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YES, this is gonna be great!
gives me a chance to try out all the other OEM skins, assuming someone makes them lol
that's great. but will it ever come to my device :-(
Gween! Hey could you guys make a tablet UI option for certain devices(crespo for me)? I gotta change dpi's and such to get it now.
OK nevermind. The CM community isn't very friendly anyway.
Lol, its just that literally everyone asks that. and at about 10 minutes after the feature is first announced, its kinda silly to ask if its for your device when it isnt out for anything yet. +Thomas Clothier
+Thomas Clothier - We don't have a problem with you asking those types of questions, they should just be in the appropriate area. If you have been following +CyanogenMod for awhile on Google+, you would notice that everytime they post something (no matter what it's about), everyone starts asking in the comments if there device is gonna get CM9 or CM7.

It does get tiresome, not just for the community, but for the CM team themselves. They work hard and are giving a concerted effort to keep all of us updated, but I'm sure it starts to wear on them when there posts always degenerate into a "is my device getting CM9" post.

No offence to you personally, but it would be best if you tried asking these questions in the appropriate section on the CM forum.

I, for one, would love to keep getting updates from them and would not like them to stop because they got tired of the same questions being asked over and over again.
if i have a HTC OX and flash CM9 and apply a Theme that look like HTC Sense... ohhh well i better stop XD
Hey +Rudy Batz I'm running CM9 on my nook tablet as well! small world!
oooooh.....ok i need to haz cm9 installed :D on my notez
+Mark Lastiwka I wasn't asking about theming. I was referring to a cm rom for my device. I've seen a lot of unfriendly responses on every cm forum. Somehow the community is filled with people who enjoy brushing others off. It must do something for their egos or perhaps they feel it impresses the cm gods. I can't be sure about that though.
+Thomas Clothier - That's the problem though. You were asking a question unrelated to the post made by +CyanogenMod. Those questions don't help the conversation and may annoy +CyanogenMod. Keep in mind that these posts are a privilege (in fact, CM itself is a privilege. they don't have to support any device, just the ones they want to). If we abuse the privilege, they may take it away.

Also, I can't speak about people on other forums, but here, it has become somewhat of a problem. Almost as bad as a post filled with "hey!", "what's up", "Haha" and "Cool". The comments do not add anything to the conversation and just get the post closer to the 500 comment max.
did you read my comment? i said it is nice. would it ever come to my device. i didn't name my device. i think your comments have little to do with the thread nor even to my first comment.

but ok. thanks for teaching me some manners
+Thomas Clothier - Sorry if I overreacted. I suppose I was venting a bit. I just don't want to lose the updates CM gives us via google+ bc they got tired of certain questions. It's not just you. If it was, that wouldn't be a problem. But a lot of people do, and it adds up over time.
you mean when I said "we", or who my comments were directed at?

by we, i meant other people on Google+ who have commented about it before.
As of now, I am running just an AOKP rom and trinity tuv a1 kernel on my gnex. So far getting awesome battery life. I will try an cm9 port soon. Glad to see the theme chooser making a reappearance.
Yay Theme Chooser. I used to switch twice a day at least.
You guys are doing an awesome job! It seems like all the big buds are ironed out and it's time to work on the fun stuff! Keep up the great work!
Theme chooser may sway me away from AOKP.
Unlike Gingerbread I love ICS colors and UI so theme changer is the least wanted feature for me. But anyway, it's nice to se it back.
Profiles on the system clock ala quiet hours please.
cool! that what people needed! thanks CyanogenMod Team! kudos to all of you for work hard on ICS.
oo00OO I must try to contain myself! :)
+Abhisek Devkota Profiles are clever but manually switching between them is a bother.

