus (app) still to this day. Works perfectly. Agreed - not a good name choice. Confusing.
I have the Google edition htc one, can I download this as a separate thing or id have to download cyanogenmod 
You guys always post new stuff with no details on what it is.  What is voice plus?  What does it do?  Why should I care? Help a brother out!
Mark F
+Kevin FranMan Voice Plus has been discussed in detail before.  Do a simple google search for yourself.
What about the weather Icon on the cm ROM, is there a stand alone apk file 
+Mr. Mark it should be mentioned that it was called "Babel" before, so searching Google for "Voice Plus" wouldn't help too much.
If I only use GV as my voicemail app, instead of the Vrz carrier vm, can I still use this? Or do I need a separate GV number ala, different number that rings to my phone?
Google needs to make I message for android <~< I want hangouts to be my standard text message app that ui is amazing! Too bad I never use it cause no one has Google plus!!!!
+Luis Ojeda You don't need google+ to do hangouts, just a gmail or google account will do.
I think what he means none of his friends use hangouts. 
+Jeff Davis  It works for my purpose which is in a comment "One of the most useful apps. I would to default to gv to call unknowns. But to call everyone else from cell"
+Mr. Mark Discussed where?  Can't we just put the link in the main post?  google it yourself and see what comes up.
Man can someone help me with app glitches and battery drain on galaxy note 2 and don't say check apps for battery drain 
So is voice plus integrated into latest 7/21 build for mako?
+Mike Trieu couldn't agree more - if not Google as a whole, at least Android division under Sundar Pichai is definitely moving into walled garden. They are dumbing everything down while closing it up.
I dont think i've understand this. Guys,you please can tell me what is this babel? Thank you.
Can someone extract the Apk? Thanks 
Bob Igo
+Andrew Lieffring Why do you think it's being cut? I worry that it will be, too, because they haven't done any updates in years, but what other evidence do you have?
Nightly for nexus 7 freezes at Google screen. :-\ stuck on official for now.
How you turn off voice+?
Gotten two GV texts since the update. One went to the messaging app and the other didn't make it :/ let's reboot
Is the official Google voice app still required? With notification on?
+Matthew Courville i dunno, im going to try tonights nightly when it releases.

Edit: oh, looks like it already release, updating now.
Any luck getting it to work +eDDi Hughes? I'm running the latest nightly and enabled Voice+ under the accessibility settings, but it does not work for me. Am I missing something?
+Joshua Kilpatrick I'm actually having issues booting into todays (July 22) nightly. I flashed both my Nexus 7 and Galaxy S2 with ROM Manager (how I normally do it) and now it's stuck on the boot screen on both devices. I wiped cache, but having an issue on S2 to get into CWM :S
Love this feature. Stock messenger is a big improvement over Google voice. Only issue was sending text from the inline notification it used my real number. 
So now there's- Google Voice, Google voice search, Google Plus, Voice Plus.... hmm
+Marcus Thomas install the xposed framework. It lets you do per app DPI just like paranoid but works on any rom.
does this work on tablets. It would be a nice feature.
Can someone answer this question? What is voice plus?
+Ife Osuoha
From what I understand, it's what code name "Babel" was - which is confusing for me. Basically, Google Voice SMS will be integrated into the stock Messaging app.
Great idea, but I'm still having major issues with Voice+.  Messages fail to send entirely.  Staying away until it gets more reliable.
+Koushik Dutta +Steve Kondik Theres a bug that when voice plus is enabled it breaks the address bar autohide in the stock android browser. It occurs on both toro and grouper. Disabling and then restarting the browser fixes the issue. Very strange bug.
any signal issues with 10.1?
Is this in the nightlys currently? Will this be added to the 4.3 release?
So will there be a way to turn it on/off with Tasker? :)
Will this work on tablets too? Can I install handcent and text with that on my n7 now instead of the gv app? Or is this just for phones? 
Having trouble sending from message app, receiving ok.  sending is working in Google Voice.  Anyone else see this?  Started a few days ago on 0713 nightly, now on 0802 nightly.
Attempting to send from the stock messaging app results in Free Msg: Unable to send message-......

Doesn't Voice + use google voice as the backend (data) and not with messaging? (I have messaging blocked on my plan, been using GV for this reason)
Is Voice+ included in CM10.1.3 RC1?  My icon is now gone and I can't seem to get it back.
And I have an icon for babel but it doesn't work.
Does anyone know how/if I can enable this by default on a ROM that doesn't support it? Perhaps I can overwrite some libs? 
Receive stopped working for me today. GV app gets the message, the notification disappears but SMS app doesn't see it.
It works as intended on my Galaxy Note 2... unfortunately!
I actually want to be able to leave my texting to my carrier (since I already have unlimited texting) but be able to use GV  only for international calling. No texting... Is it possible? I'm running 10.2-20130911 nightly.
The Voice+ app just reads SMS messages from the Google Voice app and its notifications, no?  I just discovered that it is trying to connect to both T-Mobile and Google servers, and I was wondering if anyone knew why that might be. (I am on T-Mobile's data network.)  I saw connections to
I am on CM11 on Nexus 5, in India. How do i get this to work?
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