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New Theme Chooser UI

For a look at what is coming to nightlies soon, take a peek at the new Theme Chooser. 

Taking full advantage of the new theme engine, the chooser allows you to preview all elements of the theme, including fonts, sounds and bootanimation, and apply them in a packs or individually. 

This new UI will also consolidate the Wallpaper and Lockscreen Wallpaper elements, to give you a single point of access to set them both. 

With legacy themes support, your existing themes will carry right over, landing in the 'Styles' area. 

We'll be publishing an Eclipse template project to give themers a head start in creating new themes, and hope to (in the future) provide tools to make it possible for anyone to create their own themes easily. 

Relevant patches: 
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Is this the 11S OS that is going to be on the Oneplus?
Great improvement. Wallpaper selection crashes on me now. Wish there was an option to only theme ui elements, since so many themes try to modify apps and it never works well (white on white text for dark themes)
It looks like I may look to flash cm rom the only thing I miss is the fm radio 📻 
+William Thieme will my phone do a full reset? Should I backup my phone? (I'm sorry,I'm a noob when it comes to rooting and This is going to be my first phone being rooted)
I wonder what Bianca is gonna cut. lol
Very exciting to see. I thought that maybe this would be part of version 11S. This really is great.
+Alejandro De La Rosa it will be available via the system updates function. Not for a while 'though since you'll have to wait for it to get past nightly testing
Looks great!! Thanks guys
I want to try this in my one+1 
When is the jellybean debugging icon going to be changed to that of kitkat? 😁😁😁 
Coming soon, to a nightly near you
Good job CM, loving CM11!
Can someone explain what HOLO is?
Will true transparent themes be supported? 
From the day they showed in one+one I been waiting to be launch in the community version :-) 
Looks like MIUI's from 2010. Good job, been waiting for this!
And that's how you guys motivate me to move from stock right away.
Wish I could of enjoy it on one plus one
If only ma note 3 could flash it... :,(


and no 'Tap&Pay' no aosp no 4.4 UPDATE!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!!
When will we get the new Cyanogen Inc. bootanimation ?
Finally !! We want the sample ! 
This is why you boys are great! 
This is the EXACT same engine as in the 1+ - it seems all features of CM on the 1+ will be rolled out to all devices supported eventually.
Hey, I'm on CM11 M6, can I use CyanDelta to get nightlies after this?
I think its the light blue color that is in stock android jellybean, on the status bar icons. +Imaan Hameed
Can't wait. Glad I chose to get a device that has official CM support. I feel the pain that people have when they have to rely on unofficial updates. But then again, they chose the phone. Checking for official development on a device is the first thing on my list when getting a new phone. 😜
lock screen wallpaper comes back!!!

Why can't I update the OS on my Galaxy S3 from the inbuilt updater? I have the version released on February.
+David Hacker   Can you explain how to cherry pick these stuff? I mean... It's not cherry pickable like other stuff (no folders to cd)...
I am more interested in what Bianca is cutting... this seems serious. 
+Jaden Keuten are you gonna get cm again bro!?!😁 This looks quite awesome! I hope we can get the one plus one luck screen too.
more beautiful and much more complete
That was implemented in MIUI since 2010.
+Alejandro De La Rosa you should go thru the XDA developers forums for the rooting and modding. Search for your phone model there. Read a lot before actually doing anything.
Aba Lam
Time to.switch on to CM
So what MiUi does since 2.3 right? So much wow...
What is Bianca going to cut? 
+Gerard Umbert what you talking when miui have pass the 3 Google test never and CyanogenMod inc. Pass 2 times
+josue ramos and what does that matter for?

The theme engine from miui is not what makes it fail the cts...

And at the end of the day...WHY should cm pass it?... Cm is not commercial, does not need to pass it, just the installed version in n1 and oneplus one...
+josue ramos can you leave your fanboyism behind and realise that this "new" feature made it's way into CM like 3-4 years AFTER it was actually NEW?
+josue ramos First of all, your last comment makes no sense.

Second of all, Miui LEFT the CM base LOOOOOONG ago, (Miui v4 was already 100% them, 0% CM)

So, whatever dude...

CM took too long to introduce this... was about time something was done to properly theme your device... and they always had the code available on Miui's source.

Again, stop fanboying while you defend this... makes no sense.

This feature is old and was about time it finally got into CM.

And they just did it to make oneplus happy...
+josue ramos I'm new? xDDDDDDDDDDDD

FFS.. I've been using CM/MiUi/ParanoidAndroid since my first android device, back in the good old days of the Desire and SGS.

Wtf are you talking about?

Miui with android 2.3 used CM as a base, by the time MiUi v4 came out (Andorid 4, 2011) they already had their own build based on AOSP instead of CM. (and both 2.3 and 4.0 had their themer feature integrated)

What the hell are you even talking about about "truth"

The truth is that MiUi had this since Android 2.3 (be it based on CM or not) and CM has it on 2014. This is an OLD feature that should've been there long ago. That is what I'm saying and that is the truth numbers don't lie.