Using the same timer/clock feature as found in Quiet Hours would really make Profiles great. I could define work profile as mtf 9 to 5, evenings and weekends as home profile and 10pm to 6am as night. I wouldn't have to remember or bother to switch profiles.
omg omg omg omg omg omg omg >,< too bad I probably won't ever have a good CM9 build for my Bionic :(
Thats a good idea +Keith Snazel . If profiles were incorporated into the time settings or wifi settings, like wiggle, that would work really well
hope themes are easy to install and not just through flashing. (available from market, etc..?)
To have time based profile switching you may try "timeriffic".
Can't find it on they internet so i like to try it here. "is there a search function in the music player?" can't imagine that there isn't but i really can't find it. Also there's no widget which can do this right?
Rob M.
Oh yeah! Need to gets me some Honeycream.
Tim Sin
Thank you very very much! :)
I was very hopefully that this feature would soon be available and here it is. Awesome.
when will you release a stable version of CM9 for Galaxy S2??
new bie
can u guys tell me how can i get the FM (CM7 from MIUI) package?
why bother theming such a great-looking mod? :D
Would be awesome if Voice Recorder, Memo, and more Camera options would be included, too. Keep up the awesome work!
+Shashi Subramanian quick question re: the Galaxy S2 link that you posted: does it work for the T-Mobile S2 (the T989)? Or is it for the international version?

Would you say that its stable enough for a DD? Or just to play around with? I'd love to upgrade my buddies S2 to CM9, if I can (he's currently running a KANG of CM7). But he's not super savvy, so the less headache I can create for him (and thereby, myself : P), the better!
do new themes have to me made or are we able to get away with some of the old ones?
Yes! I still have a CM7 theme that I can pull out off the 'mothballs' ;-)
+Ray Snoke I was referring to the international version. I have been using it as my DD for over a month. Except for a very minimal few features such as FM radio, everything works well. I'll see if I can send you the xda link when I'm back in front of a computer.
Does anyone know what phone they are using in the vid?
Note to self: "Soon" doesn't mean today's nightly. Waiting for "soon" to arrive.
LG E-510 Optimus Hub
OH! YES! Thank you VERY much. One of the features I missed when going from CM7 to 9. TYVM.
Think I might be sick from the excitement!!! Arghhhh!!!! :D :D :D Can't wait for the next update :D :D :D
I hope the themed CM9 kangs on XDA dry up quickly after this (or end up in the "theme" section I never enter). I can dream. :P
I can't wait for the stable version of CM9, or even a release candidate.
I update but there isn't tm why? 
Oh god, yes please! I missed this SOOO much!
Waiting on my «Электроника МК-90» N1 Dear CM, please! :D
Wow! This is an enormous undertaking. Looking forward to a black-on-white theme.
Guys can anyone help me pls? Where i find theme chooser? There isn't in settings.
I noticed it didn't change the handle on the bottom of the notification shade. I can't wait to see the theme chooser streamlined, optimized and that place holder gone. The community loves you Team Douche!
I have a valid question I think. It may have been asked, but I didnt see it in the 99 comments lol. Will themers have to update all their themes or will all themes from cm7 work on cm9? Some themers (Noteable, BSThemes) have for the most part quit or maybe they've moved on to new themes and people will want to use older ones too especially if they enjoyed it alot on cm7. So will older cm7 themes work with theme engine on cm9?
Switched over to AOKP and i prefer CM9 much better. I'll be back soon. sent from kindle fire running CM9 repack :)
Why does it take you so long to release an update for Xperia Arc???
new bie
NVIDIA is pleased to announce that Linux for Tegra release 15 Beta is now available. The NVIDIA Tegra Linux Driver Package supports development of platforms running:
NVIDIA Tegra 3 series computer-on-a-chip (Cardhu)
NVIDIA Tegra 2 series computer-on-a-chip (Harmony* and Ventana)
3.1.10 Linux kernel
Great ROM, but what about making notifications not volume WAY down while listening to music?!? It's ANNOYING.
+Martin Heras How about you not repeat this on ALL of their recent posts? Once is enough, tag them if you want to get their attention. Don't be a troll...
great! it's about time!
been waiting for this.
hopefully we shall see more themes and UI features.
It would be nice if this quickly trickles down to the unofficial ports so us supersonic users can have it.
when will this be aviable for sgs2?
Love you CyanogenMod team !!!
Anyone knowwhere i can find the androdian theme for cm9 now that its out?
and how can I download themes? 'cause I can't find cm9 themes for the chooser
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