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Galaxy Note 3 CM Source

Have at thee!+Tony Layher

The devices aren't yet ready for nightlies, but the trees are in a stable enough condition for you all to build and hack upon at home.

Your maintainers are +Shareef Ali, +Tony Layher, +Drew Suarez, and cyanogen.
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Brilliant! Can't wait to put CM on my Note 3 :)
How can i download... i Just want to flash it now lol
To be brutally honest, they don't build yet without other stuff we are still merging.
So, any idea on the problems? I'll try building one soon.
Great, good luck. I am kind of waiting to put it on the similar "10.1 2014 edition". Thanks for your effort.
An octopuss and also a cat...wth?  edit: oh I get it,octopussy ...James Bond thing :)
w00h00, I've been patiently waiting to try KitKat on my note 3 (Canadian version)... You guys rock!!! Happy Holidays. 
And i was just looking for this 24 hours ago when i just got my note 3. Can't wait to flash this!!
+Steve Kondik I know it's probably to early to tell, but any idea if any of those will work on the At&t version using that Safestrap method in XDA? 
I thought know made this impossible.. Or very hard.
Good news, GN3 with the most effiscient ROM... Great... Wonderfull... Can't wait to installl...
Hoping for N900W8...
Thanks team...
Wow! Best Year end news! Better than my Christmas present! 
Please say this will work with safe strap... Pretty please... 
OMG finally. Been waiting for this around three months, that I got used to TW. Lol
Thank you. 
I care less of tripping Knox. Mine already tripped. How i long for cm on my N9005! Forever! Great stuffs. 
Are there some plans to make spen driver for cm software ? I know its closed samsung source. But still cm could make own spen driver from a scrach. Have knowlage and all necesary staff.
Need someone to make OP for this rom on xda.. 3 months waiting. One more days TW will kill me. 
can the CyanogenMod Installer support my device LG 4X HD P880 soon I want to install CM so bad but i don't understand the hard steps so i need the Installer support PLZ
(English isn't my first Lang. )
Would be really great… CM on Note 3 with full S-Pen funtionality. Wow! Nice to think about it. Meanwhile I going to wait for CM on N3 with a modified ROM called "X-Note".
The pen works fine. You just need apps that use it :)
This will just glue the King of Kings crown on the Note 3 #CM FTW 
+Shareef Ali thanks bro :) I hope it will come in the next 4 days because I have free days !! ;)
thank the lord, the land is holy again!
I'll gladly give up s-pen and all the Samsung tricks for a rooted Verizon note 3 with CM.
Chris N
+Steve Kondik Sorry to bug you, do you know if the US Cellular version can be supported?  I know the AT&T and Verizon models had boot loader issues
It IS going to be a good year now that we all can run Cyanogenmod on our Note 3s!! Thank you developers for giving us so much of your time and passion!
Been looking forward to this for months, awesome.
where is the rom???? I need one now......... I must free my note 3....
+David Daynard your style to told me this is not nice. i thought i notice some evil in it, idk. or you are one of these "i know all better guys". god damn i dont understand such people. knowing something better grants the right to be a asshole ? lol
I was stressing my desire... not being rude
i got a chance to check out the oppo 1.7Ghz N1.....AMAZING CAMERA!! love how you brought back that rotating camera...Beautiful design for the flash!!!
boas gosta de ver a correr no bq 5.7
OMG. Best christmas gift ever. Cant wait to actually remove the ugly TW foe good. Thanks 
Anyone know if cm is adding kitkat or sense 5 for ville/ HTC one s? I'm using cm 10.2
Great, another way for Note 3 fanboys to glorify their phones...
This is great!!! When are we note 3 (SM-N900) 3G version users getting it please? Thanx
Atleast can I say bye to touchwiz 3?
You guys have not yet done anything for armv6 galaxy y.
Yes. Which one should i get for the SM-n900w8?
Any news about Exynos note 3 (n900) support?
+Greg Dreyfus go to the play store and search s pen there is an app dedicated to using the s pen on custom Roms and the note 3 is supported
I want CM on my note 3. :( hopefully this process will finish for it to be revealed this month!:D
Hope for official nightles really soon cuz unofficial realeses on xda are quite stable for now.
Will the note 3 ever get screen modes in cm11? Movie mode I miss a lot for the display color profile. :(
All asking about the N900W8, I was able to flash HLTEXX builds on it with their recovery. This breaks the NFC, and Wifi Tether at least but I'm using as my main driver. :) Here's hoping for HLTECAN...
What happened to hlte nightlies? We haven't seen one since January 30. :(
It's either the new bootloader or a commit broke the building. 
we need it for exynos variant pleasssseeeeee :(((((
Any news for exynos variant please  :'[
I'm never buying another Exynos based device (S4 and Note 3 in the last year).  If Samsung doesn't support developers and I can't rely on timely updates from the OEM, then I have to rely on third party and their announced support.  Oppo and OnePlus here I come!
Do note 3 exynos would be eagerly waiting for the ROM
guys, any news on Exynos Note 3?
I am eagerly awaiting the moment I can trash my TouchWiz on my Note 3 N900
Any news on AT&T Note 3 now that we have root.
forget it. Cyanogenmod has never tried with the SM-N900. I've been asking for quite a while now. Don't think it will happen.
No idea. They appear to be ignoring the model just because the N9005 is a bit more popular. 
How would qualcomm have any relation with cyanogenmod? 
hola quiero que me ayuden yo quiero abrile las banda a mí celular. para usarlo con otras operadora.actualmente mi operadora es movilnet. en Venezuela es un samsung Europa pero tiene una root 2.3 7
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