MiUi had this since before 2011
CM has this since future nightlies in 2014

So... again, what's your point?
Cm passes the CTS? ok, so? CM is the ONLY ONE who needs to pass it in order to be able to sell phones with CM as default OS.

That is no excuse for not having such feature way before. When it was actually "good news" and before tons of SW were developed to accomplish that lvl of customitzation.
If you now who Is darky you're old enough if not you're not even in the ball park
Hope sooooo much that maclaw will support this
+Arthur D There will probably not be a release for any MediaTek device as they keep a lot of code proprietary, against the rules of the GPL. Blame them for not getting a release for your MediaTek device.
Tengo un Nexus 5 y con la stock rom hE andado bastante bien. Me gustaría probar CM pero no tengo una buena razón y tampoco se que versión debería probar. Espero que me puedan ayudar!! Gracias!
+Gerard Umbert I have a Nexus 5 and the stock rom I have gone quite well. I would try CM but I have a good reason and that neither version should try. I hope you can help me! Thank you!
Hey, is there any chance to get CM official version for Lenovo S6000-H...? Thx for info. Regards Martin
+Alejandro De La Rosa You'd need to backup for sure, in case something fails. But CM is very cool. I'm using it because Samsung won't provide updates for my 2011 phone. Now i have kitkat with the latest stuff, all running good on 512mb ram.:) All the many small settings in CM really matter.
just flashed the M6 on my SGS2. Is the theme chooser only available on nightlies?
Awesome ... Can't wait to try this out :)
Why doesn't my lg g2 have this theme menu? My theme menu is the same from M5 It just shows the system theme and no option to download more or sound nothing like thst
+Anthony Perez because the new UI wasn't implemented yet when M6 was released, we'll only be seeing it in the coming nightlies, and no, i'm not happy about that either. Not a fan of nightlies.
+Anthony Perez It SHOULD work, but be on the safe side and make a backup before doing a dirty flash. There's always the possibility of something going wrong.
I want to use this new theme engine... How can i get it..? I am using Nightly of 6th may.... Pls help
Is the new UI controlled through an app or from the settings>themes as in the past.  I was watching a video of the Oneplus One and it appeared to be an app.
They got merged a few hours ago. Be sure to grab the next nightly. :)
Confirmed! just downloaded it on my SCH-1535, and my only question is how do you add a boot animation, I found one on xda that I would really like to use, but its in a zip and I was wondering do I need to follow the xda instructions on how to add it or is there a different way to add it now that there is a new themer.
Im with +Jonathan Harris , I just downloaded the 2014-05-09 nightly and I can get into the theme personalization but the only ones in there are the stock Icons, Fonts, Boot Animations etc. I was just wondering how I can get new ones. I downloaded an Icon Pack from the play store but it still isnt showing up when Im in the theme settings. Any suggestions???
+Walker Hymes I haven't gotten any icon packs to work. I remember reading something in the gerrit comments on those patches about icon packs not working...
The icon packs patch hasn't been merged in yet but it will as soon as it's ready I'm sure.
Fof one+one there is an app themes showcase which manage and available to download new themes. It would be great to add it to any of nex nightlies or make it available to download from Google play
A Theme gallery app would be nice. Themes hosted at play store but searched and presented in a dedicated app like its available for miui. 
This is great but without access to decent themes built for the new engine it's a little disappointing. The big question is whether we'll get access to the new theme store as shown on the one plus one 
Hello've installed the rom with cm installer, because I do not get how the m6 updates?
Just thought i should share something with you guys now we have a new Theme engine. are you guys are where that the icon part inside it now allows you to change icons on the stock google now launcher. to customise ones but it only works through the New Theme engine i think it's kind of cool.
+steven mahon They will support theme packs once the patch has been merged in there are still some bugs they are working out but I use the GEL and the icons change when you set a theme.
It's only available in nightly builds at the moment
I have the note 2 sprint i don't have the option "get more " y just update for today nightly
Launcher issue fix for i9300 CM11M6!
Would be nice if custom boot animations actually worked :/ I accidentally deleted the original, and pasted in my own, but it just gives me a black screen instead of the animation :(
Where do I put the "*.zip" file, please? (I mean the, so ThemeChooser can read it) 
It has to be part of a compiled theme .apk file
are you guys planning to add the new logo to the boot animation? if so, i'd love it
When I go into system updates on my cm11 device all there is Is a big check for updates button? I installed with the instaler
I really like the looks of this new theme engine -- especially given how much it can modify.  I'm curious how I would go about making a font theme though.  I just want to switch a few fonts without having to manually modify them in /system/fonts every time I update and this would be a great solution if I could do this.
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